how to start snail farm in USA

How To Start A Snail Farm In The USA

Farming is not only restricted only to plants but also to animal husbandry and poultry farming. That is why we will be educating you about snail farming, which is a profitable business in most countries, including the United States.

Snail farming, also known as “heliciculture” or “heliculture,” is the practice of rearing snails. In the United States, business is a profitable and necessary economic activity, but only a few people benefit from it.

So, what are the steps to snail farming in the United States? You must decide the type of snail specie you want to farm, get the proper permit, get your snail specie, build a snail house, stock your snails, feed your snails, maintain your snail farm, harvest, and market.

If you want to start snail rearing in the United States but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Start A Snail Farm In The USA

Snail farming activity in the USA is profitable, and there has been an effort to improve the venture in the country. To start snail farming in the USA, below are the steps to consider.

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Step 1 – Decide the Type of Snail Specie you want to Farm

As you plan to establish your snail farm, note that you must use only one species of snail. There are different snail species, but the common farmable species are Helix pomatia and helix aspersa, which are smaller, can lay hundreds of eggs, and can survive in seasonal climates; the larger achatina achatina and archchatina marginata can only survive in year-round warm climates.

Ensure you make sufficient findings about common snail species in your area and select one to farm.

Step 2 – Get the Proper Permit

There are different local and federal regulations regarding snail farms depending on where you live In the United States. The reason has been that it is illegal to transport most snail species across state lines without a special permit. We recommend that you check your state’s agriculture website to see what forms and permits you might need to start a snail farm.

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Step 3 – Get your snail Specie

You’ll need snails to start a snail farm. Adult snails can be purchased from a reputable snail breeder or online. To ensure that the snails are healthy, it is always preferable to be able to inspect them before purchasing them.

You’ll want to start your snail farm with healthy, fully-grown snails that will lay eggs and help populate your farm.

Step 4 – Build a Snail House

There are various types of snail houses, so you must choose the one that best suits your needs.

Wooden Snail Cage (Hutch Box)

A wooden snail cage or hutch box is a square or rectangular wooden box with lids that are placed on wooden stands. It is a useful snail house for semi-intensive snail breeding systems. Also, wooden snail cages are ideal for hatchery and nursery pens because eggs and young snails can be easily located and observed.

Snail House in the Trench

A trench pen is a type of snail habitat that is constructed in the form of a shallow pit.

Free-Range System Of Snail Farming

Snails are allowed to roam freely and feed on open pastures of living food crops in free-range snail farming, as opposed to being densely confined in small enclosures and fed only compound foods. Because they have the freedom to roam in large areas, the snails can avoid each other’s slime trails.

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Make sure you fill the snail house with soil, regardless of the type you opt for. Also, ensure you build a fence round about the house to keep predators away.

Step 5 – Stock your Snail

Once you have prepared your snail house with all the necessary items such as soil, food, water, and so on. It is time to stock your snails in the snail house so that breeding can begin.

However, you need to adhere to the stocking density so that you won’t overcrowd the snail houses which can impede snail growth and reproduction.

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Step 6 – Feed your Snails

Snails are plant eaters and they eat a wide range of vegetables and other edible plants such as lettuce, cabbage, weeds, vegetable peelings, and fruit slices.

You should place the food inside the snail house and remove it when it begins to turn or mold. In addition, keep a tray of distilled water nearby for your snails to drink.

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Step 7 – Maintain your Snail Farm

You have to maintain your snail farm by performing several cleaning and care activities such as:

  • Change of soil in the snail house at least every three months because the chemical composition would have changed during this period.
  • Snails enjoy moist soils. So, if it doesn’t rain, water your snail farm. Spray the leaves and ground of your snail farm with a spray bottle. Water your farm in the evenings or early mornings when it is cooler.
  • Pick up leftover foods, dead snails, shells, and other types of dirt including weeds that may grow on the snail farm as well.

Step 8 – Harvest and Market

Once your snails matured, you can pick them up from the snail farm, clean and prepare them to be sold in the market. However, do not pick and sell all the adult snails, you have to live some to continue your snail farming.

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Can You Farm Snails In The US?

Yes, you can farm snails in the US as long as you meet the requirements and have the proper permits.

How Much Will It Cost To Start A Snail Farm?

The minimum cost you can start a snail farm is $2500

Is Snail Farming Profitable For the US?

Snail farming is profitable considering the high demand in the market. Also, it is a low-risk business when compared to other livestock farming.

How Do I Start My Snail Farm?

To begin snail farming, first, select your snails, then select a wind-free, moist location for their habitat. The next step is to construct a snail house and a fence around the farm’s perimeter out of corrugated metal, plastic, or chicken wire.

Then, cover the snails with moist, loamy soil and relocate them to their new environment and feed them with edible plants.

How Much Is Snail In The USA?

The price range for US Snails is roughly between US$ 7.06 and US$ 5.3 per kilogram.

How Do I Sell My Snails?

There are different ways you can sell your snails. You can put them up for sale via online platforms, market square, front yard sales, or directly from the snail farm

How Many Months Does It Take A Snail To Mature?

Snails reach maturity between the ages of 9 and 12 months. However, as long as you provide enough calcium and have a large tank ready for the eventual size. However, the rate of growth is determined by the variety.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Snail Farming?

The slow growth of snails is the major disadvantage of snail farming.

What Are The Challenges Of Snail Farming?

  • Weather and climatic conditions
  • Predators
  • Infections and diseases

What Food Makes Snails Grow Faster?

Foods that are rich in protein and calcium make snails grow faster. The Moringa plant is an example of such food.

Is There Any Money In Snail Farming?

Snail farming is a lucrative business venture and there is a lot of money to make from the business.

Is There A Demand For Snails?

There is an increasing demand for snails especially because of the nutritious and importantly health values.

What Is The Best Food For Snails?

the best food for snails is raw produced food because they contain nutrients that can easily digest. Examples of such food are apple, aubergine, cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, and lettuce.

What Type Of Food Does A Snail Eat?

Snails are herbivores so they only eat vegetables and other edible plants.

What Is Snail Farming Called?

Heliciculture” is the practice of snail farming or rearing.

Is There A Market For Snails?

There is no dedicated market for snails. But you can sell your snails in the regular market and other online or offline platforms.

Are Land Snails Legal In The US?

Not all land snails are illegal in the US. However, you need a special permit to own or raise snails in the US.

How Many Snail Farms Are There In The United States?

There are currently two well-known snail farms in the US.

Where Are Snails Farmed?

Snails are mostly farmed on land that is prepared for snail farming. however, a snail house is prepared to house the snails for proper farming.

Can You Get Escargot In America?

It can be very difficult to get Escargot in America because the USDA prohibits the sale of live snails across state lines in the USA.

Snail Farming For Beginners PDF

Snail farming for beginners PDF is a guide to help you do the task of having your snails with complete instructions on how to raise and manage them.

How Profitable Is Snail Farming?

Snail farming is very lucrative and can make you a lot of money. Interestingly, you can earn a huge profit more than the startup capital.

Snail Farm Kit

The snail farm kits you will need include free-range pens, moveable pens, mini paddock pens, trench pens, hatch boxes, mosquito nets, and concrete blocks. Sprinklers and humidifiers may also be required for climate control.

Where To Buy Snails For Farming


Indoor Snail Farming

To farm snails indoors, knowing that you don’t have the space, you will need to use a stacked tire system, empty drums, single, double, or triple hutch box, clay box, and baskets for snail house.

Once you get the snail house, fill it with loosed loam soil, and stock your adult snails.

Snail Farms Near Me

To easily find snail farms that are close to you, check online and you will find a list of snail farms near you.

Snail Farming USA

In the United States, snails are great garden animals and they are easy to keep. A well-run snail farm can be a very profitable business.

With the help of our farming system, you can buy snails at any time and have them delivered right to your home. According to research, snails can be used in a variety of products such as cosmetics, food, and feeding to their pets.

Snail Production And Management

Snail farming and management is not only a cost-effective method to produce meat, but also this method can help reduce the land demand for agriculture. Snail farming is relatively easy to learn and requires less investment than other mollusk production methods

Snails are available everywhere, but it is difficult to keep and maintain these animals in a healthy state outside their natural habitat; so it’s important to find out more about them, their farming and management


Snail farming is a profitable business in the United States just as in the rest of the world. Farming is easy to start and with proper care and management, you will make enough profit getting enough return on your investment in the business. Give us feedback if this material has been helpful to you.

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