Richest Dairy Farmers In India

Top 5 Richest Dairy Farmers In India [2023]

Dairy farming is one of the oldest and most important agricultural activities in India. The industry is not only a major contributor to the Indian economy but also provides livelihoods for millions of farmers and their families.

In recent years, the dairy farming industry in India has seen significant growth, with the emergence of several successful dairy farmers who have become some of the richest people in the country.

The richest diary Farmers in India today include Harpreet Singh, Navalben Chaudhary, Kajuben Malvi, Vaishali Prakash Mistry, Mittal Patel, Kishore Indukuri.


So, i will quickly go over to look at different types of dairy farming systems in India, the lucrativeness of dairy farming, successful tips from the richest dairy farmers in India, and the challenges faced by dairy farmers in India. Not only that, I’ll also highlight the success story of Harpreet Singh, a dairy farmer in northern India who has become one of the richest dairy farmers in the world.

Top 5 Richest Diary Farmers In India

India has a thriving dairy industry, with millions of farmers producing milk and other dairy products. These farmers have built successful businesses that span across the country and beyond.

Among the several richest dairy farmers who have made their fortunes in the industry through hard work, innovation, and dedication, mainly Harpreet Singh.


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#1. Harpreet Singh

Net Worth: Over $500 million


Harpreet Singh is a well-known name in the Indian dairy farming industry. He is considered to be the richest dairy farmer in the country, with a net worth of over $500 million.

Born and raised in a small village in Punjab, Harpreet Singh had a passion for agriculture from a young age.

After completing his studies in agriculture, Harpreet Singh started his own dairy farm with just a few cows. Over the years, he worked hard to expand his business and invested in modern technologies to improve the quality of his dairy products. With his dedication and hard work, he was able to build a dairy empire that spans across the country.


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In addition to his success in the dairy industry, Harpreet Singh is also the Founder and Co-CEO of Experfy, an AI-powered future of work platform.

The platform leverages talent cloud technology to curate 30,000 data scientists and experts, incubated in the prestigious Harvard Innovation Lab.


Experfy is a unique platform that connects businesses with top talent in data science, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies. The platform has helped many organizations solve complex business problems by providing them with access to world-class experts.

Harpreet Singh’s vision for Experfy is to create a global community of data scientists and experts who can help organizations stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of technology.


With Experfy, Harpreet Singh is revolutionizing the way businesses approach hiring and talent management.

Despite his success in the technology industry, Harpreet Singh remains committed to his roots in the dairy industry.

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He continues to manage his dairy empire and invest in modern technologies to ensure the highest quality of dairy products for consumers.

Harpreet Singh’s story is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs in India and around the world. He has shown that with hard work, dedication, and a passion for innovation, anything is possible.

#2. Navalben Chaudhary

Navalben Chaudhary is a renowned dairy farmer from the semi-arid Banaskantha district in the Indian state of Gujarat.


Born in Nagana village in Vadgam, Navalben had a humble beginning, with just 20 cows and buffaloes and a small cattle shed.

Despite her limited education, she was determined to succeed in animal husbandry and worked hard to improve her cattle shed by equipping it with modern facilities.

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Dairy Farm

Navalben’s hard work paid off, and today, she owns nearly 240 cows and buffaloes and has a modernized dairy farm that is equipped with cooling fans, chaff cutters, milking machines, and even CCTV cameras.

She takes pride in her ability to consistently pour milk at the Nagana Dudh Utpadak Sahkari Mandali Limited, associated with Banas Dairy, where she broke records by pouring 22 lakh litres of milk last year.

Navalben’s success is remarkable, given the challenges she faces due to the scarcity of water in the semi-arid Banaskantha district.

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However, her determination to succeed in animal husbandry has enabled her to expand her business successfully. She employs 15 workers at her home dairy, providing employment opportunities to the local community.

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Net Worth

Navalben’s earnings from her dairy farm have made her one of the richest dairy farmers in India, with an estimated net worth of Rs. 1.35 crore annually.


Her income surpasses what her four sons earn through their government jobs, with two of them serving as talatis.

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#3. Kajuben Malvi

Kajuben Malvi, a resident of Vijapur village in Banaskantha’s Dhanera taluka, is one of the richest dairy farmers in India.


She was born and raised in a rural area and never had the opportunity to receive formal education. Despite this, she had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and decided to venture into the animal husbandry business with just a few cows and buffaloes.

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Dairy Farm

Kajuben started her dairy farm in 2002 with just one Gir cow, two crossbreeds, and six buffaloes. She began with a daily production of 45 litres of milk, which steadily increased over time.

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Currently, she owns 60 cows and 40 buffaloes, which yield an annual production of 2.80 lakh litres of milk.

Kajuben’s dairy farm is well-equipped with a milking parlour and chaff cutters, and it is situated on her 10-acre land.

She is passionate about improving the breed of the livestock she owns and is working towards increasing buffalo milk production.

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Net Worth

Kajuben’s annual turnover from her dairy business touched the Rs 1-crore mark in 2020-21, making her one of the wealthiest dairy farmers in India. Her net worth is estimated to be in the range of several crores.

#4. Vaishali Prakash Mistry

Vaishali Prakash Mistry is a dairy farmer from Vadoli village in Surat’s Bardoli taluka, India. Before she got married in 2003, Vaishali had no experience in animal husbandry or dairy farming.

However, after marriage, she took a keen interest in her in-laws’ traditional animal husbandry business and quickly became an expert in the field.


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Dairy Farm

In 2005-06, the Mistry family scaled up their animal husbandry business by procuring 50 cattle. Today, they own 160 cows, buffaloes, and calves, and their farm produces 850 liters of milk per day.

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Vaishali’s farm, or “tabela” as it is called in India, provided 2 lakh liters of milk to the Vadoli Mahila Dudh Utpadak Sahkari Mandali Limited, a village society registered with Sumul Dairy, in the previous year.

The Mistry family is focused on expanding their dairy farm further. They plan to build a dairy farm unit with at least 200 animals and a yield of 2,000 liters per day.

The milk shed is equipped with chaff cutters to feed the cattle, which are 100% vaccinated. The farm also has a vermicompost and gobar gas setup.

Net Worth

According to reports, Vaishali Mistry’s annual earnings from her dairy farm are Rs 94 lakh. However, her net worth is not publicly available.

Despite this, it is clear that she is one of the most successful and wealthiest dairy farmers in India.

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Vaishali’s success story is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs and serves as a reminder that success can be achieved through hard work, determination, and a passion for what you do.

#5. Mittal Patel

Mittal Patel is a 40-year-old dairy farmer hailing from Kavitha village in Borsad taluka, India. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in food and nutrition and ventured into the dairy business a decade ago with just one cow.

She, along with her husband Ronak and brother-in-law, took loans to expand their cattle holding and eventually established Sargam dairy farm, which now boasts a herd of nearly 175 cows, including 35 calves.

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Dairy Farm

Mittal’s Sargam dairy farm supplies around 1,000 litres of milk daily to Amul Dairy, a leading milk processing cooperative in India.

She employs 20 people, including three full-time women, on her farm. Mittal is passionate about dairy farming and believes that it can be a lucrative source of income for others in her community.


She is now planning to set up a breed multiplication farm for high-yielding dairy cattle of high-genetic merit to increase milk yield and raise awareness among others in her community on how to increase income through dairy farming.

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Net Worth

In 2020-21, Mittal Patel’s dairy business clocked in at Rs 1.66 crore, including Rs 16 lakh as a bonus. She is considered one of the richest dairy farmers in India.

Mittal’s success can be attributed to her hard work, dedication, and a deep understanding of the dairy industry.


Her ability to scale her business, improve her herd’s genetic quality, and establish a reliable milk supply to a large cooperative has contributed significantly to her net worth.

#6. Kishore Indukuri

Kishore Indukuri is a successful dairy farmer from Hyderabad, India. He was born and raised in a middle-class family, where hard work and education were highly valued.

Kishore pursued his education at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

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He then went on to pursue his Masters and PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

After completing his education, Kishore started working for Intel in Arizona, where he spent close to six years.

During his time at Intel, Kishore got the opportunity to travel to different countries, including South Korea, Canada, and Japan, where he learned the importance of quality control.

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Despite having a successful career in the United States, Kishore always felt a strong connection to his homeland and the agricultural sector.

He eventually decided to return to rural India in 2012 and become an agriculturist, much to the surprise of his friends and family.

Kishore’s background in engineering and his experience in quality control proved to be valuable assets in his new venture.

With a desire to start something of his own, Kishore started Sid’s Farm, a dairy farm focused on providing farm-fresh milk to consumers at their doorstep.

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Dairy Farm

Kishore Indukuri, an IIT-Kharagpur alumnus who pursued a career in the US with Intel, returned to India in 2012 to start Sid’s Farm, a dairy farm based in Hyderabad. He named it after his son, Siddharth.

Kishore began with contract farming in Karnataka before switching to dairy farming, which he found more potential in. He started with 20 cows and an investment of Rs 1 crore, providing farm-fresh milk to consumers at their doorstep.


However, it took a year before Sid’s Farm sold its first packet of milk directly to customers, during which time Kishore’s savings had been depleted, and the farm was close to bankruptcy.

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Kishore learned how to become a successful dairy farmer by reading books, conducting research, and seeking advice from a vet.

He eventually built a team that started the milking process as early as 2:30 a.m. to ensure timely delivery of milk. Kishore Indukuri’s efforts paid off, and the farm now has over 700 cows and earns Rs 44 crore annually.


Net Worth

Kishore Indukuri is one of the most successful dairy farmers in India, with an impressive net worth that reflects his hard work and dedication to his craft.

Kishore’s dairy farm, Sid’s Farm, has grown rapidly over the years and has become a leading producer of farm-fresh milk in the Hyderabad region. The farm now has over 1,000 cows and employs over 200 people.

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Kishore’s earnings from Sid’s Farm are quite impressive, with an annual income of Rs 44 crore (approximately $6 million USD). This income is a testament to the success of his business and the quality of the milk produced at his farm.


Types of Dairy Farming Systems in India

There are three main types of dairy farming systems in India: traditional or subsistence dairy farming, commercial dairy farming, and co-operative dairy farming.

Traditional or subsistence dairy farming is the most common type of dairy farming in India and involves small-scale farmers who raise one or two cows or buffaloes for their personal consumption or retail within the local marketplace.

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Commercial dairy farming, on the other hand, involves large-scale dairy farms that produce milk for sale to the market.


Co-operative dairy farming is a system where farmers come together to form a co-operative and collectively own and manage a dairy farm. Each system has its pros and cons, and farmers need to choose the system that best suits their needs and resources.

Lucrativeness of Dairy Farming in India

Dairy farming is a lucrative business in India, and several factors contribute to its profitability.

First, India is the largest milk-producing country in the world, with a production of over 180 million tonnes in 2020-21. The high demand for milk in India and the growing global demand for dairy products have created a huge market for dairy farmers.

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Second, the cost of production in India is relatively low compared to other countries, which means that dairy farmers can produce milk at a lower cost and sell it at a higher profit margin.

Finally, the Indian government has implemented several initiatives to support the dairy farming industry, such as subsidies for feed, breeding, and animal health, which help to reduce the cost of production and increase the profitability of dairy farming.

Successful Tips from the Richest Dairy Farmers in India

Several successful dairy farmers in India have become some of the richest people in the country by adopting successful strategies and practices.

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One of the most successful dairy farmers in India is Harpreet Singh, a farmer from northern India who started his dairy farming business in 1992 with just one cow.

Today, he owns one of the largest and most successful dairy farms in the world, with over 10,000 cows and an annual turnover of over $400 million.

Harpreet Singh’s success story is an inspiration for aspiring dairy farmers in India. His success is due to several factors, including his focus on quality over quantity, his use of advanced technology and equipment, his commitment to animal health and welfare, and his innovative marketing strategies.

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Singh also emphasizes the importance of building a strong team of experts, including veterinarians, nutritionists, and business managers, to ensure the success of his dairy farm.

Challenges Faced by Dairy Farmers in India

Despite the lucrativeness of dairy farming in India, dairy farmers face several challenges that can affect their profitability and sustainability.

Some of the major challenges faced by dairy farmers in India include the high cost of feed and fodder, the lack of access to credit and finance, the poor infrastructure for milk collection and transportation, the limited access to veterinary care, and the impact of climate change on the availability and quality of feed and water.

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These challenges can be particularly difficult for small-scale dairy farmers who lack the resources and support systems to overcome them.

To address these challenges, the Indian government has implemented several initiatives to support dairy farmers, such as the National Dairy Plan, which aims to improve the productivity and quality of milk production in the country, and the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme, which provides financial support and training to small-scale dairy farmers.

In addition, several non-governmental organizations and private companies are working to provide solutions to some of the challenges faced by dairy farmers, such as improving access to veterinary care and providing affordable and high-quality feed and fodder.

The Secrets Of Their Success

Successful dairy farmers in India share some common traits and strategies that have helped them achieve their success.

One of the key factors is their adoption of modern technologies, such as automated milking machines, data analytics, and artificial insemination techniques.

By leveraging these technologies, farmers can increase their efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their dairy products.

Another important factor is the selection of the right breed of cows, which can produce more milk and require less maintenance.

Successful dairy farmers also pay close attention to the health and nutrition of their cows, ensuring they have access to quality feed, clean water, and proper veterinary care.

In addition, successful dairy farmers in India understand the importance of supply chain management. They have built strong relationships with milk processors and distributors, ensuring a steady demand for their products and fair prices for their milk.


These farmers also prioritize marketing and branding, building a reputation for high-quality dairy products that consumers can trust.

They use social media and other digital platforms to reach a wider audience and stay ahead of the competition.


The dairy farming industry in India is a major contributor to the Indian economy and provides livelihoods for millions of farmers and their families. The industry has seen significant growth in recent years, with the emergence of several successful dairy farmers who have become some of the richest people in the country.

However, the industry also faces several challenges that can affect the profitability and sustainability of dairy farming in India. It is crucial for the government, private sector, and civil society to work together to overcome these challenges and support the growth and development of the dairy farming industry in India.

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