How To Start Catfish Farming Business In Nigeria [Beginners Guide] -
How To Catfish Farming Business

How To Start Catfish Farming Business In Nigeria [Beginners Guide]

Starting a Catfish farming business in Nigeria isn’t what anyone can just embark on without getting enough information.

To learn how to start a catfish farming business in Nigeria, one must source for a good location, source quality water supply, get healthy fries to raise, and have good knowledge of the business.

That being said, Claria Gariepinus popularly known as catfish here in Nigeria requires some steps to start which we will be writing on extensively in this content.

Guide On How To Start Catfish Farming In Nigeria And Make Profit.

Fish farming Business
Fish farming Business In Nigeria

Following are the steps needed to become a successful catfish Farmer in Nigeria.

Step One: Scout for a Good farm site.

Before you think of anything when starting your Catfish farm, you need to first secure a good location for your farm.

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This is important because, if you site your farm in areas that are predominantly dominated by Catfish natural predators, you may end up losing on starting the business.

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Step Two: Select and Raise Your chosen Ponds

After getting a good farm location for your fish farm, you need to select the type of pond you need to raise your fish.

Type of pond and How to Choose a pond.

There are different types of ponds and factors to consider before choosing a pond.

Concrete Ponds:

These are ponds that are erected using sand, stones, cement, and iron. This type of pond is raised in areas wherein is difficult to dig the ground.

Earthen Ponds:

These are ponds that are dung near a swampy area. This is far best the type of pond good for Catfish farming. Nonetheless, it is not advised when the farm site isn’t yours permanently.

It is also advisable when you are not ready to spend huge capital-raising Catfish.

Tarpaulin ponds:

These are types of ponds that are constructed using tarpaulin. They are the cheapest, easy to move around, and advisable when you are planning backyard catfish farming or small-scale catfish farming business.

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Plastic ponds:

These are types of ponds that involves the use of tanks, and big rubber that can accommodate enough fishes.

Let us now talk about factors to consider before choosing your ponds.

Factors to consider before choosing a pond

Following are what you consider before choosing the type of pond you will use in your catfish farming business.

1. Nature of soil:

The nature of the soil in your farm area plays a good role while choosing your pond type. It is not advisable to erect concrete Ponds in an area that is swampy because such ponds will eventually collapse.

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Also, it is not advisable to bring a tarpaulin pond in a swampy environment.


Your budget also will determine the type of pond you will raise. In a situation you are planning something small, you cannot erect expensive ponds, rather you go for something more cost-effective like the tarpaulin ponds.

Size of fish farm:

Your fish farm size will play a significant role in the type of ponds you will be needing. For example, you will need just plastic ponds or Tarpaulin ponds for backyard catfish farming or in other words small scale fish farming.

How To start catfish business in Nigeria:

Step Three: Learn More about catfish farming

This should have come earlier, but we had to place it here purposely. If you lack the knowledge and skills set for fish farming, you may end up losing more on the business.

Do know well that, the most successful catfish Farmer in Nigeria today we’re successful because they have the right information about fish farming and what it takes to raise a catfish farm.

Step Four: Erect Source of quality water supply.

If your ponds are not supplied with quality water, be rest assured you are putting your fish at stake.
The type of water you supply to your pond will tell in the growth and health of your fish.
Step Five: Buy and introduce your fish to the ponds

This is where the real work starts.

You need to procure your fish stock from a reliable breeder and stock your ponds.
Ensure you did not overcrowd the pond to avoid competition among the fish and other problems that may arise from that.

Step Six: Feed Your fish well

Another aspect of things you need to integrate into your catfish farming is good feeding habits for your pond. Feed your fish with the right size of feed.

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Step Seven: Register with a certified Veterinary clinic.

Many fish farmers in Nigeria do not pay much attention to this area. They thought catfish farming is all about stocking your ponds and feeding your fish.

There are diseases you may not pay attention to that that may inhibit the fast rate of your fish growth.

Step Eight: Advertise your Business

One aspect of fish farming is raising the fish another aspect is making yourself available to potential buyers.

How to make money from Catfish farming.

Like the common saying, different strokes for different folks. There are various ways you can make money from your catfish farming business that will be listed shortly.

Brand your farm name:

People do not want to consume foods and materials from sources they are not sure of.
Ensure you give your farm a brandable name, with your captivating slogans.

Process your Catfish:

Another way you can make the most profit from fish farming is by smoking them and selling them to buyers.

Advertise your brand:

You must concert efforts on making your brand name popular in your vicinity. This enough can make you a stop shop for any Catfish business with potential buyers.

Ensure you feed your fish well:

Many farmers lost funds and lose totally because they lack the proper feeding habits for their fish, this may result in competition among the fish and eventually lead to fish start eating themselves.

Common diseases on catfish farms in Nigeria

Following are the common diseases that are mostly observed on the most fish farms:

1. Fungal Diseases of Fishes

2. Bacterial Diseases of Fishes

3. Parasitic Diseases in Fishes

4. Protozoan Diseases in Fishes

5. Maladies in Fishes

6. Viral Diseases in Fishes.

7. Miscellaneous Diseases in Fishes

How much does it cost to start a catfish business in Nigeria?

To start fish or catfish farming in Nigeria, you will need an estimated amount of 500,000- 1,000,000 naira. This price is dependent on the type and size of your fish farm.

Is the catfish business profitable in Nigeria?

Yes, the catfish business is profitable and lucrative in Nigeria. You can earn at least 50 percent ROI on your invested capital.

How do I start my own catfish business?

To start your own catfish business in Nigeria, you must first secure a farm location, erect your pond, stock your pond and maintain a good feeding habit on your farm.


So far so good, starting a catfish business in Nigeria is not a big problem, all you need to do is prepare a good farm location, acquire the necessary skills, brand yourself and get starting in your next move.

All you need to know has been discussed above, if you will be needing help in any regard, you can actually drop a comment via the comment section.

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