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[Beginners Guide] How To Start Poultry Farming Business In Ghana

The poultry business in Ghana is one of the most practiced farming in the whole country. The essence of farming birds isn’t farfetched from the fact that nearly 2/3 of Ghana and the world population consume poultry produce hourly. Ranging from eggs, meat, a feathers for making furniture, and many more.

The key to successful poultry farming business in Ghana are, you need to first decide the type of birds to keep, acquire farmland to keep your birds, raise a shelter for your birds, get the necessary poultry equipment and you are good to go.

54% of Ghana’s total Gross Domestic Product is majorly from farming, so, we will get to know more about how you can start this business shortly.

Guide To Start A Lucrative Poultry Farming Business In Ghana [11 Step By Step Guide]

Poultry Farming
Poultry Farming

To get started, you need to follow the below instructions carefully;

Step 1: Decide poultry type and size

The first thing you need to do is decide the poultry type you are venturing into and the size you wish to start. There are different types of poultry, they include layers, broilers, cockerel, noilers, turkey, goose, and many more.

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You are to decide the ones you want to venture into, but the popular ones are layers and broilers farming. Though there are no thump rules here to select just one, you may decide to raise all breeds of birds on your farm depending on your financial capacity anyway.

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Ensure you determine the size of your farm as well, this simply means, do you want to start backyard poultry? Medium-scale or large scale? All of these will prepare you ahead of what is to come in your poultry career.

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Step 2: Go For Training

If you are a beginner who wishes to start a poultry farm in Ghana, you need to read more about each bird you want to keep, their feed requirements, housing requirements, care, hatching, cleaning, and many other areas which will give you best results when you start your farm.

We have seen situations people who are naïve about birds start a poultry and all the birds on the farm died which leads to huge loss. So, you must ensure you have adequate information about the bird you intend to keep especially if you are starting large-scale poultry.

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Step 3: Secure a good farm location

After you have taken your time to decide on the two steps above, then you need to buy or lent farmland where you will be raising your birds.

Before buying or lending farmland, you need to pay attention to sitting your farm away from residential areas, this will help reduce the issues you may have when starting your poultry.

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When pullets start dropping eggs, they smell a whole lot, also broilers’ feces smell a lot. You need to keep your farm location away from the house to avoid incessant issues or even civil litigation.

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Step 4: Employ farmworkers

If you are embarking on medium or large-scale poultry, you cannot handle it all alone, you will need a capable hand to help monitor the farm, clean, feed and carry out other activities related to the grooming of your birds.

Step 5: Construct your bird shelter

After you have secured a farm location. You will need to raise a house for your birds, different birds have different needs. You need to know the type of cage your birds will be needing. If you intend to raise layers for egg production, then you will be needing a battery cage.

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Due to the tight confines and limited freedom of movement provided by battery cages, layer chickens are commonly bred this way. This allows the hens to preserve their energy, resulting in an increase in production. The birds are able to rest and perch comfortably because of their design.

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Step 6: Draw Feeding Table

For your farm to have a good yield, then it means you are ready to adequately feed your birds. Ensure you formulate a good feeding guide for your poultry birds to boost productivity and kick away potential health issues.

Step 7: Buy quality bird breed

One important aspect of your poultry success is the quality of your bird breeds. If you buy birds from the farm you do not have a history of their birds, you are on your way to a frustrating poultry business. Some birds are not healthily produced, this will in turn give you problems if you decide to buy and raise them on your farm.

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Ensure you contact those who have more information about birds and you know they are successful in the field before venturing to buy your birds.

Do know also that, if you buy poor quality birds for egg business, the birds may not perform very well, some may have delayed dropping, some may have fluctuation dropping which will tell on your farm later.

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Step 8: Vaccinates your birds

After you have procured your birds, ensure you get a certified doctor to help vaccinate your birds and also give you guidance on how you can do it yourself at appropriate weeks as they mature.

Step 9: Practice good hygiene on the farm

You must ensure your poultry birds are safe by ensuring you keep your farm clean at all times. This will disallow breeding spots for pathogens, will get rid of the risk of contracting diseases by your birds, and many more.

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Step 10: Practice the act of fumigation on routine bases

You need to fumigate your farm also with some chemicals to help disinfect your farm and help kill potential diseases and pathogens.

Practicing this, you will rest assured of quality production and stress-free poultry business.

Step 11: Have The Contact Of A Vet To always access your farm

One important aspect you should not skip if you are venturing into the poultry business is to have contact with a vet who will help look after the health of your birds, and help fumigate your farm with necessary insecticides and at an appropriate time.

Video On How To Start Poultry Business In Ghana: 


How much does it cost to build a poultry farm in Ghana?

To start a poultry business in Ghana, it will cost you between 3500 Cedis and 10,000 Ghana Cedis. This includes the cost of poultry equipment, poultry birds, feed for a start, and raising cages excluding farmland.

How can I start a small poultry farm?

To start a poultry business in Ghana you need to first decide the type of birds to keep, acquire farmland to keep your birds, raise a shelter for your birds, get the necessary poultry equipment and you are good to go.

How much space do you need for 100 chickens?

Space allocation for 100 birds (chicken) is anything from 2 or 3 plots of land.

How many bags of feed can 100 broilers consume?

To 100 feed broiler for a month, you will need approximately 16 bags of feed.

How much space do 1000 broilers need?

To raise 1000 broilers, you will need at least 1 acre of farmland.

What is the cost of raising 100 Layers in Ghana?

To raise 100 layers for a month, it will cost you between 300 Cedis and 500 cedis.

How to register a poultry farm in Ghana

To register a poultry business in Ghana, you need to search for the association in your vicinity or visit a nearby poultry farm close to you to make enquires.


So, if you are searching for how to start a poultry business, this is a perfect guide and a step-by-step approach to what you need to know before you embark on a poultry business in Ghana.

If you have other information, do let us know, and we will put you through what to do and how to go about it.

Author: Adewebs

David is a seasoned farmer with over 8years experience on the field and teaching. He has about 20 acres of Palm farm, 10acres of livestock farm where he spent most of his time tending and caring for his farm. He offer profffesional services and consultancy services to clients who are interested in venturing into farming.

5 Replies to “[Beginners Guide] How To Start Poultry Farming Business In Ghana

  1. I am Johnny, and I want to start a poultry farm in Ghana. I have watched your video and read your article—also, all the points regarding raising birds and many others.If I want to start a poultry farm, how do I write a business plan?

    1. Thank you Johnny,
      Writing a business plan for a poultry farm can be a complex process, but it is essential for laying out your goals and objectives and developing a strategy for achieving them. Here are the key steps in writing a poultry farm business plan:

      1. Analyze the Market: Conduct detailed market research to identify the needs of your target market and assess the competition in your area.

      2. Outline Your Business: Define your company’s structure, including the purpose, goals and objectives, and how you plan to achieve them.

      3. Create a Financial Plan: Estimate costs associated with setting up and running your business, such as purchasing equipment, supplies, feed, housing, and other expenses.

      4. Create a Marketing Plan: Determine how you will promote your business and the products and services you offer.

      5. Develop an Operations Plan: Detail the processes and procedures you will use to manage your business and production efficiently.

      6. Draft a Risk Management Plan: Identify potential risks and develop plans to prevent them from occurring.

      7. Produce a Written Plan: Put all of your plans and strategies in a written document that can be used to seek financing and other support.

      By working through these steps, you can develop a comprehensive business plan that will ensure your poultry farm is successful.
      For more information you can read the rest via this link[PDF Sample] Business Plan for a Poultry Farm in Ghana

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