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Fast-Growing Fruit Trees Zone 1

25 Fast-Growing Fruit Trees Zone 1

Zone 1 is known for its harsh winters and short growing seasons, making it a challenging environment for cultivating fruit trees. However, with the right selection of fast-growing and cold-hardy fruit trees, even Zone 1 gardeners can enjoy the bounty of homegrown fruits. In this article, we will explore 25 fast-growing fruit trees that thrive in Zone 1 climates, allowing residents to enjoy fresh and delicious fruits despite the climatic constraints.

25 Fastest Growing Fruit Trees Zone 1

Fastest Growing Fruit Trees Zone 1
Fast-Growing Fruit Trees Zone 1

1. Apple Trees (Malus spp.)

Apple trees are a classic choice for Zone 1 gardens. Varieties like ‘Haralson’ and ‘Prairie Magic’ can withstand the cold temperatures and produce crisp, flavorful apples.

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2. Cherry Trees (Prunus spp.)

Hardy cherry varieties such as ‘Meteor’ and ‘Carmine Jewel’ are excellent options for Zone 1. They offer both ornamental beauty and delectable cherries.

3. Plum Trees (Prunus spp.)

Cold-hardy plum trees like ‘Mount Royal’ and ‘Pembina’ thrive in Zone 1. They produce sweet and juicy fruits that can be enjoyed fresh or turned into preserves.

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4. Pear Trees (Pyrus spp.)

Certain pear varieties like ‘Ure’ and ‘Parker’ can withstand the cold and produce delectable pears, adding a touch of elegance to your garden.

5. Haskap Berry (Lonicera caerulea)

Haskap berries, also known as honeyberries, are prized for their early-season fruits that resemble elongated blueberries. Varieties like ‘Aurora’ and ‘Borealis’ excel in cold climates.

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6. Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa)

Nanking cherry bushes are perfect for small spaces and produce small, tangy cherries that are great for jams and jellies.

7. Siberian Pea Shrub (Caragana arborescens)

While not traditional fruit trees, Siberian pea shrubs offer edible peas and nitrogen-fixing properties. They are hardy and grow well in Zone 1.

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8. Red Currant (Ribes rubrum)

Red currants thrive in colder climates and produce clusters of tart berries that are perfect for jams and desserts.

9. Saskatoon Berry (Amelanchier alnifolia)

Saskatoon berries are native to North America and produce delicious berries that are similar to blueberries. They are well-suited for Zone 1 conditions.

10. Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)

Sea buckthorn is known for its vitamin-rich berries that are used in various health products. It’s a hardy shrub that can thrive in harsh climates.

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11. Juneberry (Amelanchier spp.)

Juneberries, also called serviceberries, offer sweet berries and beautiful spring blooms. Varieties like ‘Regent’ and ‘Smoky’ perform well in Zone 1.

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12. Black Currant (Ribes nigrum)

Black currants are hardy and produce flavorful berries that can be used in a variety of culinary creations.

13. Raspberry (Rubus spp.)

Certain raspberry varieties, such as ‘Boyne’ and ‘Nova,’ are well-suited for Zone 1 and yield delicious, juicy berries.

14. Grape (Vitis spp.)

Cold-hardy grape varieties like ‘Valiant’ and ‘Frontenac’ can thrive in Zone 1 and provide homegrown grapes for eating or winemaking.

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15. Elderberry (Sambucus spp.)

Elderberries are not only known for their medicinal properties but also for their use in jams, wines, and syrups. Varieties like ‘Adams’ and ‘Nova’ can withstand colder climates.


Zone 1 gardeners may face unique challenges due to the harsh climate, but they are not limited in their fruit-growing options. By choosing fast-growing and cold-hardy fruit trees and shrubs, it’s possible to create a productive and rewarding garden that provides a variety of fresh, delicious fruits. Whether you’re interested in apples, cherries, berries, or unique options like sea buckthorn, there are numerous choices available for creating a thriving fruit garden in even the coldest of climates. With proper care and attention, these trees and shrubs can transform your garden into a bountiful oasis of flavors and colors.

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