[Beginners Guide] How to Grow Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus plant or tree is native to Australia but can be grown in any part of the world as long as it is planted under ideal conditions with soil and climate properties met. This tree is famed for its blue-green leaves and typically peeling, colored bark.

Eucalyptus has many species with most planted in a sheltered, sunny location where it thrives. To grow eucalyptus, you have to select the appropriate location, prepare the location, and choose the right eucalyptus variety, planting, and eucalyptus care and management.

If you are interested in successfully growing eucalyptus, make sure you follow the steps provided in this guide to get notable results.

How to Grow Eucalyptus

Here are 6 vital steps on how to row eucalyptus from the beginning till it grows into a gigantic tree.

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Step 1: Select Appropriate Location

When selecting the location to grow your eucalyptus, there are conditions you have to consider. You should choose a sunny location receiving at least 10 hours of light daily because eucalyptus requires full sun to thrive.

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Also, make sure the soil in the area is warm and does not retain water but is well-draining. Also, the soil should be loose allowing the plant root to penetrate easily.

Importantly, if you will be growing eucalyptus into a giant tree, then do well to plant them well away from buildings, as they can dry out the soil, especially heavy clay.

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Step 2: Prepare the Location

If the site where you want to plant your eucalyptus has existing plants of any size, make sure you uproot and clear them from the land. Once that is done, you should till the land to a depth of 12 inches with a rototiller.

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To ensure that the soil nutrient is rich enough for planting eucalyptus, you should apply compost over the planting site that you have cleared and work it into the soil using the tiller. Also, level the land to make the soil even.

Step 3: Choose the Right Eucalyptus Variety

You should know that there are several varieties of eucalyptus available in the market, so choose the right eucalyptus variety that will grow well on the planting site you have prepared.

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Also, the variety you choose depends on where you want to grow your eucalyptus either indoors or outdoors. Eucalyptus varieties you can choose to grow to include eucalyptus globulus, eucalyptus platypus, and eucalyptus gunnii.

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Make sure you purchase quality seeds from the retail garden or any other reliable source.

Step 4: Planting

You can grow Eucalyptus seed in a container and then transplant the sprouted seed to foster the germination process. Also, you can plant the seed directly on the prepared farmland.

The best time to plant eucalyptus is in spring and summer when the climate condition is appropriate. Allowing the plant plenty of time to get established before winter.

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After purchasing the seed, you should cold-stratify the seeds to awaken the seed from dormancy. Place the seed packet in a refrigerator for 2 to 3 months to encourage germination.

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Remove the seed packet from the refrigerator and the ideal time to plant the seed is in late winter. Prepare potting soil and pour it inside the planting container up to 30% by volume.

Make sure you mix in plenty of horticultural grit to improve drainage. Also, make use of peat pots that can be transplanted with the seedlings, because eucalyptus doesn’t respond well to transplanting.

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Now, sprinkle the eucalyptus seed on top of the potting mix in each peat pot and cover each seed with light horticultural sand to hold the seeds in place as they germinate and will also keep them warm and wet.

After planting the seedlings, you need to water regularly and also keep the soil warm by placing the container in a sunny location or using a heating pad.

You can also apply the same step to plant the seedling directly on the farmland as well.

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Step 5: Transplanting

By mid-summer, the plant would have sprouted to a transplantable size. The weather at this time is ideal for transplanting eucalyptus. Make sure the spot or location is sunny receiving about 8 to 10 hours of sun daily.

More so, you need to protect and shield the plant from strong wind because the plant is short-rooted and may not be able to withstand strong wind.

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You have to dig holes large enough to accommodate a peat pot containing the sprouted eucalyptus plant. Each hole should be spaced 8 ft (2.4m) apart. Place each peat pot in a hole and cover it with additional soil. Then you should water the area well to help them settle in.

Step 6: Eucalyptus Care and Management

you have to continuously care for your plant and manage it well so that it can germinate without any defect or challenge.

Regular Watering

Although eucalyptus can tolerate some drought, you should continuously moisten the soil by watering regularly, especially during the dry season. This will help the plant to thrive well and germinate appropriately.

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As germination progresses, the need for water reduces as the plant is sustainable enough to tolerate drought.

Fertilizer Application

Throughout the growing seasons, fertilize the plant frequently. These plants have a growing season that lasts from mid-spring to mid-summer. Before watering the plant each week, add liquid fertilizer to the water. Eucalyptus responds best to fertilizers that are high in phosphorous and low in nitrogen.

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The soil where a young eucalyptus plant is planted should be covered with mulch. Mulch will aid in regulating soil temperature, shielding the tree from the cold, getting rid of weeds, and maintaining soil moisture. A thick and substantial organic material, like bark or compost, is the best mulch for eucalyptus trees.

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You also need to watch out for weeds that can compete for nutrients and moisture. Make sure you remove unwanted plants around the base of the trunk to ensure developing roots don’t need to compete.

How Easy Is It to Grow Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus is easy to grow and they germinate very fast. If you purchase smaller specimens that have grown up to 1m (3⅓ft) tall and plant, they will settle in quickly, and begin to germinate.

How Long Does It Take A Eucalyptus Plant To Grow?

Eucalyptus is a fast-growing plant and germination usually occurs between 14-21 days.

Can Eucalyptus Be Grown At Home?

Eucalyptus can be grown at home, especially in your backyard or any ideal location that meets the soil and climate requirements.

Can I Grow Eucalyptus From Cutting?

Eucalyptus can be grown by cutting. It is one of the most preferred methods of growing eucalyptus. The cutting is mostly done during the spring season when the capsules are mature and just about ready to open.

Does Eucalyptus Come Back Every Year?

Eucalyptus grows at a certain inch every year and in no time grows into a beautiful tree year-round.

Where Does Eucalyptus Grow Best?

If you want your eucalyptus to grow properly, it is preferable to plant in areas that receive a minimum of 8 to 10 hours of full sun daily. If you plant your eucalyptus indoors, it should be placed in a sunny location.

How Often Should You Water Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus needs regular watering. The plant should be watered a minimum of once a week to keep the soil slightly moist.

Do All Eucalyptus Trees Smell?

All eucalyptus trees have the same basic properties, which is the scent they produce.

Can You Root Eucalyptus Cuttings In Water?

The method of rooting eucalyptus cuttings in water does not work compared to the positive result other plants produce through this method.

Can I Root Eucalyptus Branch?

The Eucalyptus branch can be rooted. It is one of the best methods of growing eucalyptus. The branch should be soaked in water in a vase or any other container for a few weeks so that the branch will grow roots and then can be planted in a pot.

Why Doesn’t My Eucalyptus Plant Smell In The Shower?

Your eucalyptus may lose scent quickly if it frequently comes in contact with water.

How Do You Care For Potted Eucalyptus?

To care for potted eucalyptus, you should

  1. Place the pot you planted your eucalyptus in a sunny spot
  2. Water regularly
  3. Apply fertilizer
  4. Prune your eucalyptus if necessary

Can Eucalyptus Grow In Pots?

Eucalyptus is commonly grown in pots outside of their hardiness zones. This method allows farmers to protect the plant during cold when it is brought indoors.

Why Is My Eucalyptus Dying?

Planting your eucalyptus in poor soil, bad location and improper care are the main reasons why your eucalyptus is dying.

What Do I Feed Eucalyptus?

You should feed your eucalyptus with liquid feed that is rich in balanced low nitrogen, low phosphorous, and high potash fertilizer. You can also feed your plant with organic slow-release sulfur chips once a year in the Spring.

How To Grow Eucalyptus From Seed

You should cold-stratify the seeds to awaken the seed from dormancy. Place the seed packet in a refrigerator for 2 to 3 months to encourage germination.

Remove the seed packet from the refrigerator and the ideal time to plant the seed is in late winter. Prepare potting soil and pour it inside the planting container up to 30% by volume.

Sprinkle the eucalyptus seed on top of the potting mix in each peat pot and cover each seed with light horticultural sand so that it will hold the seeds in position, keep them warm, and keep them moist as they germinate.

After planting the seedlings, you need to water regularly and also keep the soil warm by placing the container in a sunny location.

How To Grow Eucalyptus From Cuttings

Growing eucalyptus from cuttings is another method you can use. The process involves:

  1. Cut a eucalyptus that is 4-inch-tall with at least one budding leaf.
  2. Dip the cutting in rooting hormone for at least 30 seconds
  3. The cuttings should be placed into the perlite-filled pot with the rooting hormone end covered.
  4. Place the pot in a sunny location
  5. Continue to moist the soil
  6. The cutting should grow roots within 4 to 5 weeks. Then, it is ready for transplanting.

Growing Eucalyptus In Pots

Growing eucalyptus in pots is quite easy than anticipated. Make sure you follow the steps below.

  1. Acquire peat pot for planting
  2. Get your eucalyptus seeds
  3. Prepare rich well-draining potting soil and pour it into the peat pot.
  4. Pour the seed atop the soil and cover it with gardening soil
  5. Water to moist soil
  6. Place the pot in a sunny location so that the plant can receive full sunlight
  7. Continue to care for the plant

How To Grow Eucalyptus For Cut Flowers

Like any cut flower, eucalyptus requires heat, light, and moisture to develop properly. To grow cut flowers, you have to plant eucalyptus from seed and then care for the plant by watering, applying fertilizer, and thinning.

Once the flower emerges, you can cut them and arrange them in a bouquet or any other container for a flowery display.

How To Grow Eucalyptus Indoors

To grow eucalyptus indoors, you should do the following:

  1. Acquire a peat pot or any container type
  2. Fill the pot with rich well-draining potting soil
  3. Pour the seed atop the soil and cover it with horticultural soil
  4. Water thoroughly to moist soil
  5. Place the planter in a sunny location so that the plant can receive full sunlight

How To Grow Eucalyptus Outside

To grow eucalyptus outside, you should do the following:

  1. Select a sunny location with rich well-draining soil
  2. Prepare the soil for planting
  3. Dig a hole and plant your eucalyptus
  4. Water thoroughly
  5. Add fertilizer if necessary
  6. Prune your plant to desired shape or size

Buy Eucalyptus Plant

To buy a eucalyptus plant, you can visit a retail garden near you or purchase from a reliable source online.


Growing eucalyptus can be tasking but can also be fun along the line. In this guide, we have compiled all the information you need to know on how to grow eucalyptus. Make sure you follow all the steps provided from beginning to end.

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