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How to Start pig farming business In Ghana

[Beginners Guide] How To Start Pig Farming Business In Ghana

Piggery is one of the most lucrative ventures you can start anywhere in Ghana. Pigs are a profitable animal to keep owing to the factor that a Sow can give birth to as many as 12 13 piglets at a time. Most pig farmers in Ghana are in the money.

To start a pig farming business in Ghana, you need to site a good location for your pigs, erect a pen for sheltering them, construct a water system, buy a quality breed of pigs and formulate good feeding plans for your pigs.

In today’s edition of Starting a piggery business in Ghana, we will take an in-depth guide on all you need to do.

How To Start Pig Farming Business In Ghana [Beginners Guide]

A Sow And A Boar In A Pig Farm
A Sow And A Boar In A Pig Farm

To start a piggery business in Ghana, take a look at this holistic guide below;

Step 1: Site your farm location

The first step to take if you intend to raise pigs is to secure a conducive location you can raise your pigs.

Make sure the place where you plan to establish a pig farm is convenient for obtaining all of the goods you will need. PKC, water that’s free of impurities, and enough space for the pigs to run around are all critical components.

It’s a good idea to think about how far your farm will be from homes before you apply for a permit so that you can avoid any inconveniences.

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Step 2: Construct a Standard shelter for the Pigs

Standard Pig House In a pig farm
Standard Pig House In a pig farm

The same way humans require proper spacing and allocation in our day-to-day activities, the same thing is applicable to animals.

While planning to construct a good house for your pig, you must ensure you give space for good air ventilation, and free area to move and mate.

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These are key things you consider while planning to start a pig farming business in Ghana.

Step 3: Install Water and Drainage System on your farm

One important aspect to keep your farm clean and make your pig feel comfortable to installing a water source on your farm.

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You will be needing water to clean your pigs, clean their house, and do other stuff on the farm.

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Step 4: Buy Quality pig breeds

Quality Pig Breed
Quality Pig Breed

To start your pig farm in Ghana, you need to go for the best breed of pigs.

Choosing the right pigs at the start of the process is important to the success of your venture. Make careful to consult a pig expert before purchasing any type of pig breed.

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You should seek the advice of a vet with greater experience before deciding to buy pigs for your pig farm.

It’s advisable to buy more Sows (female pigs) than Boars (male pigs) if you wish to run a large pig farm because sows produce more piglets.

It’s recommended that you keep one Matured Boar on your farm to save money on feed and enhance productivity.

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Step 5: Draw a good feeding plan

Buying pigs and having the intention to raise them is one aspect, and the ability to feed them is another aspect. You should consider your capital before buying pigs that are beyond your financial capacity to avoid collapse in the middle of your business.

Pigs eat a lot of food, so you must consider your funds before buying more than the ones you can cater for, if you do not feed your pigs well, their cry and noise can set your ears agog and you will lose composure, smiles.
So plan your pig meals before you buy any.

Step 6: Employ Farmworkers

If you are intending to go into a large pig farm, you may not be able to handle the job alone, you need the service of more workers to care for and responds to the need of your farm swiftly.

You may start with 1 to 5 workers depending on how large your farm is.

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Step 7: Practice good hygiene on your farm

To keep your pigs away from pathogens, and avoid sickness and disease infestation on your farm, then you need to keep your farm clean at all times.

Pigs have the tendency to produce irritating and foul smells, it is your duty as farm owners to keep them clean and their environment clean at all times.

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Step 8: Keep an appointment with A Vet

Ensure you register your farm with a Vet clinic. This will help you consult the clinic if there is anything you notice on your farm or in your pigs that you do not have information on.

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The clinic will put you through, and give you vaccines and important medications for your pig.

Top 7 Best Pig Breeds To Start Pig Farm In Ghana

Commercial pig farming may make use of a wide variety of pig breeds, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Many aspects of the production process are influenced by the breed chosen, including the number of litters, feed efficiency, and meat quality.

There are many breeds of pigs that have lower mature body weights and lower feed conversion rates than regular pigs.

Pig farming may be negatively impacted by many of the pig’s unfavorable qualities. The following breeds of pigs can be used to start a pig farm:

1. Yorkshire (Large White)

Some freckles can be observed on the face of this breed, but the bulk of them are pure white (black pigment spots). Named for its big noses, this breed has medium-length skulls.

It has a long and broad neck, large shoulders, and deep chest. Long, flatbacks with a large chest and wide shoulders define this breed’s physique. The average weight of a mature boar or sow is 300-450 kg.

It is possible to obtain high-quality meat from large white pigs’ flesh. Furthermore, this breed makes excellent use of the food that is provided to it, which contributes to its high reproductive success rate.

2. Hampshire

The black and white stripes that cover the shoulders and forelegs of a Hampshire pig are distinctive. This species has large, broad, short legs, and a long, drooping tail that characterizes it..

This man’s erect and his ears are pointed straight ahead. The fat and lard level of this breed is lower than the Landrace variant. While a boar matures in three years, the sow matures in three years (550 pounds).

3. Duroc

A reddish-brown with traces of gold and cherry red is the most typical color. The Duroc pig is known for its quick weight increase and high feed conversion.

This sow breed is recognized for its early maturity, big litter (up to 15 piglets), and remarkable mothering ability. Adult boars can weigh up to 400 kilograms, while adult sows can weigh up to 350 kilograms.

4. Chester White

Chester White pigs are popular with pet owners because of their white coats and big ears. Despite the breed’s slow maturation, it is capable of producing gigantic carcasses.

Small legs and pointed tails complement this creature’s large and deep body. Chester White boars and sows can reach a weight of up to 300 kilos, making them a versatile breed that can be utilized for meat and breeding.

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5. Camborough

This breed is great for meat production due to its superior genetics. The sow is an outstanding mother, giving birth to an average of 17 piglets every whelping. The boar is incredibly hardy and has a good sense of time.

It has a high feed conversion rate and high resilience to illness. You can count on it to grow quickly and bear fruit for a long time to come.

The commercial slaughter pig breed Camborough is well-liked because of its leanness and low-fat content. It is feasible for a mature boar or sows to weigh 400 kg.

6. The Landrace

There’s also a Landrace White with freckles, which is rather common in this population. This breed has short legs, a square ham, and large lop ears, among other characteristics, such as those. Also, the jowls are considered to be tidy. Because of this, it has lower fat content than meat.

This breed is both prolific and efficient when it comes to eating. There is a huge difference between the weight of an adult cow and the weight of an adult pork pig.

7. Poland China

Poland China It appears to be enormous and unbalanced. Despite its little size, this critter has a sturdy frame and well-proportioned legs and toes. Farrows can produce sixteen to seventeen young pigs, and the meat and carcass quality is excellent.

While it grows quickly, it is also a very effective feed-to-meat converter. Adult boars and sows weigh a broad range of amounts, depending on their breed and lifestyle.

How much do I need to start a pig farm?

With 20,000 Ghana Cedis, you can start pig farming

How do I start a pig farm?

To start a pig business in Ghana, you need to site a good location for your pigs, erect a pen for sheltering them, construct a water system, buy a quality breed of pigs and formulate good feeding plans for your pigs.

How many pigs should I start with?

To start your pig farm, you can start with 2 Sow and 1 Buck depending on your farm capacity.

Pig Farming Requirements In Ghana

To start a pig business in Ghana, you need to site a good location for your pigs, erect a pen for sheltering them, construct a water system, buy a quality breed of pigs and formulate good feeding plans for your pigs.

Pig Feed Formulation In Ghana

Pigs gain weight and size faster when fed a high-quality diet. Animals require a certain amount of calories, protein, minerals, and vitamins in their diets.

Pigs get the majority of their nutrition from farm grains, which are the most prevalent and best source of those nutrients. High digestible carbohydrate and low fiber content, as well as the low cost, make corn-based diets popular.

In order to prevent the growth of hazardous pathogens, you should supplement the feed with additional vitamins, proteins, and antibacterial components.

These include rice bran, broken rice, and other grain byproducts including corn, soya beans, and cassava, which have been shown to have beneficial effects.

Biggest Pig Farm In Ghana

The biggest pig farms in Ghana include Ansu Pramarg Farms Ltd- Drobo, Anwaah Animal Farms, Accra Farms, Tako Farms (Gh) Limited.


So, To start a pig farming business in Ghana, you need to site a good location for your pigs, erect a pen for sheltering them, construct a water system, buy the quality breed of pigs and formulate good feeding plans for your pigs, and much other information we have discussed in this content.

If you are in need of additional information, you should let us know via the comment section.

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