Top 10 Biggest Fish Farm Projects in Ghana [2024] -
Biggest Fish Farm Projects in Ghana

Top 10 Biggest Fish Farm Projects in Ghana [2024]

Ghana, known for its rich aquatic resources, has witnessed remarkable growth in the fish farming industry. The country’s favorable climatic conditions and access to abundant water bodies make it an ideal location for fish farming ventures.

The list of the top 10 biggest fish farm projects in Ghana include Aquafarm Ventures Limited, Seawinds Farms Ghana Limited, Golden Harvest Farms, AquaFresh Farms, and West African Fish Farms, showcasing their impressive scale and contribution to the nation’s aquaculture sector.

Top 10 Biggest Fish Farm Project in Ghana

1. Aquafarm Ventures Limited

Located in the Central Region of Ghana, Aquafarm Ventures Limited stands out as one of the largest fish farming projects in the country. With a sprawling farm area spanning over 200 hectares, this project primarily focuses on the production of tilapia. It incorporates modern techniques and practices to ensure high productivity and sustainable fish farming.

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2. Seawinds Farms Ghana Limited

Seawinds Farms Ghana Limited is a prominent player in the aquaculture industry, renowned for its large-scale fish farming operations. Situated along the coast of Western Ghana, the farm covers an extensive area and specializes in the cultivation of catfish. The project employs advanced water treatment systems and closely monitors the health and growth of the fish.

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3. Golden Harvest Farms

Established in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Golden Harvest Farms ranks among the top fish farming projects in the country. It focuses on breeding and rearing various species of fish, including tilapia, catfish, and Nile perch. The farm implements sustainable practices and maintains strict quality control measures, ensuring the production of healthy and high-quality fish.

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4. AquaFresh Farms

AquaFresh Farms, located in the Volta Region, is widely recognized for its significant contribution to Ghana’s aquaculture industry. This farm project emphasizes the cultivation of tilapia and utilizes advanced aquaponics systems that combine fish farming with hydroponic plant cultivation. By implementing this integrated approach, AquaFresh Farms maximizes resource utilization and creates a sustainable farming environment.

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5. West African Fish Farms

Operating in the Greater Accra Region, West African Fish Farms is a notable fish farming project in Ghana. The farm specializes in the production of catfish and incorporates state-of-the-art facilities and technology for optimal fish growth. It adheres to strict biosecurity measures and maintains a hygienic environment, ensuring the delivery of safe and healthy fish products.

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6. Coastal Aqua Farms

Situated along Ghana’s coastline, Coastal Aqua Farms stands out for its large-scale marine fish farming operations. This project primarily focuses on cultivating marine species such as sea bass and sea bream. Coastal Aqua Farms harnesses the abundant marine resources and utilizes modern aquaculture techniques to ensure sustainable fish production while preserving the marine ecosystem.

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7. Blue Skies Farms

Blue Skies Farms, nestled in the Ashanti Region, is a renowned fish farming project in Ghana. The farm is known for its innovative fish rearing techniques, including recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), which enable efficient use of water resources and minimize environmental impact. Blue Skies Farms predominantly breeds tilapia and strives to meet the growing demand for high-quality fish in the local market.

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8. Goldline Farms Limited

Goldline Farms Limited, located in the Brong-Ahafo Region, is a leading player in Ghana’s aquaculture sector. The farm specializes in tilapia production and adopts advanced feeding and management practices to optimize fish growth. Goldline Farms prioritizes sustainability and follows international standards to ensure the delivery of premium-quality fish to both local and export markets.

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9. Riverview Farms Ghana Limited

Riverview Farms Ghana Limited, situated in the Northern Region, is a notable fish farming project that focuses on the production of catfish. The farm boasts extensive pond systems and implements modern aquaculture techniques to ensure optimal growth and health of the fish. Riverview Farms prioritizes sustainability and actively contributes to the socio-economic development of the local community through job creation and training programs.

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10. AquaCulture Ghana

AquaCulture Ghana, located in the Ashanti Region, is a significant player in the fish farming industry. The project emphasizes the cultivation of various species, including tilapia and catfish. AquaCulture Ghana operates with a commitment to environmental sustainability and employs innovative practices such as integrated fish farming with poultry, promoting resource efficiency and diversification.

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What are the economic benefits of these fish farm projects?

These fish farm projects generate significant economic benefits by creating employment opportunities, promoting local entrepreneurship, and contributing to the country’s export revenue through the sale of high-quality fish products.

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How do these farms ensure the quality and safety of their fish products?

The farms prioritize quality and safety by implementing rigorous monitoring and control measures throughout the production process. This includes regular health checks, adherence to strict biosecurity protocols, and compliance with international food safety standards.

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Do these fish farm projects have any environmental impact?

Fish farm projects in Ghana prioritize sustainable practices to minimize their environmental impact. They employ efficient water management systems, practice responsible waste disposal, and invest in research and development to mitigate any potential negative effects.

Are these fish farm projects involved in community development initiatives?

Yes, many of these fish farm projects actively engage in community development initiatives. They contribute to the local economy through job creation, support education and training programs, and collaborate with local communities to promote sustainable aquaculture practices.

How do these fish farms ensure the welfare of the fish?

The farms prioritize fish welfare by providing suitable environments, proper nutrition, and regular health monitoring. They invest in research and technology to optimize fish growth and minimize stress, ensuring the overall well-being of the fish.

Are these fish farm products available for export?

Yes, several of these fish farm projects produce fish products that meet international quality standards and are available for export. This not only boosts Ghana’s economy but also promotes the country’s reputation as a reliable source of high-quality fish.


Ghana’s fish farming industry continues to thrive, thanks to the remarkable efforts of these top 10 biggest fish farm projects. Through their innovative practices, sustainable approaches, and commitment to quality, these projects contribute significantly to the country’s aquaculture sector.

They not only meet the growing demand for fish locally but also expand Ghana’s presence in the international market. With their continued dedication to excellence, these fish farm projects are poised to drive further growth and development in Ghana’s aquaculture industry.

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