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How To Start poultry farming business in Uganda

[Beginners Guide] How To Start Poultry Farming Business In Uganda

The poultry farming business in Uganda today is one of the thriving agricultural endeavors which assure a good return on investment. According to the 2021 SAPA report, agricultural activities contribute about 35% of the annual Gross Domestic Product of Uganda. And Poultry farming contributes about 20% of the total GDP.

This statistic is enough to demonstrate to you that, starting a poultry business in Uganda is one of the endeavors you need to consider in your next business plan,

So, to start poultry farming in Uganda, you need to choose the area of poultry you want to embark on, get farmland, construct your birdcage, and formulate a feeding policy for your birds, that is all you need to get started.

But, we will be taking you shortly on a step-by-step guide on how you can go about starting a chicken farm business in Uganda, and all you need to know.

Poultry business in Uganda Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Poultry Farming
Poultry Farming

Step 1: Choose Your Poultry Type and Poultry size

Determine the type of fowl you intend to raise and the size of your flock before you get started. Among the many varieties of poultry are layers, broilers, Cockerel, as well as turkeys, and geese, to name a few.

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Layers and broilers farming is popular, but it’s up to you to select which one you want to get into. Even though there are no hard and fast restrictions here, you may choose to produce any and all breeds of birds on your farm based on your financial resources.

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To put it another way, do you want to start raising chickens in your backyard? Do you want anything small or something big? All of these things will help you get ready for your future in the poultry industry.

Step 2: Familiarize with poultry intricacies

A newcomer to poultry farming in Uganda should learn more about the birds they intend to maintain, their feeding requirements, housing needs, care and hatching and cleaning requirements, and many other aspects that will help them get the best results when they start their farm.

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We’ve seen folks who aren’t familiar with birds establish a poultry farm and all of the birds died, resulting in a significant financial loss. As a result, if you plan to retain a big number of chickens, you must ensure that you have sufficient knowledge of the bird you desire to keep.

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Step 3: Acquire Farmland Location for keeping your birds

How To Start Poultry Farming Business
How To Start Poultry Farming Business

The next stage is to acquire or borrow lands where your birds will be raised after you’ve decided on the other two steps above.

You should consider the location of your farm before making a purchase or taking out a loan; this will help you avoid problems when you first start raising chickens.

Pullets and broiler feces both smell a lot when they start laying eggs. To avoid constant problems or possibly civil lawsuits, you should keep your farm location away from your home.

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Step 4: Hire Poultry Workers

For large or medium-sized poultry operations, you’ll need a helping hand to keep an eye on things, clean, feed, and do other things associated with caring for the birds.

Step 5: Raise Shelter For Birds

After you’ve found a farm location that works for you. Depending on the type of bird you have, you will need to build a house for them. Your birds’ cage needs must be determined in advance. Batteries are required if you plan to raise chickens for egg production, therefore you will need one.

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Layer chickens are often raised in battery cages, where they are confined and have restricted mobility. Increased production is a result of hens’ ability to conserve energy. Because of its shape, the birds may rest and sit comfortably.

Step 6: Formulate Feeding Plan

You must be prepared to feed your birds properly in order to get a decent return on your investment. Your poultry birds will be more productive and disease-free if you have a good feeding guide in place.

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Step 7: Scout for the best bird breed for your farm

The quality of your poultry breeds is critical to your success. To avoid a frustrating poultry company, don’t buy birds from a farm where you don’t know the history of the birds. If you decide to buy and grow chickens on your farm, you’ll have difficulties because some birds aren’t properly raised.

Make sure you get in touch with people that know a lot about birds and are successful in the industry before you acquire your birds.

In addition, you should be aware that if you purchase poor quality chickens for your egg company, the birds may not function as expected, with some exhibiting delayed dropping or dropping fluctuations that will become apparent on your farm in the future.

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Step 8: Inject your birds with Vaccines

You should obtain a doctor to vaccinate your birds and offer you instructions on how to do it yourself at the right ages as they mature after you get them.

Step 9: Clean Your farm often

To keep your chickens safe, make sure your farm is clean at all times. This will eliminate the possibility of pathogens reproducing in your flock, as well as the risk of your birds being unwell as a result of exposure to them.

Step 10: fumigate Poultry environment against diseases and pathogens

You’ll also need to use some pesticides to sterilize and destroy infections and diseases on your farm.

Using this method, you can rest assured that your poultry operation will be stress-free and produce high-quality meat.

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Video of How To Start Poultry Business in Uganda:

Poultry Business Plan In Uganda PDF:

A poultry Business plan in Uganda is like a guide that will set out all you are set to do in order to bring to reality the establishment of your poultry farm.

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All you need to know about it has been prepared for you in the video below.

How To Start Broilers Business In Uganda

Raising broilers for meat consumption is a common practice in the poultry business. Uganda farmers are also taking time to start raising broilers farm. all you need to know about broiler farming is the video below.


Richest Poultry Farmer In The World

Fu Guangming is the richest poultry farmer in the world, he supplies KFC chicken.

Requirements To Start A Poultry Business In Uganda

The first and most important necessity is a sufficient amount of money. The capital is needed to stock the business, pay rent and licenses, and obtain business licenses. If you don’t have enough money saved, take out a loan.

In order to operate legally, you’ll need to obtain company permissions from the Ugandan government as well as health and safety certifications.

You keep your business from being disrupted, make sure to pay your rent on time.

Customers and employees might also be protected by enlisting the aid of security.

How much does it cost to start a poultry farm in Uganda?

Starting a poultry business will cost anything from 26m shs and above. This includes farmland rent or payment, buying of birds, feeding, and so on. This estimation is for 1,000 birds.

How profitable is poultry in Uganda?

The poultry business is one of the most profitable farming businesses in Uganda. You can accrue an ROI of up to 70% weekly if your birds are matured for sales.

Which poultry is most profitable?

The most profitable poultry to venture into is layers farming. Farming layers come with many benefits, you can get eggs and resell them to buyers, sell birds when they are old, and you can hatch pullets and start selling as well.

How many bags of feed do I need for 500 broilers?

To raise 500 broiler birds, you should get at least 35 bags of starter feed, 50 bags of growers and 70 bags of finisher feeds.

Who is the richest poultry farmer in Uganda?

In Uganda, the richest poultry farmer is Tony Kawagga.

What is the biggest poultry farm in Uganda?

In Uganda today the biggest poultry farm is the Yokuku poultry farm. This farm can boast of a staff capacity of about 400. Yokuku farm is the biggest and largest in the whole of East Africa.

How much is a day-old broiler chick in Uganda?

To buy a day-old broiler chick in Uganda, it will cost you around 1500 Uganda shillings.

How much is a tray of Kuroiler eggs in Uganda?

You can get a tray of Kuroiler eggs in Uganda for 12,000 Uganda shillings.

What is the difference between Sasso and Kuroiler?

The differences between a Sasso and Kuroiler can be observed in terms of body weight, Sasso at 18 weeks will have about 364% gain in body weight while Kuroiler at 18 weeks will have gained 345% body weight.

Sasso egg production is far more than Kuroiler egg production, Sasso can produce anything from 170 to 171 eggs while Kuroiler only has the capacity for 150 to 168 eggs capacity.


So, that is all you need to know about starting your poultry farm in Uganda, if there is additional information you require, let us know, and do not forget to share with friends who need this guide.

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