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How To Grow Parsley In Pots And Bag

[Beginners Guide] How To Grow Parsley In Bag And Pots

Parsley is one of the most popular and easiest herbs that can be grown as a leaf vegetable in the garden or on farmland. Parsley is a herb that is used for medicinal purposes as well as in the kitchen for its flavor taste.

Although this medicinal herb is originally a biennial plant, it is considered and grown as an annual plant.

Parsley is generally grown from seed, and the steps involved in planting parsley on your farm, you have to get farmland, cultivate the farmland, prepare the soil, plant, weeding and pest control, and harvest.

The steps to growing parsley have been discussed extensively in the body of this material to help you grow parsley successfully with a meaningful yield that can be harvested.

[Guide] How To Grow Parsley

To start growing parsley on your farmland, follow the steps discussed below.

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Step 1: Get Farmland

Farmland is needed where the planting activities will take place. A plot of land is ideal for Parsley farming. Also, you can choose to grow it indoors or garden if you intend to grow the plant at home.

Before acquiring farmland, you need to consider a location with well-drained loamy soil, full or partial sunlight, access to water, and other important factors.

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Step 2: Cultivate the Farmland

You have to cultivate the farmland to prepare it for planting. The cultivation process includes farmland clearing and removing unwanted plants, and debris as well. The dirt and uprooted plant wastes should be packed and cleared.

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Step 3: Prepare the Soil

To prepare the soil, ploughing and land levelling should be done to loosen the soil and make it fertile for planting. There is no need to make farm beds for planting parsley.

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You can add manure preferably pasteurized chicken dung on the farmland to further enrich the soil. Avoid using wet manure because it can attract the pest and contaminate the soil, it is best to use dry treated manure.

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Step 4: Seed Planting

The best method to plant parsley is through the seedlings. Although you can get already sprouted plants from gardeners, you may not get enough yield as when you plant using seedlings.

Moreso, parsley germination is very slow, it can take 3-4 weeks before the first germination.

So, it is best to plant the seedlings in a container at least 2-3 weeks earlier before you transfer to the main preferred farmland.

Because parsley seeds are very small, you should plant them directly into the soil and there’s no need to cover them with soil. However, you should soak your parsley seeds overnight before sowing them for speedier growth.

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The seeds should be planted half an inch deed in the soil and should be 1-2 inches apart.  Also, you need to plant your parsley seedlings in areas where there is full sun to partial shade, and it is best to plant in organic-rich, well-drained soil.

Step 5: Watering

There is a need for continuous watering of the plant daily, typically early morning and late evening so that the soil will remain moist. Be careful not to overwater the plant.

Step 6: Weeding

Among the numerous advantages of growing Parsley is that it requires little maintenance. Nonetheless, you need to remove unwanted plants that grow in the same spot where you plant your parsley.

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You can easily remove unwanted plants by hand or using simple farm tools. Be gentle when you are weeding not remove the herbs alongside the unwanted plants.

Step 7: Pest Control

Although parsley hardly develops any kind of disease, some pests can pose a problem to parsley farming, especially aphids. You can get rid of aphids naturally by dislodging them with a spray or blast of water when seen on the farm.

Step 8: Harvesting

Parsley is easy to harvest, once the leaves start to curl, it is a sign that it is ready to be harvested.

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Does Parsley Regrow After Cutting?

Parsley grows very fast after the first germination. After cutting or pruning parsley, it can regrow. It tends to regrow as often as you cut the stems.

How Does Parsley Grow Best?

The best way to grow parsley is to plant them in an area with full sunshine and well-drained soil. Also, during planting, you have to space the plant at least 6 to 8 inches apart

Where Does Parsley Grow Best?

The best area where parsley thrives and grows the best is in sunny areas. Parsley plants that receive daily shun the light for 6 to 8 hours grow better than parsley grew in an area with partial or no sunshine.

Does Parsley Grow Easily?

It has been proven that parsley is one of the easiest herbs to grow. It needs little management outside the natural need for sunlight and moist soil.

How Do You Pick Parsley So It Keeps Growing?

If you want your parsley to regrow, you have to gently pick them. You need to group a bunch of parsley stems and cut them by the stem at ground level using simple farm tools like herb scissors.

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Do not uproot the plant from the soil otherwise, it will not regrow.

Can I Plant Store-Bought Parsley?

It is possible to plant store-bought parsley. All you need to do is to cut about 2 inches of stem with a few leaves and quickly place them in a jar or vase with water. The vase should be placed near the window to receive sunlight.

A few weeks afterwards, the cutting will grow white roots, the cutting can then be transferred immediately into a container with soil.

Does Parsley Grow Well In Pots?

Yes. Parsley grows well in pots. Most parsley farmers often grow parsley in pots before transferring it to a garden or farmland for a continuous growth process. However, the pot should have sufficient depth because parsley grows deep roots that a narrow pot cannot contain.

Can Parsley Get Too Much Sun?

In as much as parsley requires full and bright sunlight, exposure to too much sun can cause the plant to be damaged. Exposure to full sunlight can only become a problem during the hot or summer season when the sun is at its peak.

How Often Should I Water Parsley?

Parsley requires water to grow continuously. It is ideal to water your parsley plant about 2-4 times per week so that the soil will remain moist to keep the plant growing.

How Do You Keep Potted Parsley Alive?

The best way to keep potted parsley alive is to keep the soil lightly moist and always keep the pot where there is sunlight. Also, you can apply liquid fertilizer to enrich soil nutrients.

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Can Parsley Be Grown Indoors?

Parsley can be grown indoors by using containers such as pots or buckets or any other deep planting tray. Importantly, the container should have a drainage hole. The soil or compost is poured into the container and watered, and then the seed is planted in the potting soil and cared for to grow.

Why Is My Parsley Turning Yellow?

Parsley can turn yellow when the soil is dry or flooded. Parsley plants prefer moist soil with rich organic nutrients to produce richly.

How Long Does A Parsley Plant Last?

Parsley plants are biennial plants. This implies that they can last for about two years after which they will flower and produce seeds again.

Can You Overwater Parsley?

Parsley best thrives in moist soil but it does not tolerate over-flooded soil which can cause the plant to turn yellow.

Why Is My Indoor Parsley Dying?

If your indoor parsley is dying, the primary reason could be that you are not watering the plant properly or you are overwatering the plant.

Growing Parsley In Pots

Parsley can be successfully grown in pots and it is considered one of the best ways to grow parsley. The pot should have drainage holes to drain water to avoid soil flooding.

Make compost and pour it into the pot, and plant the seed and water. Make sure you place the pot indoors where there is access to sunlight.

Parsley Companion Plants

Parsley is a herb that grows well with companion plants especially plants like pea, tomatoes, corn, pepper, onions, carrots, and chives, among others.

Parsley Germination Time

Parsley that is grown from seed is not quick to germinate. It takes about 3-4 weeks for parsley to germinate.

Transplanting Parsley

Parsley grows deep roots, so the ideal time to transplant the parsley plant is when it is five to six weeks old. You have to prepare your soil or your pot with some good compost. Water it well after transplanting so it can continue to grow successfully.

Growing Italian Parsley In Pots

It is possible to grow Italian parsley in pots and the growing process is not different from what has been discussed so far in this material.

How To Grow Parsley From Seed

To grow parsley from seed, you need to first soak the seeds for 1-2 hours before planting, then sow parsley seeds in the soil at about 2 inches deep, and spacing should be about 6 to 8 inches apart.

Also, make sure to keep the soil moist while seeds germinate. Importantly, parsley should be planted where there is full sunlight and well-drained rich soil, as well as water the plant daily.

How Long Does Parsley Take To Grow?

It takes time for parsley to germinate especially when it is planted using seed. Typically, it takes 70-90 days for parsley to grow to maturity from planting to harvest stage.

How Much Water Does Parsley Need?

Parsley plants require at least 1 to 2 inches of water, either rain or normal water per week to avoid the soil running dry and also to help the plant grow continuously


From our discussion, you can see that growing parsley is not as difficult as it may sound. The process is simple and can be done indoors or outdoor depending on what you want. We advise that you follow the steps discussed in this material to achieve an optimal result.

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