How To Start Farming Business In Zimbabwe [Beginners Guide] -
How To Start Farming In Zimbabwe

How To Start Farming Business In Zimbabwe [Beginners Guide]

How To Start Farming Business In Zimbabwe- One of Zimbabwe’s most significant historical sectors has been farming and agricultural activity. Animal husbandry and crop cultivation are the two primary forms of agriculture practiced by Zimbabwe citizens together accounting for 17 percent of the country’s total gross domestic product (Gdp).

Today, farming is Zimbabwe’s primary source of employment. This is due to the fact that the majority of the country’s population lives in rural areas, where farming is a way of life.

Starting a farm in Zimbabwe requires a piece of farmland that may be used for your agricultural activities, as well as funds to run the business as well as manual labor, and knowledge of the field in which you plan to grow crops.

To that end, we’ll go into great detail on how to run an agricultural business in Zimbabwe in this manual.

How To Start Farming In Zimbabwe Step By Step

How To Start Farming Business
How To Start Farming Business

To begin, there are several stages to farming. There is crop cultivation and animal husbandry, which is more commonly referred to as livestock keeping. You’ll have to make a decision on where you want to focus your agricultural efforts in Zimbabwe.

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Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of starting a farm in Zimbabwe:

Step1: Get the money you need to get started

Regardless of what type of business you’re running, you’ll always need money to keep it afloat, no matter what. It could be used for a variety of purposes, including stock purchases, payroll obligations, electricity maintenance, and so on.

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If you’re planning on starting a farm, you’ll need money to acquire a piece of land, purchase agricultural inputs like seeds and farm equipment, and so on and so forth.

Grants, family support, personal savings, and bank loans are all viable sources of capital for an agricultural operation.

Any of the above options can be used to get your farming business up and running in Zimbabwe.

Step 2: Acquire farmland

In Zimbabwe, the next step in your agricultural business plan is to begin searching for land.

As we previously discussed, the type of farming you intend to engage in will dictate the amount of the farm and the location of the farms you intend to purchase.

If you’re thinking about starting a livestock farm, a plot of land as small as 2 acres may be sufficient.

In order to grow crops, you may need more than 2 acres.


The location of your livestock farm may necessitate a distance from nearby homes.

Consider purchasing farmland that is remote from any natural predators for your animals.

Step 3: Land preparation

You’ll have to get the land ready for farming. You’ll have to clear the land if it’s in a forested location.

Once the deforestation process is complete, it’s time to burn everything down and dispose of the trash.

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Land preparation for livestock or crop production necessitates quick and convenient access for everyone involved.

If you’re serious about using it as a hub for your income, no shoddy work will be done there.

Step 4: Look for information in the area you’ve selected.

In order to succeed in farming, you’ll need to know the area you’ll be working in well.

If you’re planning to cultivate crops, it’s a good idea to know what crops grow well in your area and whether or not you plan to grow annual crops or perennial crops.

You’ll need information about the crops you’d like to go into no matter which route you take.

Livestock production necessitates a thorough understanding of animal care, nutrition, common ailments, and how to treat them.

So, before beginning any type of Farming in Zimbabwe, you must have all of this knowledge at your fingertips.

Step 5: It’s time to take action.

It is time to get started on your Farming business after you’ve absorbed the information above.

To begin, you’ll need to figure out how many hands you’ll need and what other items you’ll need to put in place before you can get started.

Small Scale Farming Guide In Zimbabwe:

Crops You Can Start Farming In Zimbabwe [ Agricultural Opportunities In Zimbabwe]

Tobacco farming:

You may obtain permits to grow tobacco in the country. One of the largest export the country do is tobacco exportation.

So starting a tobacco plantation on a Large scale is another lucrative crop you can start farming in Zimbabwe.

Rice production:

Commercial rice farming can be started in Zimbabwe and exported to neighboring African nations. You might even start a rice processing business in a rural section of the country, which could bring in multiples of your initial investment.

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You can grow maize on a vast scale. Food processing companies in your area or in your country may be in need of your services. One of the most profitable businesses to establish anywhere in the world is the cultivation of maize (corn).

You can increase your revenue by taking advantage of the many uses for maize.

Farming tomatoes:

Tomato gardening is an option as well. On a daily basis, tomatoes are consumed, although the demand is tiny compared to the supply.

In Zimbabwe, you can take advantage of this opportunity to expand your tomato agricultural operations.

Types Of Livestock/Animal Farming Enterprises That Can Be Launched In Zimbabwe

Poultry production:

Poultry farming is one of the most profitable farming businesses in the world. Chicken and egg consumption is at an all-time high.

You can start a poultry business in Zimbabwe because there is a low supply compared to demand.

Goat Farming

In Zimbabwe, you can start a goat farming business. There is an intriguing aspect to this form of farming: it is low-cost yet high-profit.

Pig Farming:

In Zimbabwe, you can start a pig farming business. Pork is a popular food in the United States. There is a significant demand for pigs since they are processed to make different derivatives.

You can take advantage of this and start pig farming in your neighborhood.

Farming of fish:

Fish farming in Zimbabwe is a viable option as well.

People eat fish every day and will do so till the end of time.

As a result, it’s important to take advantage of this.

Growing snails for a living:

Snail farming is another profitable, yet low-capital-intensive, Zimbabwean business.

Snail farming is a viable business today, with low risks and high returns.

What can I farm in Zimbabwe?

You can start farming rice, tomatoes, corn, millet, poultry, pig, goat, and pig.

What is the most profitable crop to grow in Zimbabwe?

The most profitable crop to grow in Zimbabwe is the Hemp plant.

How much does it cost to get started in farming?

You will need about $5,000 to start farming in Zimbabwe.

Is maize farming profitable in Zimbabwe?

Yes, corn cultivation is one of the most lucrative farming businesses to start in Zimbabwe and any part of the world.


Our business plan guide for Zimbabwean farmers includes all you need to know about starting a farm.

You can leave more comments in the space below if you have additional questions.

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