Guide To Start Snail Farming In Ireland

[Beginners Guide] How To Start Snail Farming In Ireland

Snail farming is a lucrative business that involves raising snails for meat consumption. Snails have numerous health benefits and should be consumed by everyone. Snail farming in Ireland is a viable business that requires little capital to get started. Furthermore, snail farming is a simple process.

To begin snail farming in Ireland, you will need to select a site, get a license, prepare the snail house, purchase the snail breed and feed, stock the snails, and treat the snails for pests and diseases.

Try to read through this informative piece to get all the information you require to start successful snail farming in Ireland.

[Beginners Guide] How To Start Snail Farming In Ireland

Step 1: Select a Site

The location of your snail farm has a direct impact on the level of production. As a result, you must choose a with good weather, and topsoil quality.

The reason has been that snails do not thrive in areas where the soil does not drain well after rain or where there are strong winds. Choose a location that has plenty of space and is not exposed to the elements.

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Step 2: Get an Appropriate License for Snail Farming

It is important to start your business legally. The step to take is to get licensed so that you can practice snail farming without facing any sanctions. We advise that you consult with the ministry of agriculture in your region for more information regarding regulations on snail farming.

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The farmland should be cleared and prepared for snail farming. Also, for security, build a fence around the farm to keep predators out and the snails from escaping.

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Step 3: Construct and Design the Snail house

You have to construct a snail house where your snails can be raised. There are different types of snail houses already built, or you can construct your preference. The type of snail house you choose depends on the size of the snail farm you intend to establish.

Major snail houses are snail pens, concrete pens, free-range pens, and hutch boxes.

Step 4: Purchase the Snail Breed

There are different ways to seek snails to farm. However, ensure you go for quality snail breeds. We recommend the smaller helix pomatia and helix aspersa because they can withstand the elements and lay hundreds of eggs.

To get your preferred snail breed, visit a snail farm, and you can order line. But ensure you inspect the snails before purchasing.

Step 5: Stock the Snails

You can stock your snails to begin raising them once you’ve purchased your snails and prepared the snail house. The stocking density is based on the snail farm’s capacity. It’s important to maintain an adequate stocking density rather than overcrowding the snails in the pen.

Step 6: Snail Management against pests and diseases

You have to be involved to help your snails grow to maturity. You have to keep their houses clean and free from dirt, debris, and all other unwanted properties. Keep the soil moist by watering and mulching when needed.

Also, ensure you feed the snails continuously to aid their growth in reaching the desired size for marketing.

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Snail Farm In Ireland?

Starting a business in snail farming in Ireland can cost between €500 and €500, depending on the size of your farm.

Is There Money In Snail Farming In Ireland?

Snail farming is undoubtedly profitable in Ireland. One acre can produce 10 tons of snails annually, with a potential net profit of €20,000. This is the interesting part: you don’t need a lot of land to get started, and the financial return is substantial.

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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Snail Farm?

The cost of starting a snail farm depends on the type and size of the snail farm you intend to establish. Considering all that you need to begin the business, you can begin with a minimum of €200 for small-scale snail farming.

How Do I Start A Small Snail Farm?

Check out the outlined fundamental steps you must take to start successful small snail farming. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Choose the species of snails to farm

Step 2: Prepare your farmland for habitation

Step 3: Purchase high-yielding snails

Step 4: Feeding and caring for the snails

Step 5: The snails are harvested

Is There A Demand For Snails In Ireland?

The numerous health advantages of snail products have led to an increase in demand for snails. It’s interesting to note that the growing market conditions for snails, particularly in Europe, have ensured the sale of the quantity produced.

Where Is The Market For Snails?

Europe is the main market for snails with most European countries demanding snail meat more than any other continent around the world.

How Much Is A Kilo Of Snails?

Snails are estimated to cost about $6.94 per kilo.

Can You Sell Live Snails?

You can sell your snails live to your customers. Snails are normally sold alive to customers who go home to prepare the snails.

Are Snails In Ireland Edible?

Snails in Ireland are edible. They are known to have a tasty, lovely, earthy, relatively mild flavor.

How Many Months Does It Take Snail To Mature?

Normally, snails are slow-growing animals. Snails reach maturity between 7 to 12 months to grow into the desired size that is marketable.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Snail Farming?

It’s easy for almost anyone to start a snail farm. However, the main drawback of snail farming is the length of time it takes for snails to develop, which makes snails’ slow growth a major drawback.

What Are The Challenges Of Snail Farming?

Weather and climate conditions, infrastructure development, a lack of resources, infections, diseases, parasites, as well as predators, are some of the potential difficulties associated with raising snails.

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How Much Do Snails Sell For?

The price of snails varies depending on the location, and the size of the snail.

Can I Grow Snails?

You can grow snails successfully. We have compiled in this material the steps you need to follow to successfully grow snails either at home or on the farm for consumption or market sales.

How Do You Breed Escargot Snails?

Breeding escargot snails is not different from others. We have outlined the steps involved in breeding below snails.

Step 1: Find a large area for a snail farm

Step 2: Your snail boxes or containers set up

Step 3: Find a large area.

Step 4: Water the ground.

Step 5: Snail purchases should be made from reliable breeders.

Step 6: Put the pens with your snails inside.

Step 7: Keep an eye on the snail population

Step 8: Harvest when mature

What Is Farmed In Ireland?

The most farmed products in Ireland are barley, wheat, potatoes, oats, mushrooms/truffles, and mutton.

How Profitable Is Snail Farming In The UK?

Undoubtedly, snail farming is a very successful business in the UK. Country farmers who raise snails for a living do very well.

Snail Farming Grants Ireland

Snail farming grant Ireland is a program designed to help start-up farmers grow their businesses and create jobs. If you are interested in applying for a grant or funding, ensure you send your application to the appropriate body.

Teagasc Snail Farming

Large agricultural corporation Teasgac engages in a variety of agricultural pursuits, including snail farming. The state organization is renowned for offering research, advice, and education in Irish rural development, horticulture, food, and agriculture.

Snail Farm Donegal

Donegal, Ireland is home to several snail farms involved in large-scale snail farms. Most of the farms are into snail breeding through to harvesting, as well as sales of snail products.

Snail Farming Startup Costs

The startup cost for snail farming is estimated to be around €500. This will cover basic amenities such as snail houses, snail breeds, and feeds.

Snail Farming For Beginners

Growing snails is a lucrative industry. As the demand for snails grows and more people become interested in eating them, the supply will also continue to rise. Beginner snails can profit from the robust market a result to make money.

Beginners with little to no experience in snail farming should read through this information to learn everything they need to know before starting in the industry to build a prosperous snail business.

Snail Processing Factory Ireland

Snail Processing Factory Ireland is a comprehensive, fully managed processing facility known to process multiple species of snails and use many common feedstock materials such as agricultural products, animal byproducts, wheat, soybeans, and corn along with many other feeds to create a high-quality protein product.

The main products produced by snail processing factories in Ireland include Snail Meat, Snail Skin, and Snail Shell.

Snail Farm Wexford

There are several snail farms in Wexford. Snail farms are known for the ultimate sloping and cultured snails as well as top-quality algae. These farms provide pure and healthy snails for you.

Snail farm in Wexford sells beautiful fresh quality snails and is a licensed private vendor to markets and restaurants throughout Ireland.


I hope you find this guide helpful as you plan to establish your snail farm. The information provided in this material has been carefully prepared to help you go about the snail farming business successfully without any hitch.

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