How To Start Farming Business In South Africa [Beginners Guide] -

How To Start Farming Business In South Africa [Beginners Guide]

South Africa is one of the fastest business hubs in the continent of Africa. Learning how to start a farming business in South Africa is an area of the economy that is begging for more hands and more investors.

To start a farming business in South Africa, you need to secure a good and permanent farm location that is accessible to a good road network, you need substantial capital, and you need to choose your area of interest in terms of the farming type you want to venture into, then right skills in your chosen area.

So let us begin by showing you all the steps you need to start a profitable farming business of your choice in South Africa.

Types Of Farming In South Africa

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In agriculture, there are different Fields anyone can choose to venture into and they are broadly categorized into two categories, Animal husbandry, and Plant husbandry.

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Animal Husbandry:

This area focuses on raising animals such as birds (poultry), Goats, Cattle, Pigs (piggery), fish, and many other animals for their meats and some for their eggs.

Plant husbandry:

This is an area that is all about cultivating land, and planting and processing plants for human consumption.

Any of these areas can be practiced on a commercial or substantial scale. So, let us give a guide on how to start any of these two in detail.

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Step by step Guide to Start Plant farming in South Africa.

To start a full time or part-time farming business in SA, you will need to follow the steps we will be listed below;

Step One: Decide What crop you want to venture into.

First thing first, you need to know the type of crops you want to venture into. There are different lucrative crops you can plant and they are;

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Palm fruit farming:

Palm Fruit Plant
Palm Fruit Plant

This is a thriving business in Africa, you may decide to venture into the planting of palm fruit for red oil processing. This is one lucrative crop in terms of farming that you will never regret ever investing in.

What you need to start Palm fruit farming in South Africa is less than 20,000 Rands.

Cocoa farming:

Africa is known to be the largest producer of cocoa seeds that are commonly used for tea production and its medicinal packages.

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You can venture into cocoa Farming in South Africa with less than 30,000 South African Rands.

Maize farming:

You can start growing maize locally for the production of different processed feeds.

Rice farming:

You can as well start growing rice on your farm and couple it with other crops.

Tomatoes farming:

How To Start Tomatoes Farming
How To Start Tomatoes Farming

You can as well venture into growing tomatoes for the local market and for local consumption. This is a lucrative crop to grow in South Africa.

Step Two: determine the size of the farm you want to start

What will determine how successful you will be in South African farming is the size of your farm. Decide if you’re going into small-scale farming or large-scale farming.

This will prepare you ahead and give you an insight into what you will be needing to start your farm.

Step Three: Go for training

You will need to equip yourself with the technical know-how of the crop you are about to invest in. You will need to learn how to grow it, nurture it, common pests, and all you need to know about the crops.

Step Four: Secure A Farmland


When you are searching for the farmland you will use, there are things you need to consider. Is it near to a good road network? Is the soil fertile land? Are there no animals that can destroy whatever you have planted?

After considering all these, you may proceed to the next step.

Step Five: Start Farm clearing

Cleared Farmland
Cleared Farmland

The first thing you need to do when clearing your farm is to clear all the tall and small weeds.
Depending on the farm size, you may deploy the use of manual labor which are human, or the use of mechanical labor.

If you’re venturing into a Large scale farming, then it is advisable to deploy the use of a machine for clearing your farm site. This will help make your work faster and snappy.

Step Six: Remove tall trees

To make your farming experience good and easy, it is advisable to remove tall trees from the farmland, cross-cut them, and park them away from the farmland.

Step Seven: Burn The farm

After you have cleared the farm, you have removed tall trees, then you need to set fire to the Bush at least two weeks after you have brushed the farm.

This will help you clear the farmland of sorts, climbers, ropes, and other hindrances you may find challenging on the farm site.

Step Eight: Apply Herbicide

After you have cleared the farm and you have set fire to it, you need to Apply herbicides that are capable of reducing the growth of weeds on your land.

Doing this helps you maintain your time before planting and it prepares the land for your crops.

Step Nine: Plough and ridge the Land if necessary

It is a good practice to Plough the land so as to remove hard shrubs, roots, and other underground plants that may hinder the free flow of work in your farmland. If your desired crops will be needing ridging, then ridge the ground.

Crops like tomatoes, cassava, groundnut, pepper, and cucumber may require you to the ridge.

Step Ten: Start planting

It is time to start planting your desired crops. But ensure the seed of crops you wish to plant are better breed, take time to ask specialists about the best seed of the crop you are interested in, this will save you the stress to plant crops that may not perform well when it’s time to harvest.

Step by step guide to starting Animal Husbandry In South Africa.

To start animal Farming or commonly referred to as livestock farming in South Africa, there are things you need to know. Following are the steps to start animal Farming in South Africa today.

Step One: Choose an area of interest

In animal Farming, it is the widest area in this category, you may choose to venture into any of the following;

Poultry Farming:

This is the raising of birds such as Cockerel, pullet, broilers, and others for either their meat or eggs.

Fish farming:

In this category, it involves the raising of fishes ranging from catfish to tilapia and others for human consumption.

Grasscutter farming:

Many people in Africa love grasscutter meat, so you can start raising grass cutter for public consumption.


This is simply raising a swine for pork for human consumption.

Cattle farming:

This is just raising cattle for its meat.

Bee Farming:

This is a growing area of animal Farming that involves the growing and culturing of bees for honey production.

Goat farming:

This entails raising goats in a pen for their meat for human consumption.

Step Two: Go for training

You need to acquaint yourself with the animals you have chosen to raise.
This involves learning how to care for them, feeding them, and best practices to gain the best from them.

Step Three: Acquire a farm site

Before acquiring a farm site, you need to decide if you’re going into commercial raising or backyard farming. This will give you a clue or the area and the size of farmland you will be needing for your farm.

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Step Four: Raise house for your animal

You will need to construct a suitable house that can accommodate the size of the animal you intend to raise.

Step Five: integrate good feeding habits and personal hygiene

One aspect that will determine your animal’s health most is the quantity of feed you give to them.
Also, the level of hygiene practice in your farm location will tell on the overall well-being of your animals.

Step Six: Register with a certified Veterinary Doctor

Ensure you book a section for experts to come to check on the farm on a routine basis. This will help you prevent outbreaks of potential diseases on the farm and also knob challenges that are at hand and on your farm.

Step Seven: Source for Large buyers

You must do your market surveys to know where your products sell the most, this will give you insight into what your potential customers are looking for and who they really are.

Major problems facing agriculture/farming in South Africa

Erratic and low rainfall:

A common challenge that south African farmers are facing is low rainfall.
The average rainfall per annum in South Africa is 500mm which is below the 860mm global standards.

Infertility of the soil:

South Africa has about 1.2m square kilometers of land, and only about 12% of the total area is suitable for farming activities. This is another challenge that is being faced by most farmers in SA.

Lack of agriculture support scheme:

Today most farmers in South Africa are not supported nor encouraged to continue farming because there is no scheme made available for them. This prob is eating deep into the skin and bones of the farming sector.

How much does it cost to start a farming business in South Africa?

To start a profitable farming business in South Africa, you will need at least between 15,000 Rands and 40,000 Rands.

If you are venturing into animal Farming, you should budget at least 30,000 Rands.

If you are venturing into crop farming, you should budget at least 25,000 Rands.

Which agriculture is most profitable in South Africa?

The most profitable agriculture in South Africa is Macadamia nuts farming.

How do I register a farm in South Africa?

To register a farm in South Africa, you will need to go collect the Agriculture remedy form, duplicate it to three places, then you will send the copies to The Registrar: Act 36 of 1947, Private Bag X343, Pretoria, 0001 or hand-deliver them to The Registrar: Act 36 of 1947, Agriculture Place, 20 Steve Biko Street, Arcadia, Pretoria.

How much does it cost to raise 100 chickens in South Africa?

To raise about 100 chickens in South Africa, it may cost you between 2,000 to 3,000 Rands.
It is all dependent on the months you are willing to sell them off.

How can I buy a farm in South Africa?

To buy a farm in South Africa, you need to place an advert and scout the internet for potential sellers.

How do I get funding to buy a farm in South Africa?

To get a fund or loan to buy a farm in South Africa, you can opt in for different Agricultural loan schemes such as MAFISA, or LRAD grants to get funds for buying the farm.

What crops are in demand in South Africa?

The most popularly demanded crops currently in South Africa include carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, lettuce, chicory, Jew’s Mallow, amaranth, blackjack, and many more.

How much do I need to start poultry Farming in South Africa?

To start a poultry Farming in South Africa, it will cost you at least 20,000 to 30,000 Rands.

Is egg farming profitable in South Africa?

Yes, egg farming is a profitable farming business you can venture into in South Africa.

How does a farm cost in South Africa?

To buy a farm in South Africa, it will cost you not less than 40,000 or 50,000 Rands per hectare.

Can I get free land to start farming in South Africa?

To get free land to start farming in South Africa, contact the office of the land reform or rural development department to pick up a form.

Where is the best place to farm in South Africa?

The best place you can farm in South Africa includes KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Free state, the Eastern, Western, and Northern Cape, Limpopo


South Africa is a terrain that needs more farmers on board, so the idea of starting a farm in South Africa is a brilliant one. All you need to start are, selecting an area of interest, acquiring a farm site, and clearing the farm site, all information you need to read about starting a farming business in South Africa has been documented in this content.

If you need help with any one of these processes, you can drop a comment via the comment section.


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