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How To Grow Cucumber In Kenya

[Beginners Guide] How To Farm Cucumber In Kenya

Cucumber is one of the highest most demanded fruit in Kenya and the world at large. The world can never have enough of this fruit and the interesting part is, that the demand for Cucumber is high daily.

So, how do you farm Cucumber in Kenya? To Start growing Cucumber, all you need is a good Farmland with suitable temperature and soil fertility, get better specie of Cucumber, irrigate the farm, and stake Cucumber leaves to avoid getting derailed.

The steps involve in Farming Cucumber are Many but we will take the time to touch them all in a step-by-step format for new learners to learn.

How To Start Cucumber Farming In Kenya Step By Step Guide

Cucumber gardening has numerous advantages, but it may also be taxing. It takes a lot of time and works to ensure that your farm is successful and offers you with the best possible results.

As a healthy crop that can be cultivated in almost any environment, cucumbers are a popular choice. Before you even think about planting the seeds, there is a slew of things to keep in mind.

So below is a step-by-step guide to Start Cucumber Farming in Kenya;

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Step 1: Get a Suitable farmland

Cucumber is a fruit that needed to be grown in areas that are well prepared and carefully selected. So while selecting your farmland, here is what you should check out for in the Farmland before finally picking it as your Cucumber farmland;

Soil fertility

They thrive in loamy, well-drained soils with a PH of 6.5-7.5. Too much acid in the soil can restrict a plant’s growth, making it less productive.
Plant growth can be harmed if the soil is too alkaline, resulting in an increase in nitrates.
So while selecting your farm site, do check out this factor before forging ahead.

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Access to Water

Because they require a lot of water, it’s important to monitor the weather and irrigate as needed.
You should avoid planting this crop if your area is prone to drought, which is a risk linked with it.


Temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees are ideal for them.

Step 2: Clear The selected farm site

The next thing is clearing your farmland after you have checked for the previous factors that have been stated before now.

Ensure you remove grasses, weeds, and unwanted materials in the farm location, doing this will ease your working on the farm and it will make your job seamless.

Step 3: Buying Quality Cucumber seed

The next thing is to buy the seed you are going to plant. In Kenya, cucumber seeds are easy to come by as you can get your desired quality at any Agrovet location in the country.
With just Ksh 375/ you can buy yourself a sachet containing 50g of cucumber seeds, with this, you should be able to plant an acre of Farmland.

Also, if you need any recommendations for the best Agricultural store in Kenya, drop comments down below.

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Step 4: Start Planting

Make a hole with a distance of 90 cm separated by 30 cm. To make sure the soil is rich, combine it with manure and DAP fertilizer.

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After 3weeks of doing this then you will need to top coat the seeds with CAN.
After that, start planting your seed keeping the measurements stated above.

Make sure to mulch the area if you are growing them in an open field. In a greenhouse, make sure the plants are exposed to sunshine for 6-8 hours each day.

Step 5: Start Weeding and Prunning

Keep your garden free of weeds to ensure that your Cucumber doesn’t compete for nutrients with the growing weed.

Step 6: Water/irrigating

Drought can impede plant growth, so make sure to water and irrigate frequently to avoid it.

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Step 7: Control Pests and diseases

Using ladybugs to keep an eye on aphids can help keep your plants in check. To avoid powdery mildew, it is important to adopt proper cleanliness and avoid overwatering the plants.

Step 8: Harvesting of cucumbers

When the fruit is tall and thick, it’s time to pick the cucumbers and store them for later use. As a result of their substantial thickness, they should have a tight grip on your hands.

They should be harvested when they lose their shiny sheen, which indicates that they lack water content.

Because of their small size and bitter flavor, if they are plucked too early, it is best to avoid picking them.

A knife or scissors can be used to remove and harvest them from the shrub to avoid damage to the skin, which can lead to degeneration in the long run. It is better to gather cumbers in the early hours of the day.

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Step 9: Preserving after Harvesting

Store them in a cool, dry location. Make sure they aren’t stored next to any fruit that produces ethylene gas, which might cause the fruit’s texture to soften.

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Cucumber should also be stored away from odorous items like onions, which can cause the veggies to wilt due to their pungent odor.

How Long Does Cucumber Take To Grow In Kenya?

Usually, it takes about 60 days for cucumber to grow and reach maturity in Kenya.

What Is The Best Month To Plant Cucumber?

The best period to start planting cucumber in Kenya is from February to April.

Is Cucumber Farming Profitable In Kenya?

Farming cucumber is a profitable venture if you plant your way into it carefully. If you can make your fruit available to your specific buyers, especially in seasons when the temperature is high and people need to cool with fruits. You can make fortune to supply people with cucumber on your farm.

How Many Cucumbers Can You Get Per Acre?

In an idea and well-spaced cucumber, you can get at least 10,000 pieces of cucumbers in an acre of farmland.

Cucumber Farming In Open Field

You can plant cucumber in an open field, but ensure you supply it with irrigation and watch out for natural pests and diseases.

Successful Cucumber Farmers In Kenya

There are lots of successful cucumber farms in Kenya today that are making fortunes from planting cucumbers. If you know any cucumbers farmer in Kenya, you can drop their name and contact mail via the comment section for an interview.

Cucumber Buyers In Kenya

Usually, the major cucumber buyers in Kenya are the market traders who resell to the direct consumers. You may also take your cucumber to groceries stores where you can supply based on agreed terms. Also, you can make research companies who are into fruit production and need cucumber as one of their product ingredients.

Cucumber Seeds Price In Kenya

A sachet of cucumber is sold for sh. 350 for 50kg.

Cucumber Farming Pdf

To start cucumber farming in Kenya, here is a Pdf guide to enhancing your productivity.

Cucumber Farming Profit

you can make at least 75% ROI farming cucumbers in Kenya.

Cucumber Production Per Acre

you can make use of a 50kg sachet of cucumber seed to plant an acre of cucumber and you have the chance of harvesting over 20,000 tubers of cucumbers on an acre of farmland.


Starting a cucumber Farm in Kenya is a lucrative venture if you can handle the stress that comes with the plant.

We have taken you a step-by-step on how you can start planting Cucumber in Kenya and all you need to know.

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