How To Start Sugarcane Farming In Nigeria [Step By Step Guide] -
How to start sugarcane farming business in Nigeria

How To Start Sugarcane Farming In Nigeria [Step By Step Guide]

Sugarcane farming in Nigeria- The demand for sugarcane is always high from time immemorial owing to the fact that sugarcane is used in diverse ways. With the high demand for sugar, then there is a need to intensify the growth of sugarcane plantations in Nigeria and the African continent at large.

To Start sugarcane farming, you need to acquire farmland that is close to water or a swampy environment, get the stick of sugarcane variety you intend to plant, then start your plantation.

In today’s guide, let us take you on a quick guide on how to start sugarcane farming step by step

How To Start Sugarcane Farming Business In Nigeria

To start growing your sugarcane, here are the instructions to follow;

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Step 1: Decide the size of your sugarcane plantation

Before venturing to buy land or start cultivating sugarcane, you need to make decisions on the size of plantation you will embark on, this will give you an insight into the area of land you will be needing for your plantation.

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Step 2: Acquire farmland close to the water

An important aspect of sugarcane plantation is the type of soil you will cultivate it on. Sugarcane grows well when it is planted and grown in a swampy environment.

Because of its need for water, it is advisable to site it near a water-logged area.

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Step 3: Clear the farmland

Another step you need to take to start your sugarcane plantation is to start clearing the farmland.

This will give room for your plantation to thrive well and give you space to carry out your farming activities seamlessly.

Step 4: Draw a business plan

You may wonder why is this coming at this point.

I do advise farmers, that a business plan isn’t the first thing, the first thing is to get your farm ready, clear your farm, then you can now map out areas in your farmland you can actually use for different farming activities.

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Doing this will help you draw out a good business plan for your Farming activities.

Step 5: Acquire God breed of sugarcane stick

You must ensure you collect the best breeds of sugarcane before you start planting them. This will improve your plant productivity and at the same time boost your income.

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Step 6: Spray your farmland with herbicides

Before planting your sticks, ensure you spray herbicides in the farmland to reduce the activities of weeds which may deter the growth of your sugarcane.

Ensure you consult experts to know the type of herbicides to use in your farmland.

Video on how to start sugarcane farming in Nigeria:

Step 7: Start planting

The next step is to start planting the sugarcane stick.

You plant sugarcane by cutting the stick with at least a node. The nodes are the area that looks like a rubber band on the sugarcane stick. That is where the growth of the plant will start.

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Step 8: Start weeding

You need to weed your farm periodically if you notice the appearance of weed. This will help your plant grow without stunt appearances.

Step 9: Time for harvest

When Harvesting sugarcane, ensure you cut it from at least 3 nodes above, do not root from the ground.

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If you harvest your sugarcane from rooting from the ground, then you are saying you do not want it to grow the next year.

How Can You Sell Your Sugarcane Products For-Profits

There are several ways you can sell your sugarcane products and these includes;

Selling for the Pharmaceutical industry:

Many pharmaceutical companies need sugar for the production of many drugs and for addictive use in the market today.

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Selling to agro-allied industry:

There are many agro-allied industries that are in search of sugarcane suppliers, an example is the Dangote sugar refinery.

Selling for local buyers:

Many local stores are in need of sugarcane suppliers which you can sell to any one of them.

Sugarcane Farming Facts In Nigeria

  1. Do you know that Nigeria spent a huge amount of money importing sugarcane? About 89 billion nairas were spent in the first quarter of 2021 to import sugarcane.
  2. Do you know only 10% out of 100% of needs for sugarcane are met by Nigerian Farmers?
  3. Do you know that Nigeria needs more sugarcane farmers than any other crop for sugar production?
  4. Do you know that Nigeria has the largest sugarcane processing plants in the whole of Africa?

Uses Of Sugarcane

Sugarcane is used for the following;

  • For sugar production
  • For the production of additives to preserve pharmaceutical products
  • Production of papers
  • Plastic production
  • Production of bagasse for production for fuel
  • Production of molasses for distillation processes
  • Good addictive for livestock feeding
  • As pasture for livestock

How profitable is sugarcane farming?

Sugarcane farm is one of the most profitable and lucrative farming to venture into.

Can sugarcane grow with flowing water?

Yes, Sugarcane thrives well in an area that is waterlogged.

How many months does it take sugarcane to be harvested?

You can harvest sugarcane within q year of plantation (12 months)

How much money do you make from sugarcane?

You can make at least 60% ROI on what you spent on the sugarcane plantation.

Does sugarcane need sunlight?

Yes, sugarcane needs sunlight to keep up with growth.

How tall does sugarcane grow?

it usually grows between 5 to 7 meters tall.

What is the best climate to grow sugar cane?

Sugarcane thrives better in a tropical climate.

How do you know when sugar cane is ready to harvest?

You will know your sugarcane is mature for harvest if it is above 11 to 12 months old.

Why do you burn sugar cane fields?

sugarcane farms are set on fire to remove the leaves for easy harvesting.


Starting sugarcane farming is not supposed to be stressful, rather one of the easiest plants to grow and is profitable. we have given you detailed information on all you need to know about sugarcane plantations and how to go about it.

If you have any questions in regards to a sugarcane plantation, you can get in touch with us via the comment section, so that is all about sugarcane farming in Nigeria.

Author: Adewebs

David is a seasoned farmer with over 8years experience on the field and teaching. He has about 20 acres of Palm farm, 10acres of livestock farm where he spent most of his time tending and caring for his farm. He offer profffesional services and consultancy services to clients who are interested in venturing into farming.

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