How to Grow Waterleaf [Practical Guide] -
Guide on How to Grow Waterleaf

How to Grow Waterleaf [Practical Guide]

Growing waterleaf is an easy and rewarding experience. The plant only takes four weeks to grow from seedling to mature plant, making it a quick and satisfying indoor or outdoor garden project.

To grow this beautiful plant, you have to choose and prepare a planting Site, choose a variety of seeds, seed planting, Plant Maintenance, and harvest

They are not just planted for sighting alone but are also used to prepare different varieties of food. If you are ready to learn how to care for and propagate waterleaf indoors and outdoors, for personal consumption or commercial purposes, make sure you continue reading to the end.

How to Grow Waterleaf Step By Step

With proper care and attention to detail, Waterleaf is hardy in many conditions and will grow big yields of buds over several months. That is why we have compiled the 7-steps that will help you successfully grow waterleaf.

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Step 1: Choosing the Planting Site

You have to choose your location carefully as it will have a great impact on the yield and quality of your waterleaf plant. Waterleaf plants thrive in a variety of soil conditions.

However, the best soil type for waterleaf plants is fertile sandy-loamy soil that is known to retain water. Also, make sure the location is not void of receiving a sufficient amount of sunlight.

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Also, the land should receive enough water wither rainfall or by building an irrigation system.

Whether it be your backyard or purchasing a plot of land to grow your waterleaf, make sure it meets the soil and climate requirements mentioned.

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Step 2: Choosing Variety Seeds

Waterleaf can be planted through seed or stem. You have to select healthy and quality waterleaf seed or stem to be planted on your farm. Make sure you purchase or select them from a trusted source.

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Step 3: Planting Site Preparation

You need to prepare the farmland to make it pleasant for planting. the land should be cleared of all unwanted plants, shrubs, and trees if there are any on the field.

After that, you should well till and plow the land to make it fit for planting your waterleaf. Pre-fertilize the land using organic manure that is preferable to fertilizer.

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Few weeks before when you will sow your plant, make elevated farm beds where your waterleaf will be planted to avoid the bed won’t be waterlogged. Make sure there is space between each row.

Step 4: Seed Planting

When it comes to planting waterleaf, you can do so either through the stem or through the seed.  Also, the best time to plant waterleaf is during the rainy season. It can be planted in the dry season also as long as you have a reliable source of water and or an irrigation system in place.

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If you are planting the seed, all you need do is to broadcast them on the farm bed. Make sure the soil is moist by watering the farm bed before you plant the seed.

If you want to grow your waterleaf using the stem, make sure to cut the stem from matured waterleaf plant. Cut these stems into 3 to 5 inches long and plant them in clusters on the farm bed.

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Step 5: Plant Maintenance

You have to take care of your waterleaf plant as they germinate. There are a couple of things you will need to do continuously to ensure your plant grows healthily.


You need to provide your waterleaf plant with an adequate water supply to ensure they grow healthily. During the rainy season, you just need to make sure the soil is not waterlogged.

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During the dry season, you can water the plants manually or create a drip irrigation system to water the plant in case of large-scale farming.


Waterleaf plant does not heavily rely on fertilizer. However, if the soil is not having enough nutrients, you will have to apply fertilizer.

Aside from the manure or fertilizer added before planting, you will need to add again after planting, preferably when the waterleaf plant starts germinating. It is best to use organic poultry manure.

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If you sight any weeds growing alongside your waterleaf plant, ensure you remove them immediately. But you must be gentle and not remove the edible plant along with it.

Step 7: Harvest

Within 3-4 weeks, your waterleaf should be ready for harvest. Don’t harvest your waterleaf prematurely because it will not yield as much money as you want. Rather, allow them to spread and grow tall enough. You can harvest water leaf hand or by knife.

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How Long Does It Take Water Leaf To Grow?

Waterleaf doesn’t take time to grow. It takes just 45-days for the waterleaf plant to grow.

How Do You Grow Waterleaf At Home?

You can grow waterleaf at home either by using a container or set up a garden in your backyard.

All you need do is to broadcast the seed on the farm bed and water it mildly. Alternatively, you can cut the stem from matured waterleaf plants and plant them in a cluster.

How Do You Start A Water Leaf Farm?

Step 1: Find an ideal land

Step 2:  Prepare the land

Step 3: Till the ground

Step 4: Form farm beds

Step 5: Water the bed

Step 6: Plant the Waterleaf by spreading the seed on the bed or by inserting the stems into the soil

Step 7: Maintain your Waterleaf farm

How Do I Get My Water Leaf To Bloom?

Waterleaf blooms when it rains. However, if you don’t want to wait for the rain to bloom your waterleaf, all you need do is submerge the plant inside the water until it begins to flower.

What Is The Lifespan Of Waterleaf?

Waterleaf has a lifespan of 4 to 6 months. The plant is drought tolerant considering the amount of water it holds.

What Is The English Name For Waterleaf?

Waterleaf is called several names in English. The English names are Philippine spinach, Ceylon spinach, sweetheart, flame flower, Florida spinach, and so on.

How Do You Get Seeds from Water Leaves?

Waterleaf only blooms when submerged in water. It should be harvested once it blooms. By so doing, you can get 3 to 4 seeds from each plant.

Is Waterleaf Farming Profitable?

Waterleaf farming is not as profitable as other veggies. Nonetheless, if you are selling in the countryside, you can make a lot of profits as it is highly consumed in such a region.

How Do You Harvest Water Leaves?

Harvesting water leaves is very easy. You can harvest waterleaf by cutting them from its stems and removing the seeds.

Where Can I Find Waterleaf Seeds?

You can find waterleaf seeds from a blooming waterleaf. You can visit a farm where waterleaf was just harvested to pick waterleaf seeds.

Does Water Leaf Have Seed?

Waterleaf has seeds. The seeds produce when the plant blooms.

How To Grow Waterleaf Terraria

The steps on how to grow waterleaf outlined and discussed in Terrarria involve planting waterleaf seeds in Sand and Pearls and Blocks, empty Clay Pots, or any type of Planter Boxes, even inside water.

How To Plant Waterleaf Seeds

Plant waterleaf seeds by spreading them on an elevated farm bed. Keep moist at all times but not soaking wet. After 2 weeks the seedlings should have sprouted. Water occasionally to keep moist but not soggy.

Waterleaf Vegetable

Waterleaf is a vegetable that’s known by many names. Scientifically, the vegetable is called both “Talinum fruticosum” and “Talinum triangulare”. It is an easy plant to grow in your backyard or indoors and it grows pretty fast reaching maturity within 3 to 4 weeks.

Waterleaf vegetable is used to prepare all sort of food, especially soup that is accompanied by solid foods.

Waterleaf Soup

Waterleaf soup is a particular kind of soup prepared using waterleaf and other ingredients. The mode of preparation varies depending on different cultures.

The basic ingredients needed to prepare waterleaf soup include Ingredients: 1 bunch of water leaf sliced, 1/4 cup palm oil, 1/2 onion bulb, 6 fresh pepper, and 2 tablespoon crayfish (blended).

How Long Does It Take Water Leaf To Grow Terraria

Each plant of waterleaf grows to maturity within 30 to 40 days because it is a short lifespan species span.

African Waterleaf

In Africa, waterleaf is known by a different name and is prepared differently according to the cultural backdrop. Nonetheless, the African waterleaf is cultivated in the same manner as in other parts of the world.

Waterleaf Nigeria

Waterleaf is a popular vegetable in Nigeria and it is widely eaten across the country, however, the south and east region consume it the most because it grows sporadically in these two regions compared to the north because it is scarcely available.

Waterleaf is known by different names in Nigeria, Gbure in Yoruba, Ebe-London in Edo, mmiri in Igbo, and so on.

Water Leaf Benefits

Waterleaf is known to have many benefits which include

  • Rich in Vitamin A and C, mega -3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, soluble fibers (pectin), potassium nutrients, and more.
  • An excellent immune booster
  • The leaves are beneficial in treating diarrhea, liver enlargement, and hepatitis.


Within this material on how to grow waterleaves are detailed tips and a thorough guide to the growing process. You will learn how to grow waterleaf either for consumption or for commercialization. Ensure you don’t just read but adhere to the tips and guidelines discussed here.

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David is a Kenyan farmer from the rural village of Nairobi. Growing up, he was surrounded by the beauty of the Kenyan countryside, which sparked his passion for farming. After completing his education, he decided to pursue a career in agriculture and has since dedicated his life to providing food for his local community. David is an experienced farmer and is experienced in a range of agricultural practices, including crop rotation, animal husbandry and soil management. He is passionate about promoting sustainable agriculture and is actively working to reduce food insecurity in his community.

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