Guide to start snail farming in UK

[Beginners Guide] How To Start Snail Farming In The UK

Snail farming is the practice of rearing snails for meat production. Because of the gradual increase in demand for snail products, a lucrative business popular in several countries around the world now has a chance in the United Kingdom.

Interestingly, snail farming is still a growing business in the United Kingdom when compared to other poultry farming, such as chicken farming, and it is said to require little capital to get started. Furthermore, compared to other types of animal farming, this venture is not difficult to carry out.

If you want to start a snail farm in the United Kingdom (UK), you will need to do things like site selection, cleaning the site, preparing the snail house, purchasing the snail breed and feed, stocking the snails, and treating the snails to control pests and diseases.

[Beginners Guide] How To Start Snail Farming In The UK

Going straight into our discussion, we have discussed the steps involved in snail farming in the UK below to serve as a guideline for you.

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Step 1: Site Selection and Preparation

When choosing a location for your snail farm, choose a wind-free, moist location. Snails do not thrive in areas where the soil does not drain well after rain or where there are strong winds. Choose a location that has plenty of space and is not exposed to harsh elements.

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Furthermore, trenches are ideal for snail pens because they are not exposed to strong winds. Your farm will also be safer if it is at the bottom of a hill or surrounded by trees.

Step 2: Obtain a Proper Permit for Snail Farming

Check that you have the necessary permits for the snail farm. Depending on where you live, there are different local and federal regulations regarding snail farms. Check the UK’s agriculture website to see what forms and permits you might need to start a snail farm.

Step 3: Preparing the Snail House

When constructing your snail house, make the snail pen perimeter by driving posts into the ground. This will prevent the snails from escaping and predators from invading further.

There are various types of snail houses, including hutch boxes, snail pens, concrete pens, and free-range pens. You can either buy one that has already been made or build one yourself.

After the house has been installed or built, the soil, preferably loamy soil, can be poured in.

Step 3: Purchasing the Snail Breed and Feed

You must use only one species of snail when starting a snail farm. We recommend the smaller helix pomatia and helix aspersa because they can lay hundreds of eggs and can survive in seasonal climates.

To buy your preferred snail breed, search online for a snail farm near you where you can buy adult snails. It is always preferable to be able to inspect the snails before purchasing them to ensure that they are healthy.

Step 4: Stocking the Snails

It is time to stock the snails on the prepared farm. Stocking your snails allows you to observe, train, and increase harvest success, among other things. Avoid overcrowding by not overstocking each snail house, which can lead to disease and snail death. Keep in mind the snail stocking density for each snail house.

Step 6: Snail Feeding

Snails should be fed with plants because they are herbivorous. Vegetables or tender leaves and shoots are the best things to feed them; toxic or hairy plants should be avoided.

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Step 7: Snails Treatment to Control Pests and Diseases

Snails are susceptible to diseases caused by pest infestations. Predators are also a threat to your snails, so make sure you provide adequate protection. It is best to clean each snail house regularly, removing leftover foods, dead snails, and other debris.

Water the soil to keep it moist so the snails can stay cool and healthy.

Finally, mulch the soil to keep the moisture in the soil and the snails warm. The best way to mulch the soil is to cover the top layer of soil in a pen with fresh/dried leaves or vegetable shredded.

Can you Farm Snails in the UK?

Snail farming can be practiced in the UK. Make sure you have the necessary licensing that will allow you legally farm snails in the country.

What Do I Need To Start A Snail Farm?

Free range pens, moveable pens, mini paddock pens, trench pens, hatch boxes, mosquito nets, and concrete blocks are all examples of required items to start snail farming.

However, depending on the type of snail farming system you choose. Sprinklers and humidifiers may be required in addition to climate control equipment.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Snail Farm?

Depending on the size of your farm, the cost of starting a snail farming business can range between £400 and £800.

How Much Money Can You Make For Snail Farming?

Depending on the size of your snail farm, you can start the business with £800. You can make a lot of money from the venture, with profits of up to £2000 and more.

How Much Is A Kg Of Snails In UK?

Snails cost between £2 and £3 per kilogram in the United Kingdom.

Can I Sell Garden Snails In UK?

You can sell garden snails as long as the right price. More so, ensure the snail size is marketable to sell at the right price that will fetch you the desired profit.

How Many Months Does It Take Snail To Mature?

Usually, snails reach maturity between 7 to 12 months to grow into the desired size that is marketable.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Snail Farming In UK?

Because of their structure, snails take time to develop, making slow growth the most significant disadvantage of snail farming. As a result, snail farmers must be patient because cultivating snails is not a quick way to become wealthy!

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What Are The Challenges Of Snail Farming?

Weather and climate conditions, defective snail pens, infections, diseases and parasites, predators, and strict government regulations regarding snail farming are the challenges of snail farming.

How Much Do Snails Sell For?

The snail business is lucrative and profitable. Snails can be sold for £2 to £10 in the UK.

How Long Does It Take To Train Snail?

Snail training is not a tedious task. However, it requires a great deal of patience to train snails because it can take one to five years to reach full maturity.

Are Snails Profitable?

Snail farming is undoubtedly a very profitable business venture for those who practice it, and you can make a lot of money from it. Certain types of snails are preferred for commercial farming because of their size and the quantity of meat they produce.

Snail Farming Regulations UK

Snail farming regulations in the UK are set up to regulate snail farming in the country. Interested snail farmers are advised to consult with their state or federal agricultural regulating bodies for more information. Here is the PDF guide on Snail farming regulations in the UK.

Indoor Snail Farming UK

To begin indoor snail farming, you must first acquire the snails, then purchase and prepare a snail house, then maintain a healthy snail farm, create a favorable habitat, and care for your snails’ health.

Is Snail Farming Profitable UK

Snail farming is a profitable venture in the UK. It is not capital intensive and the profit margin is very high especially if you are operating a large-scale snail farm.

Snail Farming UK

Growing snails is easy, fun, and a great way to add a range of food to your garden. Snail farming in the UK is now an established industry but is still relatively new.

Interestingly, to start snail farming in the UK, you don’t need a lot of land to start farming, and the financial returns are substantial: one acre can produce ten tons of snails per year.

Where To Buy Snails For Farming In the UK

You can purchase snails for farming from snail farmers close to you. Better still, you can check online for any farm store that sells snails for farming.

How Profitable is Snail Farming In the UK?

Snail farming is profitable and a venture to go into right now considering the demand for snail meat and products. The interesting aspect is the startup capital that is relatively not high compared to other animal farming.

Snail Farming Courses UK

Snail farming courses in the UK are training designed to teach interested snail farmers all they need to know about snail farming. Also, about the best way to grow your snails for food and other uses. It is complete with step-by-step videos and instructions that will teach you how to set up a successful snail farm.

Snail Farming for Beginners

Snail farming is a profitable business. The supply of snails will continue to increase as demand grows, and people are also interested in eating them. Snail farming can be profitable in a variety of ways.


Snail farming in the UK is a profitable business and it guarantees a significant profit margin. Snail farming is easy to start and anyone can venture into the business. So, we hope that you will find this material helpful in your snail farming journey.

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