Richest Poultry Farmers In Uganda 2024 [Top 6 Ranked] -
Top 6 Richest Poultry Farmers In Uganda

Richest Poultry Farmers In Uganda 2024 [Top 6 Ranked]

Uganda is one of the countries of Africa plagued with a high level of unemployment with you high dexterity among the youth to strive for better living regardless of support from the government or anyone.

There has been a history where farming is less lucrative, but today, we will be writing on some noted individuals who we termed the richest poultry farmers in Uganda.

The richest poultry farmer in Uganda today is Johnson Basangwa. So, follow us as we give you information about each person on this list and what you need to know about them.

Richest Poultry Farmers In Uganda

In Uganda, there are farmers who have reached and also raise the bar of poultry farming, we will be writing on each of these farmers right away;

1. Johnson Basangwa

Johnson Basangwa the richest poultry farmer in Uganda
Johnson Basangwa the richest poultry farmer in Uganda
  • Location: Kumuli
  • Monthly Income: Shs 100m
  • Number of Birds: 40,000

First on our list who doubles to be the richest poultry farmer in Uganda today is Johnson Basangwa. Johnson is a passionate poultry farmer with his farm situated in Bukwenge, Kumuli municipal with over 20,000 layers of birds and having at least 200 crates of eggs daily.

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Based on the statistics made available on his farm, he earns approximately Shs 60m as profits on a daily monthly basis.

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His farm records sales of over Shs 100m which made him the richest Poultry farmer in Uganda today.

He integrated pig Farming into this business premises so as to improve his output.

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He has been performing very well over time even though he started out very small with 500 birds, but today, the efforts and everything put into his job paid off.

2. Kawagga

  • Location: Kisasi
  • Monthly Income: Shs 68m
  • Number of Birds: 10,000

Kawagga who operates his Poultry farm in a suburb Town of Kampala known as Kisasi.

Kawagga earns approximately Sha 68m monthly from which recurrent expenses are being made.

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He started his venture in the year 2012 with just 100 layers of birds. He stated that his startup capital then was Shs 1m. He became successful using two mechanisms, the first is, that he eradicates the middle man by selling his eggs directly to the end-users and companies.

Another tip he used was to capitalize on high turnover. He ensures he makes something substantial from every one of his little endeavors.

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Currently, he is harvesting over 400 trays of eggs daily and has more than 1,000 layers of birds on the farm.

He however has a goal to improve his farm productivity by increasing the output from about 400 trays of eggs daily to 1,000 trays of eggs daily and also to have over 2,500 birds.

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3. Steven Mukweli

Steven Mukweli one of the richest Uganda Poultry farmers.
Steven Mukweli is one of the richest Uganda Poultry farmers.
  • Location: Mbale
  • Monthly Income: Shs 55m
  • Number of Birds: 22,000

Steven hailed from Bungokho in Mbale and was a dropout at the age o 17years who today boasts of over 22,000 layers of birds on his farm.

He is into hatching and selling eggs. Steven is making over Shs 55m monthly from his farm.

He broods the eggs himself, selects the eggs the local breeds will sit on, and hatch. He is into different varieties of Poultry farming in Uganda.

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He sells broilers, many exotics breeds, and many other bird types present in Uganda today.

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4. Steven Mutebi (Young Tycoon)

  • Location: Bamunanika
  • Monthly Income: Shs 40m
  • Number of Birds: 7,000

Mutebi is a Poultry farmer with his farm location in Bamunanika with over 7,000 birds on the farm.

He started from the trenches as most successful people do, but today recorded maximum success in his Poultry adventure.

He started this business as early as 1999 when he was given information about it by his relative.

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As a smart worker, he quickly converts his small business room to start raising chicken.

He started with 100 birds with the birds giving him at least 3 creates of eggs on a daily basis.

He migrated from 100 birds to 500 and finally today to over 7,000 birds.

He however has lots of difficulties as the business keeps growing. Challenges like an increase in workload, hike in feed prices, and insecurity of the farm among many others.

Above all these, he scaled through and still performing very well in the business.

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5. Geoffrey Sserwanga

  • Location:
  • Monthly Income: Shs 18m
  • Number of Birds: 2,000

Sserwanga is the founder and director of Kisakyamukama mixed farm. With over 2,000 layer birds on his farm with integrated farming of cattle and pigs.

The secret and what distinguishes Sserwanga from this business is that he focuses his attention on eggs with yellow eggs which are the most demanded type of eggs in the Poultry industry.

He was able to achieve this by feeding his birds with hydroponic fodder that is crafted from barley seeds.

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He started this farming as early as 2008, with the raising of broilers only, and then added layers with it in 2011.

He started with 1,500 layers of birds by brooding them and selling them off after 2 months.

After the hike in feed prices, he suspended the operation of the farm from 2014 to 2016. After thorough research, he decided to deploy the use of feed concentrate as a feeding formula for the birds.

Since then, the farm has been in operation without the hike.

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Currently, Sserwanga earns approximately and on average Shs 18m monthly in this Poultry business.

6. Rosemary Nakibuuka

  • Location: Kijjansi
  • Monthly Income: Shs 900,000
  • Number of Birds: 2,500

Nakibuuka was born and raised in an extended family I’m Kajjansi, Wakiso district.

Nakibuuka was a dropout in her early education days because she came from a family that only respect and financed a boy’s education.

She started a small venture, she once sells tomatoes and other petty trades from which she sends her children to school and has savings to start up her Poultry business.

He lost her husband at a tender age, but all of these challenges she had faced doesn’t stop her from achieving success in her Poultry business.

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She started her poultry business with just 100 birds on 3 acres of Farmland. After she started, carefully she was able to raise her birds from 100 to over 2,000 birds, from that very business buy more than 4 acres to expand the business.

In her quest to be productive, he started planting bananas, sugarcane, and eucalyptus on an acre of the land. And used the rest to raise her bird’s houses.

On this land also, she raised a pig sty which has over 15 piglets and 5 pigs.

She also set up a vanilla farm on the farm from which she earns approximately Shs 500,000 annually.

Today, she is making approximately over Shs 900,000 monthly.

Most challenges she faced on the farm include;

Insecurity of bird, as thieves do come in the night to steal some of her birds.

Unloyal workers: she complained about most of her workers not loyal and being trustworthy. Some steal her eggs, some steal the birds.

Also, she sometimes faces diseases and infection challenges. She noted her birds once suffer from Gombolo and Newcastle diseases, she also notes that weather conditions affect her birds.

Watch How Uganda Poultry Farmers Become Successful In the Business:


How To Become Successful Poultry Farmers In Uganda:


Who Is The Richest Poultry Farmer In Uganda?

The richest poultry farmer in Uganda today is Johnson Basangwa.

What Is The Biggest Poultry Farm In Uganda?

Johnson Basangwa controls the largest and biggest poultry farm in Uganda today.

Is Poultry Farming Profitable In Uganda?

Yes, poultry farming is a lucrative venture to start in Uganda.


Becoming successful in any venture one engages in is not a day job, most of the richest poultry farmers in Uganda that made this list has expressed the difficulties they faced before getting to this cader, and some even offer professional tips that young farmers need.

If we have a farmer that should be on this list from Uganda, you may drop his or her information, our admin is here to swift into action quickly.

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