Guide To Start Rabbit farming in Uganda

[Beginners Guide] How to start Rabbit Farming in Uganda

Rabbits are often like been reared by most people for many reasons such as for meat, and as pets. There has been a sharp rise in rabbit farming in recent times here in Uganda, and for this reason, it is fast becoming livestock farming in the country.

To venture into rabbit farming in Uganda, consider the following guide: Plan your rabbit business, raise capital, select a good breed to raise, set up Rabbits’ houses (Hutches), Buy tools and equipment, Rabbit health care, and Feeding your Rabbits

If you are interested in starting a rabbit farm in Uganda, this guide is yours.

[Beginners Guide] How to start Rabbit Farming in Uganda

Today, you will be learning all the steps to start a rabbit farm in Uganda. Follow us as we begin our discussion properly.

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Step 1: Plan your Rabbit Business

The first step is to plan your rabbit business. Make sure to plan your business per the size of your rabbit business. Here are some key elements to consider in your rabbit business plan.

Your business plan should consider several options including Business Description, Business goals and objectives, Market analysis, Sales strategies, Funding, and more.

Step 2: Raise capital

One of the aims of planning is to source for capital to start your rabbit business. The amount you need depends on the scale of the rabbit farm you intend to establish.

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There are various ways you can raise capital for your rabbit business. You can start with personal savings, grants for businesses, bank loans, loans from friends and family, and more.

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Step 3: Select a good breed to raise

Obtaining a good and quality rabbit breed is an important step in the rabbit farming process. You must go for the best breeds, particularly the breed that meets your needs, especially of size (use), weather, and disease resistance.

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The commonly reared rabbit breeds in Uganda are Dutch rabbits, Flemish giants, California rabbits, and Chinchilla.

You can purchase any of the breeds mentioned above from existing rabbit farmers, or rabbit shops.

Step 4: Set up Rabbits’ Houses

You can raise rabbits at your house or you can get dedicated land if you plan to go into large-scale rabbit farming. Rabbits are raised in a rabbit houses such as rabbit pens, hutch boxes, concrete houses, buck houses, wired cages, and more.

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The type of house you construct depends on the breed and the scale of rabbit farm you intend to establish. The essence of constructing a rabbit house is to keep them safe and protect them from bad weather and predators as well.

Step 5: Buy tools and equipment

You need to stock the rabbit house with equipment such as lightning to keep them warm, and a drinking pan. Other tools and equipment needed include nesting boxes, feeding bowls, rabbit nipples, and a weighing scale.

Step 6: Feeding your Rabbits correctly

Correct feeding is important in rabbit farming. When rabbits are well fed, they stay happy and healthy. Also, provide your rabbits with clean healthy water. Some of the best food to feed your rabbits are carrots, cabbage, banana peelings, potato vines and peels, fresh hay, and more.

Step 7: Rabbit Management

You should take time to care for your rabbits because their health needs to be at its best always. Ensure you clean after your rabbits daily, and clean their house removing leftover foods. Also, you need to control any form of disease or disorder that may affect your rabbits.

How Do I Start A Small Rabbit Farm?

Most rabbit farm is started small, and with time it grows. To begin your small rabbit farm, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: you need to create a space for your rabbit house.

Step 2: Buy or construct your rabbit house.

Step 3: Purchase your rabbit breed from a reputable rabbit farmer.

Step 4: Feed your rabbits daily, also give them fresh water daily

Is Rabbit Farming Profitable In Uganda?

Rabbit farming is profitable but not as much as other livestock farming such as poultry, cattle, pig farming, and more.

How Do I Start My Own Rabbit Business?

You can start your own rabbit business by making the necessary research and planning. Also, you need to purchase your rabbit breed and get the rabbit cage or hutch where they will live. Try to feed them well and give them clean water.

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How much is a Rabbit in Uganda?

In the local market, a large rabbit will set you back around Shs20,000

What Are Problems Faced By Rabbit Farmers?

The major problems faced by rabbit farmers include but are not limited to:

  • Inadequate breeding stock
  • Inadequate rabbit feeds
  • Poor management
  • Lack of research support
  • Lack of technical support
  • Inadequate equipment supply

How Much Is A Kilogram Of Rabbit Meat In Uganda?

At the moment, a kilogram of rabbit is sold for between sh28,000 and sh35,000.

What Do Rabbits Feed On In Uganda?

Rabbit farmers in Uganda feed rabbit vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, banana peelings, potato vines and peels, fresh hay, and more.

Is Rabbit Farming Profitable Near Kampala?

Rabbit farming is profitable if you have market access. Rabbit farming near Kampala is profitable considering the market availability and the demand for rabbits either alive for pets or as meat.

How Do You Take Care Of A Rabbit In Uganda?

Rabbit farming is an interesting and easy livestock business compared to others. You must care for your rabbits so that they will be in good health and shape to be sold on the market.

You have to feed them properly with greens, fresh hays, home-mixed grains, and commercial rabbit pellets. Also, give them fresh water daily. You need to clean their house by sweeping, and raking.

Can Rabbit Farming Make You Rich?

You can become rich as a rabbit farmer. However, be advised that rabbit farming is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will take you a long while to make enormous money from the venture. But you have to be consistent and remain relevant in the market.

Which Rabbit Is Best For Farming?

The best rabbit for farming is the New Zealand white and black because they are the best breeds for meat.

How Profitable Is A Rabbit Farm?

Rabbit farming is a profitable business. You can establish rabbit farm with little money. Rabbits are in high demand for meat purposes which has boosted sales for rabbit farmers over the years.

Is There A Market For Selling Rabbits?

There is no dedicated market for rabbit sales. However, you can visit a rabbit farmer to purchase your rabbit. You can check online to surf for rabbit farmers close to you.

What Is The Meat Of A Rabbit Called?

The meat of rabbits does not have a peculiar name like others. It is normally known as rabbit meat. This type of meat is uncommon when compared to beef, pork, goat, and chicken.

How Much Is 1kg Of Meat In Uganda?

The price of 1kg of meat in Uganda is UGX 1100

How Many Rabbits Do You Need To Make Money?

You can start making money from just one rabbit. However, to make more money you will need as many rabbits as possible. Because the more rabbits you sell the more money you’ll make.

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What Is Rabbit Urine Used For?

Rabbit urine is mostly used by crop farmers as a natural pesticide because it has the potential to repel insect pests with its powerful scent. Insect pests such as aphids, mites, bugs, leaf miners, bugs, and different crop pests are fended off by rabbit urine.

How Do I Become A Successful Rabbit Farmer?

You can become a successful rabbit farmer by following the steps that have been outlined and discussed in this informative material. Ensure you raise healthy rabbits that will attract customers in the market. Also, ensure you always have rabbits for sale whenever there is a demand.

How Many Rabbits Do You Need To Start A Rabbit Farm?

You can start with just two rabbits. One male and one female will do. Rabbits don’t take long to reproduce and you can raise the young rabbits to adulthood and sell them.

How Many Rabbits Do You Need To Make Money?

All you need is just one male rabbit and one female rabbit. Both will reproduce and give you more rabbits. The young ones grow and also reproduce and the cycle continues if they are properly cared for. As such, you will have a steady income just from two rabbits.

How Much Profit Does A Rabbit Farmer Make?

Rabbit farmers make much profit primarily from the sales of rabbits for meat or as a pet to customers. Also, rabbit farmers make money by selling rabbit byproducts such as urine used as pesticide, and feces as well.

Rabbit Farming In Uganda PDF

Rabbit farming is fast growing in Uganda due to the rise in demand for rabbit products. We recommend that you look up rabbit farming in Uganda PDF to learn all that you need to know concerning rabbit farming in Uganda. The material contains all the step-by-step guides that you will need to follow from beginning to end.

How Profitable Is Rabbit Farming In Uganda

Rabbit farming is a profitable venture in Uganda. It is easy to start and with low capital, you can start the business and make over 40% of your starting capital. However, it takes time to make money because of the slow growth of rabbits to maturity.

Rabbit Farming In Uganda 2022

Rabbit farming has gone upscale in Uganda over the years. Presently, in the year 2022, the number of rabbit farming has increased due to awareness regarding the lucrativeness of the business.

Sao Uganda Rabbit Farming

Sao Uganda is a large farming organization in Uganda. They are also involved in rabbit farming on a large scale. Sao Uganda rabbit farming is one of the frontiers of rabbit farming in Uganda. More so, they train and teach young farmers in small- and large-scale farming.

Contacts Of Rabbit Farmers In Uganda

There are numerous rabbit farmers in Uganda. You can look up the internet to locate the one nearest you.

Where To Sell Rabbits In Uganda

You can sell rabbits in any part of Uganda either in front of your yard/house, market, livestock store, etc.

Rabbit Farming PDF

Here is the Pdf for rabbit farming in Uganda. The rabbit farming PDF is a well-prepared material that contains all the information regarding rabbit farming. The information therein will provide you with adequate information that will let you successfully establish and operate a rabbit farm.

Rabbit Farming Cage Design

Rabbit farming cage design gives you an insight into how your rabbit cage will look when constructed. There are different rabbit cage designs available for you to choose from.

Most modern rabbit cages are made of metal, plastic, or wood. To construct a befitting rabbit cage for your rabbit, i recommend that you make use of metal, stainless steel, or plastic because they are easier to wash than wood.

Also, look for a rabbit cage design that allows easy access with more than one opening and doors that permit you to reach all parts of the cage for ease of cleaning.


Rabbit farming is indeed an agribusiness to venture into considering the demand for rabbits in Uganda. Interestingly, nothing is wasted when it comes to rabbit farming because the excreta and urine can also be sold to farmers to use as manure. What are you waiting for, read through, digest the contents, and begin your rabbit farming today?

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  1. Am a rabbit farmer located at Lugeye village, Kikubampanga trading centre off Hoima Road, confirming that rabbit farming, is a very good business ,although there are some challenges, most especially getting a market to sell rabbit urine and poop. For me,I have got a lot of urine and poop, but I have failed to get a market for both of the items.However,all in all it’s a very good agricultural business, when it comes to selling rabbit meat.,and I have a lot of hope in obtaining a market for it.With time,I expect to also get a market for my urine and poop. I have decided to be patient. My phone numbers are; +256772496697 and +256708950364.

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