Guide To Start Rabbit farming in Nigeria

[Beginners Guide] How to Start Rabbit Farming In Nigeria

Rabbit farming has long been continually practiced in Nigeria, but the venture remains low in Nigeria due to several challenges. Howbeit, rabbit farming refers to the rearing of rabbits; primarily for the commercial purpose either to sell the rabbits as a pet or as meat to customers.

Rabbit Farming in Nigeria is an aspect of agribusiness that you can venture into. you will have to Get Funding, get a Space or Farm Land, Purchase or Construct Cages for Rabbits (Rabbitry), Purchase Rabbit Feed, Acquire Healthy Rabbits for Parent Stock, Locate Vegetable Source, and Reproduce Rabbits and Marketing.

If you are interested in rabbit farming, this article will help you to be more familiar with the animal and its breeding processes.

[Beginners Guide] How to Start Rabbit Farming In Nigeria

To help you establish a successful rabbit farm, we have compiled and discussed the steps involved in rabbit farming below.

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Step 1: Get Funding

Funding is necessary for every endeavor including rabbit farming because all the tools and equipment that will be used for this farming have to be bought. So, if you are low on cash or don’t have any funding at all, you have to find means of getting funds.

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You can get a low-interest loan from friends and family, banks, or any other financial services, to get funding.

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Step 2: Get a Space or Farm Land

If you are going into large-scale rabbit farming, we recommend that you acquire farmland where you can build your rabbit house and rear them properly. However, you can create a space in your house where you can raise the animal.

Ensure that the location has a favorable climate. Ensure it is well cleaned and prepared for rabbit farming.

Step 3: Purchase or Construct Cages for Rabbits (Rabbitry)

After you are done cleaning the farmland or space for rabbit farming, you have to make provision for where you will raise your rabbits, that is a rabbit house. You can get an already made rabbit house or you can construct a custom-made rabbit house, it all depends on your capital, the size, and the type of rabbit house you want.

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There are different types of rabbit houses that you can construct or purchase; they include rabbit cage houses, rabbit pens, concrete pens, and hutches.

Step 4: Acquire Healthy Rabbits for Parent Stock

Go for the best rabbit breed, especially the breed that meets your standard in terms of size, weather tolerance, and disease resistance.

There are different rabbit breeds available in the market so inspect each one carefully before selecting. The common rabbit breeds raised in Nigeria include English Spot, Flemish Giant, English Lop, Dwarfs Lop, English Angora, Dutch Rabbits, Chinchilla, British Giant, and New Zealand White.

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You can purchase any of the aforementioned breeds from reputable rabbit farms or rabbit shops.

Step 5: Purchase Rabbit Feed or Locate Vegetable Source

There is specialized rabbit feed that you can buy to boost growth and development. These feeds are prepared by combining nutritious meals that are beneficial to rabbits. Alternatively, you can locate vegetables and plants to feed your rabbits such as cabbage, carrots, lettuce, and more.

Step 7: Rabbit Care

Rabbit care is an important task in rabbit farming. You need to clean the rabbit house removing excreta, leftover foods, dirty water, and other unhealthy elements. The house should be cleaned daily for optimal hygiene.

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Also, the rabbit should be served clean water daily as contaminated water affects their health

Step 6: Reproduce Rabbits and Marketing

The ultimate aim of rabbit farming is to reproduce as many rabbits as possible so that you can sell to customers. So, once you stock your parent rabbits, at maturity, ensure they mate so that reproduction can take place.

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You can sell the baby rabbits or train them to maturity and sell them to customers as a pet or for meat purposes.

How Do I Start A Rabbit Farm?

Rabbit farming is not tedious as you take it to be. you can also venture into the business. So, the step on how to start a rabbit farm is outlined below.

Step 1 – Research and Plan

Step 2 – Purchase the right rabbit breed.

Step 3 – Create space or acquire land

Step 4 – Construct or purchase a rabbit house.

Step 5 – Stock parent rabbits and make sure the rabbits have access to enough water to survive.

Step 6 – Rabbit care and hygiene

Is Rabbit Business Profitable in Nigeria?

Rabbit farming is incredibly lucrative, and you will see a huge return on your investment. Additionally, practically everything is for sale, including the animal’s fur, feces, and urine.

Is There A Market For Rabbits In Nigeria?

While there is no specific market for rabbits, there are several markets or places where you can sell rabbits in Nigeria. You can sell your rabbits in farmer’s markets, with friends and family, online stores, and more.

How Do I Start My Own Rabbit Business?

To start your rabbit business, you can follow the steps discussed above. All you need do first is to secure funding and then take it up from there.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Rabbit Farm In Nigeria?

To start an average rabbit farm in Nigeria requires between 200,000. Large-scale rabbit farming requires between 400,000 Naira to 1,000,000 Naira.

How Many Rabbits Do You Need To Start A Rabbit Farm?

To start a rabbit farm, you can begin with just two rabbits consisting of one male and one female. Once they are mature, make sure they mate and then begin to reproduce bunnies that you can sell or train to adults and sell as well.

What Is The Demand For Rabbit Meat In Nigeria?

Rabbit meat demand in Nigeria is low. However, there has been an increase in rabbit meat because of the health benefits.

What Is Rabbit Urine Used For?

Rabbit urine is commonly used by farmers as a repellant for insect pest infestation on the farm. The scent of rabbit urine is not appealing to most insect pests warding them away from the farm.

What Do Nigerian Rabbits Eat?

Nigerian rabbits are well cared for so that they can grow to maturity and remain healthy. As such rabbits are fed daily diets that consist primarily of hay, a little number of fresh vegetables, and a few pellets.

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Where Can I Sell Rabbit Meat In Nigeria?

To easily sell your rabbit meat, you can visit a farmer’s market or meat market. Also, you can sell rabbit meat to friends and family, online stores, and others.

How Can I Sell My Rabbits Fast?

You can sell your rabbits fast by devising different approaches. You can sell live rabbits, or make barbecued rabbits and sell them to your customers.

How Much Is An English Rabbit In Nigeria?

The price of an English rabbit in Nigeria is between 6000 Naira to 8000 Naira depending on the size.

What Is Food For Rabbit?

Rabbit food is mostly hay, fresh vegetables, and pellets.

What Is The Study Of Rabbits Called?

Cuniculture is the study of rabbits. Domestic rabbits are bred and raised as livestock for their meat, fur, or wool in an agricultural setting.

How Do You Use Rabbit Urine For Fertilizers?

You need to combine one liter of rabbit urine with five liters of water to use rabbit urine as a foliar fertilizer. Apply it once weekly to your crops after that. Bugs, leaf miners, aphids, and mites can all be eliminated by using rabbit urine.

Is Rabbit Farming A Profitable Business?

Farming rabbits is a profitable business when compared to several other animal farming because it requires less capital to start and less space. Also, you don’t need too many rabbits to start, with just two dogs and one buck, you could have 50 rabbits or more just within a year.

How Much Profit Does A Rabbit Farmer Make?

A rabbit farmer can make two to three times the profit. The more rabbits you sell at an enticing price, the more profits you will make within a year.

Is Rabbit Farming A Profitable Business?

Rabbit farming is a profitable business that can make you money. Also, it is a business that’s worth venturing into because it is easy to start with just a little capital and the return on investment is very high.

How Many Rabbits Do You Need To Make Money?

The minimum number of rabbits required to start earning money is two does and one buck, which could yield 50 rabbits or more within a year.

Which Rabbit Is Best For Farming?

The white New Zealand rabbit breed is best for farming because it is one of the most popular and productive commercial rabbit breeds.

How To Make Money In Rabbit Farming In Nigeria

You can make money in rabbit farming in Nigeria by selling live rabbits, sales of rabbit products, rabbit farming material and equipment sales, and more.

How To Rear Rabbit

To rear a rabbit, you must keep it in a cage large enough for it to move around. You can make it a run so that it gets daily exercise. To keep it healthy, you must feed it grass, fresh vegetables, and or oat hay, daily, as well as provide clean water.

Rabbit Farming Training In Nigeria

Rabbit farming training in Nigeria is an event organized to equip interested entrepreneurs and young farmers who intend to venture into rabbit farming. Several rabbit farmers organize rabbit farming training in Nigeria for enlightenment and training newcomers who have little or no idea of the business.

Rabbit Farming In Nigeria Guide PDF

Here is the Pdf for rabbit farming in Nigeria. If you are interested in rabbit farming and want to learn all the necessary information about the business, ensure you check out a rabbit farming in Nigeria Guide PDF to learn the ropes of rabbit farming.

Rabbit Farmers Association Of Nigeria

Presently there is no known rabbit farmers association in Nigeria. However, if there is, the organization aims to train and improve the practice of rabbit farming in Nigeria.


This is the much we can discuss on how to start rabbit farming in Nigeria. We have discussed all the necessary steps to establishing a successful rabbit farm. If this material has been helpful to you, please give feedback.

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