How to Grow Irish Potatoes in Nigeria [Practical Guide] -
Guide on How to Grow Irish Potatoes in Nigeria

How to Grow Irish Potatoes in Nigeria [Practical Guide]

This article is about how to grow potatoes in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country in West Africa enriched with fertile soil and good weather, making it an ideal place to grow potatoes. Irish potatoes have become a big staple in the Nigerian diet.

The step on how to grow Irish potatoes in Nigeria is land preparation, getting your preferred Irish potato variety, preparing potato seedling, planting, manure application, weeding and Irrigation, pest and disease control, and harvesting.

Interestingly, Irish potatoes are faster to germinate and grow, so these agricultural products can be grown on an industrial scale.

How To Grow Irish Potatoes In Nigeria

We have compiled below the necessary steps on how to grow Irish potatoes in Nigeria.

Step 1: Land Preparation

Land preparation is the first step in the process of planting Irish potatoes. After you have acquired your land, remove any weeds or stones from the soil and break up the ground with a spade or fork to create an even surface.

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The soil must be well drained as this prevents root rot from occurring. You should also prepare your potato bed by adding compost and fertilizer, preferably manure, to improve its fertility levels.

Step 2: Get your Preferred Irish Potato Variety

There are numerous varieties with various skin colors, including red flesh, white flesh, and yellow flesh. Go for the quality breed that will guarantee you a high yield and those that are highly marketable. Also, the Irish potato variety you choose should be disease resistant.

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Step 3: Prepare Potato Seedling

Keep your seed potatoes in a sunny spot for about a week before planting. While your potatoes are chitting, green shoots will appear. This gives potatoes an advantage to speed up the germination process.

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Place the seed potatoes in a bowl in a dry, sunny location. Chitting seed potatoes on a windowsill is ideal. When the shoots are about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long, plant them.

Step 4: Planting

Growing Irish potatoes in Nigeria can be done by planting them from seeds or cuttings. The seeds should be planted on the leveled farm bed about 2 centimeters deep and spaced at least 30 centimeters apart for each seedling.

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The cuttings should be planted at a depth of about 5 centimeters apart and should have about 2-3 leaves on them for each plant.

When sprouts appear from the ground, cover the potatoes with another 2 inches of soil. As the plants grow, continue mounding soil or mulch over the tops of the potato plant roots using dried grass or weeds to keep the emerging tubers covered and protected from extreme weather.

When exposed to sunlight, potato tubers turn green and can be toxic, and therefore it is no longer good for food.

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Step 5: Manure or Fertilizer Application

You have to apply organic manure or fertilizer to your potato plants to give them the nutrient that sponsors sporadic growth. You can apply inorganic fertilizers like NPK to improve the quality of the soil nutrients and boost crop growth.

Step 6: Weed Control and Irrigation

Weeding is an important task that must be done if you want your potato plant to grow well. Weeding should be done at regular intervals to ensure the plants get the right amount of nutrients and moisture.

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Also, it is critical to irrigate the soil before planting and the process continues after planting especially throughout the early germination stage. There is no need to water the plants every day, but you must ensure that the soil does not dry out. At the same time, the soil should not be flooded.

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Step 7: Pest and Diseases Control

Some pests and diseases affect potatoes throughout the germination stage. That is why you need to be watchful to spot quickly any disease or pest disturbing the plants.

Some of the diseases that affect potatoes include black leg, bacterial soft rot, black scurf, potato blight, and Rhizoctonia. You should apply the appropriate treatment once you spot the signs of the disease.

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Step 8: Harvest

Potatoes mature in about 100 days, though this can vary depending on the variety and the planting period. When the plant matures, the leaves turn yellow and the foliage dies back.

Allow 2-3 weeks for the potato to mature before harvesting so that its skin becomes tough and smooth.

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Lift them out of the soil with a hand fork, bare hands, or a spade. Because tubers do not store well, care must be taken not to create wounds on them. Remove the tubers from the vine and shake off the sand.

Varieties of Irish Potatoes in Nigeria

There are several varieties of Irish potatoes that are grown in Nigeria, some of which include:

  • Rosetta
  • Diamant
  • Nicola
  • Mondial
  • Hermes

How much is Irish Potatoes sold in Nigeria

The price of Irish potatoes in Nigeria varies depending on factors such as location, season, and availability. However, on average, a kilogram of Irish potatoes can be sold for between N800 and N1200.

Best Agronomic Practices to engage in growing Irish Potatoes in Nigeria

Here are some best agronomic practices to engage in when growing Irish Potatoes in Nigeria:

  • Choose a suitable location with well-drained soil and adequate sunlight
  • Practice crop rotation to avoid soil-borne diseases
  • Use disease-free and certified seeds
  • Plant the seeds at the right depth and spacing
  • Apply the right amount of fertilizer at the appropriate time
  • Control weeds regularly
  • Monitor for pests and diseases and take appropriate measures when necessary
  • Harvest at the right time and handle with care to avoid damage.

Projected profit of Irish Potatoes in Nigeria

The projected profit of Irish Potatoes in Nigeria depends on various factors such as yield, market demand, cost of production, and market price. However, with proper cultivation practices, it is possible to make a reasonable profit from Irish potato farming in Nigeria.

Common Diseases and Pests of Irish Potatoes

Some common diseases and pests of Irish Potatoes in Nigeria include:

  • Late blight
  • Bacterial wilt
  • Early blight
  • Common scab
  • Wireworms
  • Potato tuber moth

Different Propagation Method of Irish Potatoes

Irish potatoes are propagated through the use of seed potatoes. Seed potatoes are small whole potatoes or pieces of larger potatoes that are used for planting. They can be cut into small pieces, each containing at least one “eye” or bud. The cut pieces are allowed to dry before planting.

What Is The Method Of Planting Irish Potatoes?

The two major methods of planting Irish potatoes are direct planting on farmland or planting in a container. Either way, the potato seed is planted deep in the space between each planting hole and covered with 3 inches of soil.

What Month Do You Plant Irish Potatoes?

The month of February is the favorable month to plant Irish potatoes. Typically, because the weather is advantageous at this time.

How Long Do Irish Potatoes Grow?

Irish potatoes grow to maturity and are ready for harvest between 90 to 100 days after planting. once foliage takes place, that is the sign that harvest is ready.

Where Is Irish Potato Grown In Nigeria?

Plateau, Cross River, Kaduna, Kano, and Katsina states are the major Irish potato cultivation states in Nigeria.

How Do You Prepare Soil For Potatoes?

The soil is prepared for potato planting by removing trees, weeds, or stones from the soil and breaking up the ground with a spade or fork to create an even surface after purchasing your land.

How Long Do Irish Potatoes Take To Germinate?

Since the potato has begun to sprout before being planted, it will take just 1 or 2 weeks to germinate.

How Profitable Is Irish Potato Farming In Nigeria?

Irish potato farming is no doubt a profitable venture. The business was found to be profitable with most farmers recording high profitability levels.

How Long Does It Take Potatoes To Grow In Nigeria?

In Nigeria, Irish potatoes planted take between 90 to 110 days to grow into maturity.

Can I Plant Irish Potatoes In July?

You can plant Irish potatoes in July, although it is preferable to plant earlier sometimes in February or March so that you can harvest your plants early.

When Can I Plant Potatoes In Nigeria?

The month of March is the favorable time to plant potatoes in Nigeria.

How Much Is A Bag Of Irish Potato In Jos?

50kg of Irish potatoes go for 10,000 Naira while 25kg is sold at ₦5,000 in Nigeria.

Can Irish Potato Grow In Southern Nigeria?

Irish potatoes are mostly grown in the northern part of Nigeria. however, it can be grown in southern Nigeria as well, with Obudu, Cross River State as the major location.

How Long Does It Take For Potatoes To Grow After Planting?

It takes 110 days for potatoes to grow after planting.

How Do You Plant Irish Potato Sacks?

Fill a 5cm bag with soil and compost mix when you’re ready to plant your potatoes. Plant the tuber, at least two in a bag at a depth of 1-inch, and refill with soil to cover the tops of the tubers.

Keep the soil moist and cover the sprouted potato greens with a compost mix as they emerge. Burlap should be wrapped around them and unrolled as the soil level rises.

What Kind Of Potatoes Are Irish?

Rooster potatoes are Irish potatoes known for their red skin with a yellow flesh and it’s among the most popular variety commonly prepared in Ireland.

How Much Is A Bag Of Irish Potatoes In Nigeria

A bag of Irish potatoes costs around 40,000 to 45,000 Naira.

How To Plant Irish Potatoes In Sacks

Fill a bag with soil and compost mix when you’re ready to plant your potatoes. Plant the tuber, at least two in a bag at a depth of 1-inch, and refill with soil to cover the tops of the tubers.

Keep the soil moist and cover the sprouted potato greens with a compost mix as they emerge. Burlap should be wrapped around them and unrolled as the soil level rises.

How To Grow Potatoes Step By Step

Step 1. Get your preferred potato seeds

Step 2. Prepare the soil

Step 3. Plant the Seeds

Step 4. Mound the potato plant

Step 5. Potato Plants Management

Step 6. Harvesting Potatoes

Step 7. Storing Potatoes

Potato Planting Season In Nigeria

Potato planting season in Nigeria is March.

Irish Potato Farming Pdf

Irish Potato Farming is a lucrative business at any time of the year. Irish potato farmers can produce their sweet potatoes and sell them in the open market or to markets wholesale.

If you are interested in farming Irish potatoes, make sure you download an Irish Potato Farming PDF containing rich information concerning everything that involves Irish potato farming from starting to harvesting and marketing as well.

How Profitable Is Irish Potato Farming In Nigeria

Irish potato farming in Nigeria is highly profitable. It doesn’t cost a fortune to start and the cost of operating is not overwhelming. Plus, you are guaranteed an encouraging profit after the sale of your products.

Sweet Potato Farming In Nigeria

Sweet potato farming is a great source of income and a lucrative business for many farmers in Nigeria. This is because sweet potatoes have major nutritional benefits and can be produced relatively easily.

Sweet potato farmers can produce their sweet potatoes and sell them in the open market or to markets wholesale.

Sweet potato is largely produced in the northern part of Nigeria because the weather is favorable and the soil properties are ideal for planting potatoes.

Irish Potato Seeds

Irish Potato Seeds are a type of potato that is grown in several countries around the world. Irish potato seeds are the tubers themselves prepared by storing them in a sunny location so that they can get warm and begin to sprout.

Irish potato seeds can be purchased from a reliable source or can be developed yourself.


Irish potato farming is one of the fastest-growing industries in Nigeria.  Due to its availability, good yields, and exceptionally high nutrition value, it has huge potential in Nigeria as an agricultural staple crop. So, take advantage of this farm business to make as much profit as you desire.

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