Top 5 Richest Farmers In South Africa [2024] -
Richest Farmers In South Africa

Top 5 Richest Farmers In South Africa [2024]

South Africa’s agricultural sector is a key driver of the country’s economy, contributing significantly to job creation, food security, and export earnings.

In recent years, a number of farmers in South Africa have achieved exceptional success, amassing significant wealth and expanding their operations both domestically and internationally.

Some of the richest farmers in South Africa include Graham Beck, Strydom Brothers, and Tsabello Mapupa.

Richest Farmers In South Africa

The richest farmers in South Africa come from diverse backgrounds, and have built their fortunes through a combination of hard work, innovation, and strategic planning. Among the most notable are Graham Beck, and the Strydom brothers (Riaan and Mario).

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#1. Graham Beck

Graham Beck was a South African businessman and farmer, widely regarded as one of the wealthiest farmers in the country. He was born in 1940 in Johannesburg, and spent much of his childhood on his family’s farm in the Western Cape.

After completing his education, Graham Beck worked in the finance industry for several years before deciding to pursue his passion for farming. He bought his first farm, Madeba, in 1983, and went on to acquire several more farms over the years.

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Graham Beck was particularly known for his success in the wine industry, and was the founder of Graham Beck Wines, one of South Africa’s largest and most respected wineries.

He was also a major investor in the Thoroughbred racing industry, and owned several successful racehorses over the years.

In addition to his farming and business interests, Graham Beck was also a well-known philanthropist and social activist. He was a vocal advocate for human rights and democracy in South Africa, and played an important role in the anti-apartheid movement.

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He was widely admired for his entrepreneurial spirit, his commitment to social justice, and his contributions to the agricultural and wine industries in South Africa.

Today, his legacy lives on through his family and the many organizations he supported during his lifetime.

#2. The Strydom Brothers

Riaan Strydom and his brother Mario are two of the most successful farmers in South Africa. They are the owners of Bokmakierie Holdings, a farming business that specializes in poultry breeding and processing.

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Riaan and Mario grew up in the small town of Krakeel near Joubertina, in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Their family had a long history of farming, and the brothers developed a love for agriculture at a young age.

They attended agricultural school in George and then went on to study at the University of Pretoria, where they earned degrees in agriculture.

After completing their studies, Riaan and Mario returned to the family farm in Krakeel, where they began experimenting with new poultry breeding techniques.

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They quickly realized that there was a demand for high-quality, ethically sourced meat in the South African market, and decided to focus their efforts on developing a sustainable and humane poultry business.

In 2000, Riaan and Mario founded Bokmakierie Holdings, which has since become one of the largest and most successful poultry businesses in South Africa.

The company has invested heavily in advanced breeding techniques and processing technology, and has a reputation for producing some of the best-quality chickens in the country.

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Thanks to their success in the poultry business, Riaan and Mario have amassed a significant fortune. While their exact net worth is not publicly known, it is estimated to be in the millions of South African rand.

They have also been recognized for their contributions to the agricultural sector, and have received numerous awards and accolades for their innovative and sustainable farming practices.

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Despite their success, Riaan and Mario remain committed to giving back to their community and promoting sustainable agriculture in South Africa.

They have established a number of initiatives to support local farmers and promote environmental sustainability, and continue to be active advocates for the agricultural sector in the country.

#3. Tsabello Mapupa

Tsabello Mapupa was born in Zambia in 1977. He grew up in a small village and attended local schools. After completing his secondary education, he moved to South Africa to pursue a career in business.

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Mapupa worked for several companies in Johannesburg, but he never felt fulfilled in his jobs. He always had a passion for farming, but he never pursued it seriously until later in life.

  1. Livestock Farm In 2019, Mapupa’s friend invited him to an animal auction in Heidelberg, Gauteng. Mapupa was immediately drawn to the livestock and decided to bid on a few animals. He was successful in his bid and ended up buying several cows. He had no prior experience in farming, but he was determined to make it work.
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Mapupa quickly realized that farming was not an easy task. He spent long hours learning about animal husbandry and the best ways to care for his livestock. He also invested in high-quality feed and veterinary care to ensure the health of his animals.

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Despite the challenges, Mapupa’s livestock thrived under his care. He became known for his high-quality cows, which he sold to local markets and butchers.

His success as a livestock farmer also caught the attention of the media, and he was featured in several local news outlets.

Mapupa’s success as a livestock farmer has brought him significant wealth. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

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He has invested in several other business ventures, including real estate and fashion. Mapupa is known for his stylish clothing, and he often wears designer brands.

In every business endeavor, we have the richest people like we have the richest musician in South Africa, and the richest medical practitioner, that was how we get to the list of richest South African farmers you need to know currently.

The Type Of System The Richest Farmers In South Africa Use

The richest farmers in South Africa use a variety of farming systems to achieve success.

Conventional farming is still the most widely used system, but many farmers are also exploring alternative methods such as organic farming and hydroponics.

Graham Beck, for example, has adopted sustainable farming practices and is committed to reducing his carbon footprint. He also uses advanced technology to monitor his vineyards and improve crop yields.

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The Strydom brothers, on the other hand, have invested heavily in advanced poultry breeding techniques to produce high-quality, disease-resistant chickens.

Each farming system has its own benefits and drawbacks. Conventional farming, for example, is often criticized for its heavy use of chemicals and impact on the environment, while organic farming is generally more expensive and requires more labor.

Hydroponic farming, which involves growing plants without soil, is a relatively new concept in South Africa, but has the potential to revolutionize the way food is produced in the country.

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Lucrativeness Of Farming in South Africa

Farming in South Africa can be extremely lucrative for those who are able to successfully navigate the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.

Some of the most profitable crops in the country include maize, citrus fruits, wine grapes, and beef cattle.

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Graham Beck’s wine estate, for example, is known for producing some of the finest wines in the country, and has won numerous awards for its quality.

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The Strydom brothers’ poultry business, meanwhile, has seen rapid growth in recent years, due in part to the increasing demand for high-quality, ethically sourced meat.

Agriculture in South Africa also benefits from favorable climate and soil conditions, as well as access to markets and export opportunities. The government has also implemented policies and programs to support the sector, such as subsidies for small-scale farmers and investments in research and development.

Successful Tips About The Richest Farmers In South Africa

The success of the richest farmers in South Africa can be attributed to a number of factors. One key element is business acumen and strategic planning.

These farmers have a deep understanding of their markets and are able to identify and exploit new opportunities. They also invest heavily in research and development to stay ahead of the competition.

In addition, the richest farmers in South Africa are often early adopters of new technology and innovative practices.

They leverage economies of scale to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and they are not afraid to experiment with new ideas and products.

Diversification is also a key strategy for these farmers, who often produce a variety of crops and products to spread their risk.

Challenges Facing South African Farmers

Despite the success of the richest farmers in South Africa, the agricultural sector in the country still faces significant challenges.

Climate change and water scarcity, in particular, are major threats to the sustainability of farming in South Africa. Land reform and ownership are also contentious issues, with many farmers feeling insecure about their tenure rights.

Political instability and crime are also major concerns, with many farmers facing theft and vandalism on their properties.

Biggest Farm in South Africa

The Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme in Gauteng province is the largest farm in South Africa, covering an astonishing area of 1.5 million hectares. This vast expanse of land is dedicated to the production of maize and wheat, making it a critical contributor to the country’s food security.

To put the size of Vaalharts into perspective, the average size of a South African farm is only about 1,000 hectares. That means Vaalharts is approximately 1,500 times larger than an average farm in the country. The farm’s sheer size and output make it a crucial part of the country’s agricultural sector.


The success of the richest farmers in South Africa is a testament to the potential of agriculture in the country. Through hard work, innovation, and strategic planning, these farmers have achieved remarkable success and have made significant contributions to the development of the sector. However, it is important to recognize the challenges facing farmers in South Africa and work towards creating a more sustainable and secure environment for all farmers in the country.

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David is a Kenyan farmer from the rural village of Nairobi. Growing up, he was surrounded by the beauty of the Kenyan countryside, which sparked his passion for farming. After completing his education, he decided to pursue a career in agriculture and has since dedicated his life to providing food for his local community. David is an experienced farmer and is experienced in a range of agricultural practices, including crop rotation, animal husbandry and soil management. He is passionate about promoting sustainable agriculture and is actively working to reduce food insecurity in his community.

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    Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme does not consist out of one farm, it is not situated in Gauteng province but in the corner of NW and Northern Cape.

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