How start cashew farming

How To Start Cashew Farming Step By Step Guide

Demands for Cashew nuts are on the increase since their natural uses have been unraveled. Most farmers are now going into cashew farming in recent years owing to the demand for its nut for eating and its juice to make fresh fruit juice.

To start cashew farming, you need to determine the size of the plantation you are planning to venture into, draw a business plan, acquire farmland, cultivate the land and start planting.

Let’s take you on a ride on how you can start s profitable cashew farming business in Africa.

How To Start Cashew Farming 

Following are the steps you need to take to start a lucrative cashew farm;

Step 1: Determine the Size of cashew farming you want to venture into

There are different scales of farming, we have backyard farming which is known as the small scale farming, medium scale, and the extensive scale farming.

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Deciding the one you want to venture into will help you know the resources you should make available for your farming business.

The larger it is, the more capital intensive it will be.

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Step 2: Find a suitable farm location

The next thing you should put in place is to scout for the farmland you can plant your cashew. The area of land you will be needing is invariably dependent on the scale of farm you want to venture into.

Cashew can thrive well on any type of soil, so the soil type in your farm area may not be a headache, but ensure the road network of the farm is good because of the Harvesting period.

Step 3: Draw a farm business plan

Drawing the business plan will give you a basic framework and time-bound of what and when a particular task needs to be carried out on the farm and when it should happen.

A good business plan for your farm will aid you to make productive decisions and guide you on best practices for the farm.

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Step 4: Start clearing the farmland

Your next agenda in your cashew farming business is to start clearing your farmland.

To clear your farmland, you need to start with the cutting of grasses, parking, falling of wood, and burning. To learn more about farm clearing and land preparation for your farm, kindly read up here.

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Step 5: Start Planting

After clearing your farmland, the next thing is to plant your cashew.

The standard planting principle for cashew is 60cm by 60cm by 60cm. Which can be 8m by 5m apart.

Ensure you do not plant too close to one another, this will help healthy growth and avoid stunted growth of the plant.

How to plant Cashew nut:

You can plant Cashew in two ways, either you first nurse it or you plant it directly.


To nurse a cashew seed, the first thing to do is get plastic polythene and fill it with soil.

Then place the cashew inside this polythene.

Start watering, it will bring out a shoot in under 3weeks.

Keep watering until you wish to transplant to a permanent location.

Direct soil planting:

If you wish to plant directly, dig a hole about 3 inches deep. Insert the nut, and cover with soil.

Start watering this seed, it will shoot out in a space of three weeks.

But ensure you weed the environment and do not allow the farm area to be too moist to avoid the nut from decaying.

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Step 6: Spray your farm with insecticides against pests

you must consider fumigating your farmland against cashew pests with Gamaline 20. this will help resolve distorted plant growth.

Step 7: Monitor and Weed from time to time

After you are done planting the nut, it is your duty to keep monitoring, weeding, and pruning the farm.

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Uses of cashew

Majorly why people go into the cashew farming business is for its nut and juice.

The nuts have been proven to be of high benefits when eaten in terms of nutritional value and health-wise.

Also, the juice extract from its fruit can be processed into finished fruit juice.

How profitable is cashew farming?

Cashew farming is one of the most profitable businesses on the coast of Africa assuring at least 60% ROI on your capital.

How do you start a cashew plantation?

To start cashew farming, you need to determine the size of the plantation you are planning to venture into, draw a business plan, acquire farmland, cultivate the land and start planting.

How long does it take cashews to grow?

It takes cashew about 3 years to grow to full maturity.

How long does it take cashew to start fruiting?

Cashew will start fruiting anytime from 3 to 4 years after planting.

Which soil is best for cashew nut?

Cashew thrives well on all types of soil.

When should I fertilize my cashews?

You can start applying fertilizer in May-June or September-October season.

What countries produce cashews?

Cashew farming is popularly grown in the eastern and western parts of Africa, countries like Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Tanzania, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Ghana are the major producer of cashew.

What climate do cashews grow in?

cashew grows well in dry tropical climates

How many days does it take cashew seed to germinate?

Cashew seed starts germination in a space of a week.

Do cashews require a lot of water?

Yes, you need to water your cashew regularly to make it grow well.


So far so good, we have taken you on a ride on step by step guide on how to start a cashew farm and all you need to know before starting one. If there is additional information you request from us, then drop it via the comment section.

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