How To Start Farming Business In Senegal [Beginners Guide] -
How To Start Farming Business In Senegal

How To Start Farming Business In Senegal [Beginners Guide]

Farming and Agricultural activities are one of the important sectors in the history of Senegal. Senegalese practice majorly farming of different types including crop cultivation, and animal and livestock farming which usually contribute about 17% of the nation’s total Gdp.

Farming is the highest employer of labor in Senegal today. This is owing to the fact that people grow predominantly in a rural areas of the nation and they see farming as a way of life.

To start farming in Senegal you will need a land portion you can your farming activities, you will need capital to run this business, manual labor, and knowledge of the field you may want to venture into.

So in today’s guide, we will be writing extensively on how to go about your agricultural endeavors in Senegal and all you need to know.

How To Agricultural Business In Senegal

How To Start Farming Business
How To Start Farming Business

First thing first, farming is in different phases, we have the crop cultivation and animals husbandry or better know as livestock keeping. In your Agricultural adventures in Senegal, you will need to decide the area you plan to venture into

So, let us get to the steps you will need to start farming in Senegal;

How To Start Farming Business In Senegal

Step 1: Get capital to start

Businesses require money to soar, regardless of what the business is all about, what’s constant is that you will be needing money to keep it afloat. Either to buy stocks, pay workers, service electricity, and many others.

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The same is applicable to your Agricultural activities, you will need money to buy a piece of land, to buy agricultural inputs such as seeds, the equipment you will be needing on the farm, and so on.

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You can actually raise funds for your farming business either through grants, family support, personal savings, or bank loans.

You can explore any of the aforementioned to start your Farming business in Senegal.

Step 2: Acquire farmland

Next on your agricultural business plan in Senegal is to look out for farmland to kickstart your business.

As we earlier stated, the type of farming you want to start will determine the size of the land and where to get your farmland.

If you’re planning livestock farming you may not need more land, anything from 2 acres is okay for your livestock raising.

If you’re planning on going into crop cultivation, then you may need more than 2 acres depending on the scale you want to venture into.


If you’re venturing into livestock farming, you may need to site your farm area far away from a residential area.

You may need to get farmland that is far away from natural predators of the livestock you intend to keep.

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Step 3: Land preparation

You will need to prepare the land for your Farming business. If it’s an area with forest, you will need to deforest the land.

After deforestation, you will need to set it on fire and park the remaining debris after burning.

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If you’re preparing the land for either livestock or crop farming, it is essential to make the farmland easy and accessible anytime you get to your farm.

You must have a mind of making it your business center, with this in mind, shabby work will not be done in that area.

Step 4: Seek Information in your chosen area

The next thing you should do or you ought to have done before now is to have knowledge about the farming area you are going into.

If you’re going into crop cultivation it will have been good if you have information on crops that grows well in your environment, are you going to do annual crops or crops that will be there for life Time?

Anyway, you will need information on the crops you want to go into.

If you’re going into livestock farming, you will need to know how to care for the animal, the best food formulation, common diseases, and how to tend to them.

So, you must have all this information at hand before venturing into any type of Farming in Senegal.

Step 5: Get started

After you have taken all the aforementioned information into heart, the next thing is to set out to start your Farming business.

You may need more hands-on on your farm depending on the scale of farming you want to venture into, but the first thing is to get started, as you commence you will get to know the hands you need onboard and many other things you need to put in place.

Agriculture In Senegal Pdf:

Types Of Crop Farming You Can Start In Senegal [Agricultural Opportunities In Senegal]

Rice farming:

You can start rice plantation in Senegal in a commercial way and start exporting to nearby African countries. You may as well establish a rice processing company in the rural area of the country, this alone can fetch you income in multiple folds.

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You can venture into large-scale maize farming. You may supply food processing companies in your vicinity or in your country. Maize farming is one of the most lucrative businesses to start anywhere in the world.

The uses of maize are numerous and you can leverage on this to improve your income.

Tomatoes farming:

You may go into tomato farming as well. People consume tomatoes in dailies, the needs compare to the supply are small.

You can leverage on this opportunity to go into extensive tomato farming in Senegal.

Types of Livestock/animal Farming you can start in Senegal

Poultry farming:

One of the most lucrative farming businesses anywhere in the world is Poultry farming. The consumption of chicken and eggs is on a high scale.

The supply compare to the demand is extremely low, so, you can venture into Poultry of any kind in Senegal.

Goat Farming:

You can venture into the goat Farming business in Senegal. The interesting thing about this type of farming is that it is not capital intensive and it is very lucrative.

Pig Farming:

You can start a pig farming business in Senegal. The consumption of porks is high. Pigs are processed to produce other derivatives and the demand for pigs is on the high side.

You can take advantage of this and start pig farming in your area.

Fish farming:

Another lucrative offer you can pick is fish farming in Senegal.

People consume fish every day and they will continue to consume it till the kingdom come.

So, leveraging this can go a long way.

Snail farming:

Another lucrative and low capital-intensive farming in Senegal is snail farming.

You can venture into snail farming today, the ROI and stress is extremely low.

What is the largest cash crop in Senegal?

The largest and most cultivated crop in Senegal is Groundnut.

What are the 3 main types of agriculture in Senegal?

The major type of farming in Senegal is the cultivation of rice, groundnut, sorghum, and millet.

What percent of Senegal are farmers?

About 70% of Senegal’s total population are farmers.


So, if you are planning to go into the farming business in Senegal, we have given you all the business plan guides you need.

If there is other information you need to know, you can drop your comments via the comment section below.

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