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How To Plant Cucumber In South Africa

[Beginners Pdf] How To Start Growing Cucumber In South Africa

Growing Cucumber in South Africa- Cucumis sativus generally known as Cucumber in South Africa is a popular fruit that is highly consume in varieties of ways, either adding it with salad delicacies or eating it as a fruit.

The demand for Cucumber in South Africa and all over the world is on the increase, hence, it is important South African farmers start cultivating it in large scale.

So to start farming Cucumber in South Africa, what you is a piece of Land, raise bed in your farm, selecting right specie of Cucumber to plant in spacing of 25cm X 30cm.

Step By Step Guide On How To Plant Cucumber In South Africa

cucumber farming
cucumber farming

Following are the details on how to start farming cucumber in South Africa;

Step 1: Choose A suitable farmland

Cucumber is a plant that requires water and a such you must ensure you get water in an area that’s close to water.

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You must ensure you select land with suitable soil, right ph and other soil texture.

Also, you must ensure you locate the farmland in an area that is closer to the market, also closer to your house so as to look after the farm.

Step 2: Land preparation

The next thing you must ensure after you are done getting your farmland is to prepare the farmland.

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How do you prepare the farmland, you must first clear the farm, remove bushes and deforest the farm.

You can’t plant cucumber on forest on in bushes you didn’t cultivate. Also, after clearing the farm, ensure you set the clear bushes on fire so as to avoid impediments while farming.

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Also, tall trees in the farm should be removed to prevent them shading your plants from growing well.

To make the soil ready for your Cucumber, ensure you plough the land thoroughly.

Remove stones and other clods that may stop your Farming activities extensively.

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Step 3: Nurse Your Cucumber seed

cucumber growing
cucumber growing

The next thing is to nurse your seed and give them care that they needed.

You can locate agro store closer to you to buy quality seed, there are two varieties of Cucumber seed in South Africa, Beta Alpha cucumber that is popularly used for gherkins and the English/Dutch variety which is popularly used for salads.

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You can pick the variety you wish to plant and start nursing them.

Ensure you plant it during cold season or you make use of biodegradable containers.

Also, you can plant the seed directly to the ground or the bed you raised.

While planting the cucumber ensure you plant the radicle end in the ground. Because Cucumber seeds orientation is important when you’re planting them.

Step 4: Start Transplanting

After about 2 weeks of nursing, you can start transplanting your cucumber directly to the farm.

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Before you transplant, ensure you add organic manual to your bed at least 2 weeks before you start transplanting.

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To plant Cucumber, plant each seedlings at about 35cm along same row with at least 3cm deep and about 1 foot or more part between two rows.

Step 5: Staking or Trellising

Important aspect of planting Cucumber and most stressful aspect is Staking this fruit.

Insert a stake between two rows and hand the leave on it to grow vertically. This pillar or stake should be at least 4ft tall. Ensure you put this in place before the plants start growing.

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Ensure you care for your Cucumber by supplying with constant water in case if the rainfall isn’t much when you start planting it.

Step 6: Harvesting Your Cucumber

After you’re done planting, in space of 2 to 3 months Cucumber are already mature for Harvesting.

Cucumber are best harvested when they are dark green and looks sturdy to prevent over ripping. You can start harvesting by plucking the fruit from the stake you made earlier.

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You can also collect the seed of the crops to sun dry and make it ready for the next harvest.

What Is The Best Way To Plant Cucumbers?

Cucumber seeds should be planted in groups of three or four every 12 to 14 inches in the row. Add a layer of fine dirt approximately an inch thick over the seeds. When planting seeds, use the flat side of a hoe to tamp down the earth, but don’t pack it.

How Do You Grow Cucumbers In The South?

Before planting, make sure the soil is well-watered. In the prepared soil, plant seeds or seedlings (3-4 weeks old) approximately 18 inches apart. When cucumbers are ready for harvest, they’ve been growing for 50-60 days after planting, depending on the type. To avoid being overheated by the sun, pick your cucumbers first thing in the morning.

How Do You Grow Cucumbers In Pots In South Africa?

You may also grow cucumbers in pots, but you’ll need to construct a frame to hold them up as they grow. The only thing to remember when growing cucumbers in pots is that they don’t like it when the water or food runs out. Cucumbers thrive in soil that is rich and well-drained. Before you begin planting, prepare the soil by spreading a thick layer of compost over it.

How Long Does Cucumber Take To Grow In South Africa?

8 to 10 weeks after emerging, normal-sized mature cucumbers are available for harvest. As soon as the first one is picked, the cucumbers begin to grow quickly, so it’s important to harvest them frequently and at the appropriate times.


So, that is all you need to know about start growing cucumbers in South Africa, if there are other things you need to know about cucumber planting in South Africa, you can drop comment in comment section below.

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