How To Start Shrimp Farming In Nigeria [Beginners Guide] -
How to start Shrimp Farming In Nigeria

How To Start Shrimp Farming In Nigeria [Beginners Guide]

In Nigeria, shrimp farming is a thriving business. The industry can produce up to 2 tons of shrimp per acre and its capital required is very low. It is a profitable venture that employs people of all ages and levels of education.

Shrimps are high in protein and have numerous health benefits, that’s why they are used for cooking which makes the demand to be high. The steps involved in shrimp farming include site selection, pond design and construction, shrimp stocking, feeding, and harvesting.

This material is a step-by-step guide to help you get started with your shrimp farm. We advise that you take your time and read through carefully from beginning to end to learn all that you need to know.

How To Start Shrimp Farming In Nigeria [Beginners Guide]

Before you venture into shrimp farming, make sure you become familiar with the steps outlined and discussed below.

Step 1: Site Selection

When choosing the site, you have to determine whether you want to raise freshwater shrimp or saltwater shrimp.

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For saltwater shrimp, you will need to look out for sites where there is warm and brackish water, while freshwater shrimp requires a location with fresh water.

Interestingly, you can improvise and make use of swimming pools, large tanks, and water containers. However, the best of them all is to make use of ponds because it yields the best shrimp production.

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Step 2: Pond Design and Construction

Once you have gotten your preferred location and it meets the needed prerequisites. You will have to design and construct the pond. It is best to prepare the pond in advance before stocking your shrimps.

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It is best to have a nursery pond where you will cultivate the juvenile shrimp before transferring them to the main pond after a few weeks to grow into maturity.

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Also, the main pond should already be prepared and filled with water (fresh or salty). This is where the juvenile shrimps will be transferred to grow into maturity.

Step 3: Shrimp Stocking

The juvenile shrimp are transferred into the main pond once they are 25 days old. However, before stocking, the PH level of the water should be checked. A PH level of 6.5 is the most suitable for shrimp farming.

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Also, examine the water in the pond for insects and larva that could eat the young shrimps. Also, use an organic method to get rid of these insects and larva. Make sure there are no other fishes in the water. It is best to stock shrimp at a rate of 12,000 to 16,000 per acre.

Importantly, to avoid a sudden change in conditions that kills the shrimps, gradually replace the water that the juvenile shrimps were transported in with water from the pond.

Step 4: Feeding

Feed your shrimp at least twice a day. Use commercially produced specialty shrimp feeds. Begin feeding when the shrimp reach a weight of 5 grams or more. High-quality imported shrimp feeds, such as Commercial fish feed for channel catfish, are also suitable for shrimp.

Step 5: Harvesting

There are two methods for harvesting shrimps. The first is cull harvesting, and the second is drain harvesting.  You can choose the harvesting method that best suit you. After 2-months of stocking, you can begin harvesting. You must, however, ensure that the shrimps are grown to market size.

Here Is A Detailed Video Guide On How to Start Shrimp Farming Business In Nigeria:

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Shrimp Farm?

The cost of starting a shrimp farm is estimated to be 2 million Naira. The expense includes land, shrimp farming equipment, and manpower expenditures, among others.

Is Shrimp Farming Profitable in Nigeria?

Shrimp farming is a lucrative seafood industry. Given the high demand for shrimp by large corporations and a large number of individual consumers, it is a good business to start in Nigeria.

How Do I Start A Shrimp Farm?

To begin freshwater shrimp farming, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: If you intend to sell farmed shrimp, you must first obtain the necessary permits and/or licenses.

Step 2: Get your grow-out pond or indoor ponds ready.

Step 3: Buy juvenile shrimp from a hatchery.

Step 4: Introduce the shrimp to their new environment.

Step 5: Fill the first grow-out pond with fish.

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Step 6: When the shrimp reach 5 grams, feed them.

How Do I Start A Shrimp Business?

Shrimp farming is a simple and profitable business. It is an aquaculture business that can be found in either a marine or freshwater environment. The primary goal of this business is to produce prawns or shrimp for human consumption.

You can start a shrimp business by becoming a shrimp farmer and selling it wholesale to marketers and food production companies. Alternatively, you can purchase in bulk from shrimp farmers and resell it to retailers and direct consumers.

How Long Does It Take For Shrimp To Grow?

Shrimp take three to six months to mature from juvenile to marketable size. After hatching from their eggs, edible shrimp go through four stages of development.

How Long Does It Take To Farm Shrimp?

Generally, it takes three to six months to raise shrimps from juvenile stage to market-sized shrimp where most farmed shrimp is produced, with many farmers growing two to three crops per year.

Can I Farm Prawns?

The process involved in prawn farming is essentially identical to those used in shrimp farming. Juvenile prawns are produced in hatcheries and nurseries before being transferred to grow-out ponds, where the prawns are fed and grown until they reach marketable size.

How Do You Make Shrimp Grow Faster?

If you want to make shrimp grow faster, below are the possible options you can apply.

Providing high-quality feed, as well as proper maintenance and management.

To ensure faster growth, the shrimps must be fed high-quality, dependable feed. You must provide high-quality feed, and using natural feeds is a good option.

The feed must contain all of the nutrients required to keep the shrimp healthy and achieve the expected growth performance.

Effective Water Management.

To promote maximum fish growth, water levels must be maintained at specific levels. Not only is depth important, but so is water quality in assisting shrimps to thrive faster. To keep the water quality from deteriorating, you must constantly replenish the pond water. Fresh water must be allowed to enter the pond from the water source, and old water must be properly drained using the outlet gate. Extensive cleaning methods should also be used between cycles to maintain optimal cleanliness.

Aeration is extremely important in shrimp farming.

When you use high-quality aeration solutions for shrimp growth, the pond output changes dramatically. They aid in the diffusion of atmospheric oxygen into the pond water, allowing the most appropriate dissolved oxygen levels to be achieved with ease and comfort.

Providing the most effective supplements

To make your supplemental feeds, you can use a variety of feed ingredients. The simplest fish feeds can be made at the pond site using locally available raw materials. To ensure proper nutrient distribution, the right ingredients must be combined.

How Much Money Do Shrimp Farmers Make?

Shrimp farming is undoubtedly a profitable venture with farmers making a lot of profits once the shrimp are marketed. However, the amount of money earned by shrimp farmers depends on the yield that is marketed. The higher the yield, the more money earned.

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How Fast Do Shrimp Reproduce?

Shrimps reproduce quickly. The entire breeding process usually takes three to five months.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Shrimp?

You can make plenty of money selling shrimp. However, the size of your operation, the setup, the required maintenance, potential diseases, where you’re located, how you raise your shrimp, and how you choose to sell them are all factors to consider.

Is It Easy To Grow Shrimp?

Shrimp cultivation is extremely easy. Shrimps are relatively simple to aquaculture, but they require large ponds with excellent filtration and water quality. Many shrimp farms have used a three-pound grow-out system successfully, allowing for three harvests per year.

How Do I Sell Freshwater Shrimp?

There are various ways you can sell your freshwater shrimp. You can sell them at a local fish store, fish market, online sale, and front yard sale if possible and allowed in your area.

What Do Farm Raised Shrimp Eat?

Shrimp raised on farms are fed a diet of soybean meal or plant-based products. They are also given lablab, Lumut, and phytoplankton.

Shrimp Farming Training

Shrimp farming training is essential for those who want to learn firsthand how to become a shrimp farmer. The training is designed to provide the participant with an understanding of shrimp farming techniques, including the field and hatchery techniques, genetics techniques, and health issues that must be considered when raising shrimp in captivity.

Shrimp Farms in Nigeria

Shrimp farming is a profitable aquaculture industry business. It is now a multi-million dollar industry. And anyone can make a six-figure income from a small-scale shrimp farm.

The most intriguing aspect of this business is that no university degree is required. You must, however, have some technical knowledge of farm management practices. Furthermore, the business necessitates dedication as well as routine inspection and monitoring.

Nigeria currently exports approximately 12,000 metric tonnes of shrimp per year to countries in North America, Asia, and Europe. This is a very small portion of what can be exported.

The shrimp production industry has an annual income potential of more than $384 million, but its current output is less than a quarter of that. Because of the presence of large portions of coastal and mangrove areas within the Niger Delta region, Nigeria has an abundant supply of shrimps.

Crab Farming in Nigeria

Crab farming is not a common practice in Nigeria. However, the crab farming industry in Nigeria is very promising and expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. The main drivers are a faster expansion of available land and labor availability.

Shrimps in Nigeria

Nigeria is a tropical country that exports shrimp to developed countries such as the United States, Japan, and a few European countries. Nigeria’s shrimps are currently entirely wild caught from the Niger Delta, with a production capacity of 12,000 MT per year.

Indoor Shrimp Farming Business Plan

Writing an indoor shrimp farming business plan can sound intimidating, but the truth is that with the right balance of information and structure you will not only be able to write an effective business plan but one that will be easy to follow.

Shrimp Farming Equipment

These are the shrimp farming equipment you must have on your shrimp farm. They are water pumps, seine reels, fish feeding equipment, aerators/air pumps, buckets and tubs, the scale for weighing, thermometer, generators, strings, handling and grading equipment, pegs, and measuring tape.

Indoor shrimp Farming Equipment

There are different types of indoor shrimp farming equipment. They are aquaculture tanks, aquaculture recirculating systems (RAS), aquaculture fish ponds, foldable fish ponds, and fish farming tanks for shrimps, feeders, and fiberglass.


This informative piece contains all the useful tips that will help you successfully start shrimp farming. So, ensure you read through from the beginning to learn and expand your farming career.

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