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How to start goat farming

How To Start A Goat Farming Business [Step By Step Guide]

The goat farming business is an area that is fast developing and lucrative in livestock farming. Many people have looked into various types of animal Farming which include Poultry, fishery, Piggery, and many more. Today in this guide, we will be taking you on a hands-on guide on how to start a goat farming business.

To start a goat farming business, you need to make available a farm location to raise your goat, pens for your goat to live in, good feeding habits for your goat, and other capital for running day-to-day activities.

Let’s get started as we will be giving you step by step guide to go about it.

Guide To Start A Goat Farming Business.

To start a profitable goat farming business, follow the instructions below;

A Goat farm
A Goat farm in Africa

Step 1: locate a conducive farm area

One first step you must ensure you do not skip is to locate your farm area. Locating a farm area gives you insight ahead of what is happening in that environment, will it be conducive for your goat? Are the weather, and other activities there conducive for your goat?

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Ensure you pay attention to these before choosing your farm area.

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Step 2: Seek Knowledge on how to raise a goat

Everyone can raise any animal, but it takes those who took additional information to raise a profitable farming business.

Just like any other businesses, goat farming entails you to have knowledge of the farm, what to feed your goat, how to care for them, what they require to grow healthy, and many more.

Ensure you take a step further to equip yourself to raise your goats properly.

Step 3: Raise a conducive pen for your goats

Another important aspect of starting your goat Farming business is to ensure you construct a shelter for your animals.

Just like humans, animals deserve good shelter as well, they need a pen that is not too exposed to cold, rain, sunlight, and all.

You need to construct the pen in such a way that will make cleaning, clearing, and feeding your goat easy for your farmworkers.

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Stage 4: fumigate the farm area

There are lots of microbes that can possibly harm your goat, kids, and goat undergoing labor.

It is always advisable to fumigate against these pathogens, this will make you rest assured that your farm is free of diseases that could harm your farm.

You can fumigate against predators as well such as snakes, and other animals that may act as threats to your farm.

Stage 5: Employ farmworkers

Before you start your farm, you need to consider if you’re going into extensive goat Farming or just backyard small-scale farming.

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If you choose small-scale farming, you may not need farmworkers, but if you have other businesses or work you do, it is advisable to employ at least one worker to look after your farm.

If you’re going into extensive goat farming, you will need at least 3-5 farmworkers.

Step 6: Train Your farmworkers

After you have hired farmworkers, it is imperative you give them extensive training on how to go about the care of your farm.

The dos and don’ts of the farm should be clearly stated to them.

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Step 7: Buy a good breed of goat

This is an important aspect of your goat farming. While starting a goat farm, you may ask, how many goats do I need to start my goat farm?

To start your goat farm, you need at least 3 does or nanny (female goat) and 1 buck or Billy (a male goat).

This requirement is dependent on your farm size, if you’re starting a large-scale goat farming, then you may need more than 3 does.

But ensure before you place an order to buy a goat, you know the goat’s history.

There are goats that will deliver a minimum of 3 or 2 during delivery, while some deliver just 1.

Ensure for better productivity, you buy does that has the potential to deliver more than 2 or 3 kids during the gestational period.

Also when buying goats, buy breeds that are more resistant to diseases.

Step 8: Feeding habits for your goat

Without you feeding your goat properly, you cannot expect better productivity from them.

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One thing you should never deprive your farm animal is adequate feeding habits.


Do not buy goats more than what you can feed.

Types of feeds to give to goats:

There are different food you can give to your goats and they include:

  • Pasture
  • Vegetables
  • Yam
  • Cassava
  • Edible leaves
  • Rice
  • Banana
  • Pawpaw


Step 9: Register with a Veterinary Doctor

It is a good habit to have your farm register with a Veterinary clinic, this will give you access to the book section with doctors to come to check on your farm on a routine basis and also offer additional health tips for your farm.

How To Start Goat Business:

How much does it take to start a goat farm?

To start a goat farm, it will cost you anything between 100,000 to 300,000 ($500) for small-scale farming and more for large-scale goat farming.

Which breed of goat is most profitable?

The most profitable goat breed to raise is the Boer goat.

Which goat is best for farming?

The best goat you should raise for meat and other reasons is the Boer breed.

How many goats should you start with?

To start your goat farm, you can start with at least 2 Does and 1 Billy.

How much land is needed for goat farming?

The land needed to start goat farming ranges from 1 acre to 10 acres depending on the size of farm you intend to raise.

Which are more profitable goats or cows?

Goat is more profitable than a cow in terms of the cost of raising them.

Are goats high maintenance?

No, goats are easy to keep and they are low maintenance farm animals,


If your next quest is to venture into goat farming, it is never a bad idea, we have taken out time to give you a step-by-step guide on how you can go about it.

So, if there is additional information you are in quest for, you can drop it via the comment section.

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