How To Grow Tomatoes In Grow Bag [Expert Tips] -
How To Grow Tomatoes In Grow bags

How To Grow Tomatoes In Grow Bag [Expert Tips]

Tomatoes is an annual crop that can be planted throughout the year. Thanks to modern agriculture methods, this edible fleshly juicy plant can be planted in the garden or on the farmland, also it can be home grown through the use of grow bag.

The grow bags, a kind of compost-filled plastic sack that is widely used by gardener who wants to grow his/her own home-grown vegetables. The process of how to plant tomatoes in grow bag is simple.

Simply follow these steps to grow tomatoes in grow bags and they are site selection, acquire grow bags, prepare the soil or compost, pour soil in grow bag, plant tomato seed in the bag, start watering, fertilizer application, and plant management.

The best part of planting tomatoes in a grow bag is that it eliminates the need for a soil bed. You can either start seeds directly in the grow bag and transplant them once they are ready, or you can use seedlings that were started in your garden to be transplanted into the grow bag.

How To Plant Tomatoes In Grow Bag Step By Step Guide

The process of how to plant tomatoes in grow bag is simple. Simply follow the steps that we have listed and discussed below.

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Step 1: Site Selection

You have to go out and search for a suitable site or location where the planting activities will take place. The site can also be an area in your compound. Whichever it is, most importantly, the site should be a place where there is enough sunlight because tomato plants require high sunlight daily.

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Step 2: Acquire Grow Bags

Go to the store and purchase a grow bag, the size and texture that best suit your farming need.

Step 3: Make holes at the Bottom of the Bag

After you have purchased the ideal grow bag to plant your tomatoes, it is important to make holes at the bottom of the bag. This will help drain out excess water from the soil so that it won’t be waterlogged.

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Step 4: Prepare the Soil or Compost

You have to prepare the suitable soil or compost for farming. Tomatoes thrive in well aerated and drained soil, as such, the ideal soil for planting tomatoes is fertile loam soil because it has good water drainage and aeration properties.

Step 5: Pour Soil in Grow Bag

Once your compost or soil is ready, pour the mix into the grow bag. Not to fill the brim at the first time because you will have to top-up the soil later on.

Step 6: Make Planting Holes

The next step is to make planting holes in bag. It is in the planting holes that the tomato seeds will be sown.

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Step 7: Planting

Now is the time to plant the tomato seedlings or already sprouted plants in the planted holes made in the soil. Before planting, make sure you water the soil mildly so that it will be moist.

Step 8: Watering

Regular watering is required after planting your tomato seeds. It is best to water twice daily, early in the morning and late evening. However, be careful not to overwater the soil.

Step 9: Provide Support

You will need to provide support for the tomato plants because they have weak stems when they grow rapidly. You can place poles beside the grow bag where the stems can rest on and sprout as needed.

Step 10: Fertilizer Application

Know that tomato plants are heavy feeders, so ensure you apply fertilizer around the base of the plant to supply essential nutrients needed for healthy growth.

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Step 11: Plant Management

Just because you are planting tomato in a grow bag around your yard should not make you lazy. Unwanted plants can grow and pest can also infest the plant. That is why you need to care and manage the plants to avoid it been diseased.

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Also, if necessary, you will have to mulch the soil to protect the soil and as well prevent moisture loss. You can use polythene materials or dry grass and weeds as well. However, mulching should be done lightly.

Also, you will have to continually build up the soil until if fills the bucket. The essence is that tomatoes have firm deep roots that require lots of soil.

Growing Tomatoes In Grow Bags – Youtube

YouTube is an amazing video website where you can learn almost anything including agricultural activities. There are many channels on YouTube teaching on how to grow tomatoes in grow bags.

Once you type in the search how to grow tomatoes in grow bag, you will see an array of YouTube channels that have videos regarding the question.

How to Plant Tomatoes in container

To plant tomatoes in grow bag, you have to get a fabric grow bag, make draining holes at the bottom of the bag and fill it with rich loam soil. The tomatoes seedlings should be planted deep in the soil and watered regularly.

You also need to provide a proper support for the roots or the tomato plant will not be able to reach back up again once it has been pulled up.

Furthermore, place the bag in an area where there is high sunlight by placing the bag in an area exposed to sunlight.

How Many Tomato Plants Can Be In A Grow Bag?

When planting tomatoes, it is important to space the plants to make enough room for the plants to grow properly. At best, three tomato plants should be planted in a grow bag.

How Deep Does A Grow Bag Need To Be For Tomatoes?

Tomato plants are known to grow deep firm roots, that is why when using a grow bag you have to continue to top and refill the soil till the bag is filled.

As such, the size of an ideal grow bag should be at least 15 inches in diameter and at least 12 inches in depth.

How Often Should You Water Tomato In Plants In Grow Bags?

Tomato plants thrive in sunny areas as such the soil can lose moisture if not properly mulch. However, it is important to water the plant regularly requiring at least three times a day to keep the compost moist.

Are Tomatoes Better In Grow Bags Or Pots?

Yes! Planting tomatoes in grow bag is best if you desire to grow your tomatoes at home. However, ensure you do not overpopulate a grow bag with too many tomato seed as they may not grow well. At most, two or three plants per bag is best to ensure they grow well and yield plenty seeds as expected.

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Do Tomato Grow Bags Need Drainage Holes?

Yes! Grow bag for tomato planting require drainage hole to avoid the soil becoming waterlogged which can lead to root rot and then cause the plant to be diseased.

When Should You Put Tomato Plants In Grow Bags?

If you decide to put a tomato plant from your garden in grow bag, make sure you do so when they are 3-4 weeks old. Also, it should be done during summer when there is high sunshine and the soil should be well watered to provide moist to the soil.

Do Tomatoes Do Well In Grow Bags?

Yes! Growing tomatoes in grow bags is convenient and effective. The plant grow well especially if they are just two or three plants per bag. Also, if the plant is well watered and placed in area with sunlight of about 6-8 hours daily, it will definitely grow well.

Is Potting Soil Good For Grow Bags?

Yes! Potting soil is ideal for grow bags because it contains contain peat moss that help the soil retains enough moisture so that the plant root mass will not dry out between watering.

Do You Have To Put Holes In The Bottom Of Grow Bags?

Yes! It is ideal put holes in the bottom of grow bag to provide drainage where excess water can drain out of the soil.

Growing Tomatoes In Grow Bags With Canes

Tomato stems are weak, so you have to provide support when the plants grow. All you need do is to place the thin canes in the pot close to the plant but not too close to damage the plants. When the plants grow taller, you can tie the stem to the cane to aid growth and increase yield.

Best Soil For Tomatoes In Grow Bags

The preferred soil for growing tomatoes in grow bag is a rich fertile soil or compost.

What Size Grow Bags For Tomatoes?

A 15 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep is an ideal grow bag size to plant 2-3 tomato plants. You will have to go for a larger size if you intend to grow more than 3 tomato plants per grow bag.

Growing Indeterminate Tomatoes In Grow Bags

You can grow an indeterminate tomatoes in grow bag but, you have to use grow bag that are 20-gallon or larger to accommodate the continuous growing root and stem.

Make Your Own Tomato Grow Bags

The method and process of making grow bag is to first acquire your plastic material which can either be jute or fabric. Then you have to gather your materials. Ensure the material is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your plant. Make use of duct tape to hold the material pieces together. Make sure the duct tape you cut is large enough to cover the whole piece.

Tomato Grow Bag For Sale

You can buy tomato grow bag from any agro-shop near you. Also, you can buy online from amazon, aliexpress and other e-commerce site where grow bag is sold.

Growing Tomatoes In Pots

You can also grow tomatoes in pots. It is easy and effective means of planting tomatoes.

You have to select the right pot size, use potting soil, select the right type of tomato seedling, plant the seed directly or transplant healthy sprouted plants, regularly water the plants, apply fertilizer to enrich the soil, and mulching to protect the soil.


We have come to the end of our discussion and From our discussion, I believe you are now enlightened on how to plant tomatoes in grow bag outlining and discussing the steps involved. All you need to do is to follow the process above to get a maximum yield.

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